Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Las Vegas Massacre

The Las Vegas Massacre

Stephen Paddock open fired on a crowd attending a country music concert in Las Vegas at about 10:08 PM PST on October 1, 2017.

At that time transiting Mars was activating the March 8, 2016 solar eclipse. This eclipse occurred at just under nineteen degrees Pisces, and transiting Mars was at just over seventeen degrees Virgo (and, in opposition to the eclipse point). That eclipse point is located in the fifth house of entertainment (and gambling) in the eclipse chart over Washington DC. In that eclipse chart, Asteroid Paddock is located on the Ascendant.

Another mass killing occurred in Orlando, Florida at Pulse nightclub. In that event chart, the Sun had activated this same eclipse (March 8, 2016 solar eclipse) by square aspect.

In the event chart (for the Las Vegas shooting), the IC is located close to the the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse point (the Great American Eclipse). Initial reports had indicated that the shooting began at about 10:00 PM PST. And, at that time, the IC would have been (almost) right on the eclipse point. The Moon is in opposition to the lunar node in Leo (sign of entertainment and gambling) and close to the MC. Transiting Saturn is on the descendant in this chart. Mercury, the ruler of this chart is in Libra and in conjunction to the March 23, 2016 lunar eclipse. Asteroid Paddock is located in conjunction to the August 7, 2017 lunar eclipse. Transiting Jupiter is also located in the fifth house and in opposition to transiting Uranus and Eris in the eleventh house of large groups (could symbolize the chaos that ensued when the shooting began). Transiting Mars squares both the Ascendant and Descendant. Transiting Mars squares transiting Saturn (in the seventh house and ruler of the eighth house of death) and trine transiting Pluto (in the eighth house of death and transformation).   

The killer, Stephen Paddock, was born on April 9, 1953. We don't have an exact time or place of birth. However, we nevertheless do know that transiting Pluto had been conjunct his natal Chiron (in Capricorn) and in square aspect to his natal Sun (in Aries) for much of this year. And, Pluto had just turned stationary direct on September 28. His natal Neptune and Saturn are in Libra and in opposition to his natal Venus/Juno in Aries. The transiting Jupiter/Uranus opposition had activated that configuration in his natal chart at the time. It looks to me like a lot of gambling and perhaps too much drinking (and, maybe even some drugs) combined with possible relationship problems.

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