Saturday, June 16, 2018

July 12, 2018 Solar Eclipse In Cancer

Our second solar eclipse of the year will occur on July 12, 2018, and it occurs at 20 degrees and 50 minute Cancer. Eclipses generally affect the masses - events that affect most people in a large area or even worldwide. Since this eclipse occurs in emotional and family-oriented Cancer, this eclipse could affect domestic and family related issues worldwide and women’s issues. The first thing that comes to mind as I write this is the issue at the US border in which children are being separated from their mothers. Transiting Pluto in very close opposition to the eclipse point indicates powerful transformation and deep psychological change (most likely problematic) for the children and their mothers. There are fluctuations is public opinion and a need for purging and reform. This is a partial solar eclipse and will be seen only in the southernmost part of Australia. It will be visible in parts of the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and a little portion of Antarctica. It looks like climate change issues will continue to accelerate.       

For the US, this eclipse will affect children, the entertainment industry, risky investments, and the stock market. With Pluto in opposition, there could be national disputes, charges of treachery, outrage against authority. With transiting Mars squaring transiting Jupiter (ruler of the tenth), there are dangers for the President and violence cannot be ruled out. Some sort of transformation is likely to take place since Jupiter resides in the eighth house in this chart. Transiting Mars also squares transiting Uranus (in the second house). Sudden and violent fluctuations in the stock market and with regard to monetary interests are likely to occur as a result of this eclipse. This might have to do with actions our friends might take (tariffs?) since Uranus rules the eleventh house. There could be violence behind the scenes or at sea. Mercury in a t-square with Jupiter and Mars indicates some harsh weather could be forthcoming (more giant hurricanes?).

As always, this eclipse will affect you personally if you have planets and/or points conjunct or opposite the eclipse point (only a two degree orb). Those planets or points between 19 degrees and 23 degrees of Cancer or Capricorn are included. Eclipses are Uranian in nature in that what happens is unexpected, and you might not even be certain as to what is happening for six months. For a solar eclipse, it takes about a year for the event to completely mature. Whether the eclipse is experienced as positive or negative depends on the planet that is conjoined or opposed, it’s place in your chart, the condition that the planet is in, and whether and how you might have prepared for what is happening (i.e. free will). If you’d like to know if you have planets or points that fall into this range, let me know. For most people, it will be experienced simply as a New Moon type event. Those are generally felt as the start of something new or a new beginning.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Kilauea Erupts

Kilauea in Hawaii has been active for a number of weeks (depending on how you define active), and it has put on quite a display. However, the major eruption occurred on May 17, 2018 at 4:17 AM local time. The ash cloud from that eruption rose to thirty thousand feet. The chart for that event shows Uranus on the Ascendant and in square aspect to Mars (in Aquarius) and Pluto (in Capricorn) at the top of the chart.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Santa Fe (Texas) High School Shooting

Tragedy has struck again at one of the nation’s high schools - this time at a Texas high school, Santa Fe High School. The shooting took place at the high school there in Santa Fe, Texas. It occurred after classes had started at 7:30 AM - one source put the time of the event at between 7:30 AM and 7:45 AM local time.

As is very often the case when an event of this nature occurs, an eclipse had been stimulated. This time it is the February 15, 2018 solar eclipse in Aquarius - it is/was being stimulated by the Sun - by square aspect. In addition, the Sun is conjunct malefic fixed star, Algol. The event chart is below, and the MC of that chart is on this eclipse point (and in opposite the August 21, 2018 solar eclipse point). Transiting Neptune squares the Asc/Dsc axis. The major part of the shooting took place in an art class. The transiting Mars square to transiting Uranus is an important part of the event chart as well.

The city of Santa Fe held an election to incorporate on January 21, 1978. It passed and the city was formed. That event chart is quite interesting as well. We see the Sun at 1 Aquarius and Mars in opposition at 1 Leo. Transiting Mars (in Aquarius) has activated this opposition.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Chiron - The Wounded Healer

Chiron has been aptly nicknamed “the wounded healer.” In Astrology, it is primarily about issues of wounding and healing and that process from being hurt and wounded to being healed. It is now transiting the sign of Pisces (prior to April 16/17, 2018) and will soon enter the sign of Aries.

Chiron was discovered on November 1, 1977. And, Chiron was initially called an asteroid (and, it is comet-like), but is now considered a minor planet. Some astronomers consider it a dwarf planet. It orbits the Sun between Saturn and Uranus (although, it occasionally crosses Saturn’s orbit), and it was the first-identified member of a new set of objects known as centaurs - bodies orbiting between the asteroid belt and and the Kuiper belt. Chiron’s orbit is elliptical in nature and it takes roughly 49-51 years to orbit the Sun. Therefore, most folks will experience their Chiron return at about age 51. This also means that Chiron does not spend the same amount of time in each sign. Its shortest transit of a sign is its transit through Libra - about 1.75 years. Its lengthiest transit of a sign is its transit through Aries - 8.25 years.

My favorite writing (or book) about Chiron is Martin Lass’ Chiron - Healing Body & Soul. This is what he writes about the Chiron paradigm:

Most importantly, Chiron’s higher message is that everything is about perception, Seeing one side of things (duality) is wounding. Seeing all sides of things (unity) is healing. As we heal, so the world around us changes, not because we have set out to change it, fix it, or get rid of things we do not like, but because we see things differently. In short, as we heal, we increasingly see things from the eyes of love. This is the ultimate gift in the wound. Surely, this is a journey worth pursuing.

Chiron enters the sign of Aries on April 17, 2018 at 1:10 AM PDT. It has been prominent for a while now since it has been transiting the anaretic degree (the 29th degree) of Pisces. Issues and themes are brought to a head in this degree. The initial degree of Aries is also an important placement.

In Aries, the wound is a profound lack or loss of self-worth. There can be feelings of unworthiness or of not being deserving of what life has to offer. It can cause a feeling of being unneeded, unwanted, or useless. There is a lack of focus - a feeling of being scattered. Our search is to find “self” or identity. It brings to mind the phrase “searching for oneself.” Who am I and what is my place in the universe? The gift is the discovery, acknowledgement, and loving of our own unique divine design - our self. It is the ability to remain firmly but gently in our own space. We do this despite the opinions and actions of others. We acknowledge the divine within us and our spirit becomes FAR less destructible.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Trade War Between The USA And China

President Trump has gotten the USA involved in a trade war with China the last few days. The countries have been issuing tariffs on goods exported from the other country. Transiting Saturn and Mars have been aspecting relevant planets in the charts for all three - Trump, the USA, and China. Added to that, transiting Uranus is now squaring the USA’s Pluto. Transiting Uranus is in a trine aspect to Trump’s natal Mars (in the twelfth).

Transiting Saturn has been aspecting Trump’s natal Mercury and Neptune by opposition and square aspect respectively for a couple of months now. As Mars joined Saturn in early Capricorn (in addition to transiting Sun and Mercury in early Aries), the trade war broke out.

The latest government of China was formed on October 1, 1949 in Peking. The chart drawn for that event (shown below) puts the Sun at 8 Libra, Mercury at 13 Libra, and Uranus at 5 Cancer. The Libra planets reside in the eighth house of joint finances and others’ money. Uranus is conjunct the USA’s Jupiter and Venus.

There are a number of charts used for the USA. I use the Gemini rising chart. I decided on that chart after reading Celeste Teal’s book on eclipses. That chart shows Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun in the second house of money. Those planets are under siege from transiting Saturn and Mars in the eighth house. The Sun and transiting Mercury are squaring those planets from the eleventh house of friends and groups.

The most popular chart used for the formation of the USA is called the Sibley chart and Sagittarius is on the Ascendant in that chart. Transiting Uranus is now squaring Pluto in the USA chart(s). And, in the Sibley chart, Pluto resides in the second house of money. Uranus is the ruling planet in China’s chart.

It should be noted that this is all going on during a Mercury retrograde period. Mercury turns stationary direct on April 15 at 5 Aries. It’s possible that both countries decide to lift these tariffs soon after that - having decided that a trade war is not in the best interests of either country.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Austin Bombings

The city of Austin, Texas has experienced a series of bombings during March. The first bombing took place on March 2, 2018.

When looking for aspects that would symbolize a bombing or an explosion, I look for hard aspects involving Mars and Uranus. Sometimes, other outer planetary aspects are involved as well, but almost always there is a Mars/Uranus connection.

As with many events of this type, a couple of prior eclipses had been activated by transiting planets - in this case, Mars. However, I wanted to find out why the location was Austin (in terms of Astrology). And, sometimes when the answer isn’t obvious with the location chart, it looks a great deal clearer when that chart is progressed. Such is the case with regard to these bombings in Austin.

The city of Austin was incorporated on December 27, 1839. The event chart for that day is somewhat inconclusive in terms of these bombings. However, the progressed chart is much more useful. In that chart, P Mars is at 19 degrees Gemini, P Uranus is at 20 degrees Pisces, and P Saturn is at 17 Sagittarius. On March 2, transiting Mars was activating that t-square in Austin’s progressed chart. There were a couple more bombings/explosions on March 12 as the Sun was activating this t-square. Those bombings were the main events, although there was another one on March 18 as T Mars opposed P Sun and the last three on March 20/21 as T Mars continued to oppose P Sun and had moved to conjunction of Austin’s N Sun. T Sun squares P Sun on the 21st as well.

The two eclipses involved are the March 8, 2016 total solar eclipse at 19 Pisces and the September 12, 2015 solar eclipse at 20 Virgo.

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Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Parkland, Florida Shooting And The Related Eclipses

Yes, the Parkland shooting (at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School) took place the day before a solar eclipse and it is important to make note of that. People were stirred up and that might have been a catalyst for the gunman’s decision to take action at the time. However, I think we need to take a look at some other prior eclipses that are important and that were stimulated/activated at the time of the shooting.

First, the total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 - the Great American eclipse - was stimulated/activated by the Sun (in opposition to the eclipse point). And, this eclipse was visible in much of the USA. In the chart for this eclipse (over Washington DC), we see that Mars is widely conjunct the eclipse point, and Mars is the planet that rules firearms and guns. Therefore, this eclipse is probably more related to this event than the February 15 eclipse. If we look at the chart for the state of Florida, we see that Mercury is at 27 degrees Aquarius. And, Mercury is the ruler of the chart. With transiting Sun conjunct, important news from the state was expected. In the state of Florida chart, Venus is at 24 degrees Aquarius. Libra, which Venus rules, is encapsulated within the fifth house in Florida’s chart. Transiting Mercury (in the event chart) conjunct Venus tells us that this important news involves children. In the state of Florida chart, the Sun is at 13 Pisces. In the event chart, transiting Mars is at 12 Sagittarius (and, in square aspect to Florida’s Sun). In Florida’s chart, the Descendant is at 13 Sagittarius, so transiting Mars was conjunct. Transiting Neptune (in the event chart) is at 13 Pisces and conjunct Florida’s Sun.

Another eclipse that we need to look at is the lunar eclipse on August 7, 2017. This eclipse occurred at 15 Aquarius. Mars is conjunct the Sun in this eclipse chart and as such is the ruler of the chart. The Moon (in the shooting event chart) is at 14 Aquarius and conjunct this eclipse point. The lunar node is at 15 Leo in the shooting event chart. Asteroid Cruz is at 17 Leo. Ceres (and Venus) is at 12 Cancer and the eighth house of death in the eclipse chart. In the state of Florida chart, the Moon is at 12 Capricorn. Sadly, there were a lot of grieving mothers after this incident.

There is one more eclipse to look at, which occurred on September 1, 2016 - a solar eclipse at 9 Virgo and in a moderate opposition to the Sun in Florida’s chart. The eclipse is conjunct fixed star Antares. In that eclipse chart, Mars is at 14 Sagittarius and conjunct Saturn and in square aspect to the eclipse point. In Florida’s chart, the Descendant is at 13 Sagittarius.. Neptune is at 11 Pisces and in opposition to the eclipse point and setting up an ominous t-square. Transiting Mars (in the shooting event chart) was activating this eclipse by square aspect. Pluto is at 15 Capricorn and in the fifth house of children in this eclipse chart and conjunct the Moon in Florida’s chart. So, this eclipse is related to the event, and it might even be the most important one.

In a location chart, the Moon represents the people. And, in the chart for the state of Florida, the Moon resides in Capricorn. Saturn rules Capricorn, and it is on the Descendant in the shooting event chart. The victims of this event are the people of Florida. The fifth house (of children) in the shooting event chart is ruled by Venus, and transiting Mars is in square aspect to transiting Venus in this event chart.

The killer, Nikolas Cruz, was born September 24, 1998 (exact time is unknown, so I've used the 12 Noon chart). His natal Mars is at 22 Leo. The lunar eclipse of February 10, 2017 fell conjunct his natal Mars. This is the month that he purchased the gun that he used in the killings, although I cannot find an exact date. He committed this atrocity about a year later as transiting Mercury conjoined this eclipse point and transiting Jupiter squared it. His natal Pluto is at 6 Sagittarius. Mars had conjoined his natal Pluto just days before the shooting.

If you’re feeling a great deal of anxiety and stress as a result of events such as this and wish to speak to someone about it, check out the resources at betterhelp. It's all about finding online help.