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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April 29, 2016 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to 1R – Awful

The weekend begins with the Moon transiting the sign of eccentric and cerebral Aquarius. Our unique qualities surface, and friendship is very important to us. Transiting Venus enters Taurus late on Friday afternoon. We desire monetary security and we value the good life during this transit. Have you never been mellow? The Moon sextiles Uranus (in Aries) late in the afternoon on Saturday. We are excited about new possibilities. The Sun (in Taurus) sextiles Neptune (in Pisces) very early on Sunday morning. We value practical moves and endeavors to make the world a better place or to help others less fortunate than we are. Transiting Mercury turned retrograde on Thursday this week. Now, we have five planets in retrograde motion, so it could be very difficult to get anything consequential done in the next few weeks. Try not to sign any new contracts or make any important (new) decisions during the next three weeks. Expect miscommunications and possible misunderstandings. We may not have all the information that we need yet. Continue to collect relevant information.

Aries – Group endeavors and friends figure prominently in your forecast on Friday. Hold meetings and get together with other like-minded persons. Find your friends in the evening hours. Your income could increase in the next few weeks. Use it wisely. Better yet, save some of it for a rainy day.

Saturday is likely to be a very enjoyable day for you, spent with stimulating and interesting friends. You’ll probably get the chance to lead a group in an activity of interest late Saturday night. You might shock others by your actions or words.

You might want to think about how you can help others less fortunate than yourself on Sunday. Vanish early and prepare for the week ahead. For some of you, it may seem as if you are starting a new life. And, with that new life, you’ll have a desire for greater freedom. Next week: Tuesday and Wednesday are your power days.  RRRRR

Taurus – You probably have a number of responsibilities to deal with before you can let loose and enjoy the weekend. It’s as if you’re holding court later in the PM hours. However, the mood is calm and reflective.

A friend could put you in charge of the activities on Saturday. You might have to perform another juggling act, but a surprise awaits late in the afternoon.

A friend or loved one might need your help on Sunday. Make it your pleasure. You might need to let off some steam later. Get together with friends during the afternoon hours for good times.  It could be that the transformation that you are going through is causing you to experience your emotions as very intense and profound. Life can still be good. Next week: Gets some R & R RRRR

Gemini – Reach out to an older friend or to someone at a distance on Friday. Your daily routine just doesn’t seem to cut it. Look for something different. You’ll want to let off some steam later in the afternoon. Be careful as anger might have been building for some time. Get some exercise.

A friend surprises you Saturday afternoon. Be thankful for this pleasant interruption. You might feel as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Ask for some help if you need it. Resist an urge to take short cuts.

You’re in charge on Sunday. It could be that an older relative or higher up/boss needs your assistance. You’ll be glad to help out as much as you can, although your energy level could be lower than usual. Next week: Fun with friends. RRRR

Cancer – If attached, spend some time with your significant other on Friday. You might need to deal with partnership finances as well. Careful with the credit cards. Your mood seems to vascillate even more than usual today (if that is possible). You might feel a sense of nervous urgency as new information and ideas come at you extremely rapidly. You don’t have to make a decision immediately.

You could be surprised by what a higher up or family member does on Saturday. It’s all good. The evening hours bring pleasant and peaceful feelings between you and others.

Someone at a distance may need your help on Sunday. A friend might also lend a helping hand. New adventures await during the evening hours. You might want to try out a new restaurant or see a new and different type of movie. You’re in a very sociable mood and enjoy being with friends. Next week: You’re in the limelight. RRRRR

Leo – Defer to others this weekend. However, your popularity may have risen to a level that it is nearly impossible to keep everyone happy. Give it your best shot. Someone who might be jealous could block some of your efforts.

A boss, higher up, or older family member will most likely be quite a bit more agreeable and pleasant in the next few weeks. You, however, could be quite strong-willed - on Saturday anyway.

If single, you might want to get to know someone a bit better on Sunday. If attached, partnership finances could take a turn for the better. A boss or higher up helps.You could be quite indulgent Sunday evening. Know when enough is enough. Next week: Take an overview. RRRRR

Virgo – It seems that the Virgin’s work is never done - this weekend anyway. You’ll have a lot to get done on Friday, and you’ll perform in your usual efficient manner. You might want to express your exuberant optimism in a special (writing?) project.

While you have plenty of work to do on Saturday as well, you might also want to think about taking a vacation in the near future. It would be highly enjoyable if done in the next few weeks. The gambler within you could some out today. Don’t risk what you cannot afford to lose, but you already knew that.

Others require your attention on Sunday. Make it your pleasure. If attached, a partner is very imaginative. You are able to see what motivates others as well as yourself today. Probe deeply and learn all you can. Next week: Spend some quality time with someone you deem special. RRRR

Libra – You exhibit a seductive playfulness that others are drawn to on Friday. Go out and have a ball during the evening hours. You could get “lucky.” A new beginning is possible for some.

A partner or loved could have a surprise for you on Saturday afternoon. You’ll likely be delighted. You might feel tempted to needle others. It’s all in good fun. It’s a good day to solve any problems as well.

A creative project is favored on Sunday. A partner is helpful and encouraging.It could also involve a charitable event. Some of you might be able to secure an important loan or increase in credit line. Don’t overdo it though. Turn in early on Sunday, or you could become irritable. Your defiant tone could have negative effects. Next week: Defer to others.  RRRRR

Scorpio – Home is where your heart is on Friday. Work from home if you can. You could be a bit irritable in the morning hours.  A partner or loved seems quite magnetic these days.

You may need to deal with home/family issues on Saturday. You’ll have a pleasant sense of well-being early in the evening. You’re generous and giving, and you might feel that others are lucky for you.

A playful mood takes over on Sunday, and you’ll likely want to go out for some fun. Let your hair down and relax. Your libido is strong on Sunday, and you and a partner or significant others could have some very erotic times. If you’re single, enjoy this erotic time, but don’t expect anything long term. Keep expectations realistic. Next week: Working hard. RRRR

Sagittarius – Speak your mind on Friday as you may have a lot to say. You might want to shake things up a bit in the AM hours. Almost always straight-forward and sometimes even blunt, a controversy or two could arise. You’ve become fairly expert at handling that situation and you’ll do so again. A work situation becomes more peaceful and fortunate in the next few weeks.

State your case in your own unique manner on Saturday afternoon. Hang out with friends and neighbors. A discussion could prove productive.

You continue to be amazed by a family member’s imagination on Sunday. Encourage this person, but help him or her to remain grounded. You might want to stay close to home, although it doesn’t appear that all your family members are on the same page. Look for common ground. Next week: Having lots of fun.  RRRRR

Capricorn – Pay bills and check on financial concerns first on Friday. You may need to resolve a problem or two. A loved one is more relaxed and in good spirits in the next few weeks. And, you’ll have a more enjoyable time as a result.

A sudden spark of inspiration or a new idea could help you to increase your income later in the afternoon on Friday. Try to avoid becoming excessively self-involved as this is a time of enlightened self-interests. Try not to alienate others.

Check in with your facebook friends on Sunday. Respond to unanswered email messages and return phone calls. Expect the unexpected during the morning hours. You might want to hang out with neighbors and friends later. Speak your mind, but do not expect that everyone will agree with you. Next week: Happy at home. RRRR

Aquarius – You’re in the limelight on Friday as the Moon beams down upon your sign. Let the party begin. What would make you smile? It’s time to go for it. You tend to be warm and protective toward your partner or significant other. A family/home issue settles down in the next few weeks.

You’ll likely still be having fun and enjoying yourself on Saturday. You could be delighted by what a neighbor or sibling does late in the afternoon. On the other hand, don’t sweep any real problems under the rug. They’re easier to discuss now.

A partner’s insight could help you with a financial matter on Sunday. Daydreaming can be fun, but clear thinking could suffer beginning around noon. A friend might act out on Sunday evening. Be sympathetic. Next week: You’ll have a lot to say. RRRRR

Pisces -- You might not be up to snuff on Friday. Maintain a low profile and/or work behind the scenes. You’ll be communicating in a more persuasive and more pleasant manner during the next few weeks. Notice the love and positive feelings that surround you within your community. On the other hand, be realistic with regard to a one on one relationship that you deem important.

A behind the scenes and/or sudden event could prove beneficial to your financial position on Saturday. Monetary matters continue to be unpredictable. Your own thirst for action could irritate others now. Maintain the low profile for one more day.

Neighbors and siblings provide a break for you on Sunday, and you arrive on the scene all smiles. It’s your time to shine (and sparkle?). Next week: Do your best to handle an unpredictable financial situation.  RRR

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 22, 2016 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to 1R – Awful

The weekend begins with the Moon transiting the sign of intense secretive Scorpio. We are still feeling intensely emotional as the effects of the Full Moon (yesterday) are still strong. At 2 PM PDT on Friday, transiting Venus is conjunct transiting Uranus (both in Aries). The unexpected happens with regard to one on one relationships and/or financial issues. The Moon sextiles Jupiter (in Virgo) in the evening hours. Our sense of well-being is stimulated in a positive manner. The Moon moves into adventurous Sagittarius very early on Sunday morning. We need to look at the big picture now.

Aries – If you’re attached, spend some quality time with your significant other on Friday and Saturday. This closeness helps to keep the relationship alive. Introduce something new and different/exciting into the mix on Friday afternoon. If single, others are drawn to you, and this could put you into a very pleasant and happy mood.

You may need to deal with some partnership finance issues on Saturday. Someone speaks with a great deal of emotion.

You’ll likely be in a more adventurous mood on Sunday. Should anyone try to stop you in your quest for adventure, s/he will likely receive an angry response. You might need to calm down a bit. Otherwise, it’s a good day to go out and make new friends. Next week: A force to be reckoned with.  RRRR

Taurus – Others require your attention this weekend. Make it your pleasure, and allow someone else to make the plans. If single, you could be quite popular. A new insight could be exciting. Expect the unexpected.

Sort through invitations on Saturday. You’ll make a very positive and good impression on others. And, very late in the evening, your emotions are likely to deepen. The superficial seems less enticing.

If single, you might want to get to know someone of interest a bit better. If you’re unable to make this happen, you could become irritable or angry. If so, let off some steam. Happy birthday to all bulls. Next week: Take an overview.  RRRRR

Gemini – You’ll likely have to work this weekend, and you’ll need a great deal of discipline to avoid going into party mode. It could irritate you. Some of you may need to deal with a minor health issue. A friend could surprise you later in the day.

It’s more of the same on Saturday - work. You might also want to get in touch with your subconscious mind. How do your actions run counter to your conscious intentions? Your life will run more smoothly if you resolve this issue.

Hopefully, you still have some energy left on Sunday as others seek you out. Go out and have fun with friends. Yes, you’re allowed to flirt, but try not to give anyone the wrong idea or impression. Tempers could flare on Sunday night. Next week: Defer, and get to know someone better.  RRR

Cancer – A playfulness emerges within you that others likely find attractive this weekend. It seems that you have finally caught Spring fever. A higher up or parent behaves in an odd way in the afternoon hours. You might find it all somewhat endearing.

You’ll likely have some more fun on Saturday before tiring out and deciding to get some rest. You’re communicative and sociable and curious about just about everything. Your optimism is impressive.

Your to do list awaits (at home) on Sunday. You might want to get a few items checked off in preparation for the week ahead. A loved one could act out later. Next week: Defer to others. RRRRR

Leo – If you can, work from home on Friday as that is where your heart is anyway. You might need to deal with some home and/or family issues. Have a discussion with someone close. You might need to come up with an acceptable compromise.

Stay close to home again on Saturday. Your willingness to just let your life flow smoothly could result in your getting “lucky” today.

The astrological atmosphere changes on Sunday. Go out and have a ball. Your sunny playful nature will put a smile on others’ faces. During the evening hours, someone might question you. Try to clearly state your ideas and/or ideas. Be flexible. Next week: More hard work. RRR

Virgo – You likely have a lot to say this weekend. Return phone calls, answer email messages, and check your Facebook timeline. You could also do some creative writing. A close partner might have a surprise for you later in the day.

Hang out with neighbors and friends on Saturday. Others might be able to cheer you up if you’re in one of your darker/pessimistic moods. There could be some tension in an important relationship.

Mosey on home early on Sunday. You’ll want to be with those that you have a great deal in common with. Quiet times and good food are on the menu for today. Next week: Your creativity and playfulness emerge.  RRRR

Libra – You may need to deal with your finances on Friday. Pay bills and balance the checkbook. And, do some financial planning if you have time. A romantic partner could have a pleasant surprise in store for you later in the afternoon.

Know that you have much to offer on Saturday even if others seem out of sorts. A relationship could intensify. This is a time of positive evolution in your life. Your philosophical concerns are deepened, and you have the opportunity to enhance your understanding of life.

Hang out with neighbors and friends on Sunday. Express yourself. A partner or loved one might throw a hissy fit later tonight. You’re a bit deviant yourself. The next few weeks could be contentious. Next week: Happy at home.  RRR

Scorpio – You’re in the driver’s seat on Friday and Saturday this weekend. Go where you want and for what you want on those days. A surprising twist might occur with regard to a work related matter on Friday.

You might want to have an emotional discussion with a partner or loved one on Saturday. In addition, you could be quite indulgent. You’ll at least have a lot of fun. Enjoy!

You probably need to focus on money matters on Sunday. Pay bills first. It’s a good day for organizing and planning as you seem very detail-oriented today. Next week: Speak your mind. RRRRR

Sagittarius – You could be a bit out of sorts on Friday and Saturday this weekend. Gets some needed R and R and get ready for Sunday. A child or loved one could delight you on Friday nevertheless. This could be a rather confusing period of time.

You’re likely nowhere to be found on Saturday, and there is no reason to reveal your whereabouts. Yes, others will surely be curious. Let them wonder. And, be careful of compromising too much just to maintain the peace.

You show up on the scene all smiles on Sunday, and it seems that the world is your oyster. Smile and have a ball. Let someone know how much you care. Next week: Pay bills and balance that checkbook. RRR

Capricorn – Meetings and other group endeavors are favored on Friday. Later, you might want to get together with friends for some fun. You could be a bit indulgent later in the evening hours. The unexpected occurs with regard to a family member or a boss.

Perhaps, you’ll be able to manifest a wish or dream on Saturday. You’ll be careful to notice the sensitivities of others, and they will respond in kind.

You’ll most likely want to vanish early on Sunday in preparation for the week ahead. Try to understand that the art of living consists of having positive expectations despite negative experiences. Next week: You’re in the limelight.  RRRRR

Aquarius – Like it or not, you will responsibilities to take care of and handle this weekend. It could be professional, you might have to deal with home/family issues,  or you could just be the leader of a group. A unique community event could be inspiring on Friday. In fact, you might be able to make a lucrative investment.

You’re a force to be reckoned with, so put your best foot forward. You’ll be especially effective if you work in a more creative (or entertainment) profession. You’ll be able to express your affection for others, and they will likely respond positively.

Finally, on Sunday you’ll get some time to enjoy being with friends. But, be careful if you’re with anyone negative, because you’re a bit of an emotional sponge today. Use your sixth sense wisely. Next week: Gets some R & R midweek.  RRRR

Pisces -- This weekend would be a great time to take a short trip and/or enjoy something new and different. You might also seek some expert advice about something important to you. A sudden development could change your current financial position on Friday. It could be positive, but you probably should be careful anyway.

Daydreaming can be fun on Saturday. Let your mind wander. You are likely to feel generous and benevolent toward those around you. You’ll be interested in more lofty concerns as opposed to any petty details.

Responsibility comes calling for you on Sunday. You might be placed in charge of something. And, you’ll likely have many interactions and conversations with others. Not all of them will be positive, and not everyone will agree with you. You might need to reconsider something or perhaps compromise. Next week: Fun times with friends. RRRR  

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 15, 2016 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to 1R – Awful

The weekend begins with the Moon transiting the sign of dramatic Leo. Life seems a bit like a Broadway play. The Astrological weather changes late Saturday afternoon as the Moon enters the sign of critical and “come down off your high horse” Virgo. We want to pay close attention and get all the details exactly right. Transiting Mercury (in financially conscious Taurus) trines transiting Pluto (in status quo oriented Capricorn) very very early on Sunday morning. Deep thoughts, deep ideas and planning, intense conversations – we’re clearly “rolling in the deep” now. Mars turns retrograde early Sunday morning as well. It’s time to stop (or, at least pause) and rethink where we are putting all our energy. It’s probably best not to start any new projects now and for the next six weeks. Powerful Pluto turns retrograde very early on Monday morning, and then we will have four retrograde planets. Are you using the power that you have in a positive and productive manner and direction?

Aries –  It could be nearly impossible for you to restrain your playful spirit on Friday. Let go and have some fun. Your unique sense of humor strikes again late Friday night. And, you might be able to solve a problem that you had not been able to before. Take an overview first.

You’ll still be in a playful mood for much of the day on Saturday, but look for a change late in the afternoon. You’ll sense a need to get some work done. Check off a couple of items on your to do list. Dig deep for answers to work related or health issues.

You might want to investigate how you can increase your income on Sunday. It will pay dividends in the future, but don’t act on the idea just yet. You could feel a bit off kilter as your ruling planet, Mars, does the backwards jig. Next week: Defer to others.   RRRRR

Taurus – Home and family issues are the focus on Friday. You might find that you are more productive if you work from home. Expect a bit of excitement later in the evening. Your optimism and enthusiasm are impressive.

You’ll want to stay close to home for the most part on Saturday. Later in the afternoon, however, a sense of fun rises up within you. You might have to perform a balancing act, but go out and have a ball later. You’ll have a desire to be included in something bigger than yourself.  

While you’re out having some fun on Sunday, you might also do some deep thinking about how you can further your career goals or impress a higher up. Someone at a distance could play a role. Hold off on implementation for about six weeks. You might find that you need to let something go. Next week: Working hard.  RRRR

Gemini – You are likely to be zipping around the community and chatting with neighbors and friends most of the day on Friday. Is your phone ringing off the hook again? During the PM hours, the party is where you are.

You’ll likely be out and about on Saturday as well. You’ll make discoveries about yourself and the world around you in the process, and excitement ensues. You’ll want to mosey on home later in the afternoon. Deal with home and family issues then. If attached, you might want to spend some quality time at home with a loved one.

You could have some intuitive and deep thoughts on how you could save money on taxes next year or reduce your insurance costs. Hold off on taking any action for a couple of months. Stick to completing current projects for now. Next week: Time for some fun and perhaps romance.  RRRR

Cancer – Some of you may be in a mad frantic rush to get your taxes done and in on Friday. At any rate, you are likely to be dealing with financial issues. Proceed with caution, although you might have a moment of inspiration later in the evening. You’ll enjoy helping out a loved one as well.

Clear up any remaining money issues during the day on Saturday. Later in the afternoon, you’ll be in a more communicative mood. Return phone calls and answer email messages then. You might want to check in on your facebook friends as well. You might have some excess energy, If so, head to the gym for some exercise.

Some deep and thought provoking words spoken by a friend or partner could have an influence on you on Sunday. The unexpected happens within a one on one relationship. Resist initiating any new projects on the job for the next six weeks or so. Next week: Home is (as always) where your heart is.  RRRR

Leo – You’re right where you want to be on Friday - in the limelight. Go for what you want and give us a smile. A loved one or someone at a distance inspires you during the PM hours.

Your winning streak continues at least until late afternoon. By then, your attention needs to turn to financial issues. You current enthusiasm could have lead you to spend too much. Nevertheless, you might want to plan a vacation or trip in the near future.

An authority figure or family member could give you some helpful insight and ideas about how you can advance in your job or improve your health on Sunday. You may, however, need to review a creative project in the coming weeks. And, this might make you a bit irritable. Let off some steam if you need to. Next week: Speak your mind.  RRRRR

Virgo – You might be involved in behind the scenes activities on Friday. At any rate, you seem to be nowhere to be found. It’s probably just as well, because it appears that you’re likely to be out of sorts anyway. You might want to get some exercise and work off excess energy.

Get some R and R during the day on Saturday, and you’ll be ready to come out later in the afternoon. You show up on the scene with a big smile. What do you wish for? Take the initiative and others are likely to work with you.

Someone at a distance or an expert could provide insight into an important creative project on Sunday. However, a home improvement project could stall for a few weeks. Give it time. This might be a good time to negotiate individual responsibilities within an important relationship. Next week: Pay bills and balance your checkbook.  RRRRR

Libra – Group endeavors are favored on Friday. Schedule meetings. They are likely to be quite successful. Find your friends in the PM hours for good times. You might want to review your progress so far this year. What projects are working and which are not? It’s time to make any adjustments.

You’ll again enjoy your friends on Saturday. Certain folks might find you a bit forbidden, and you’ll find that amusing. Today could be a test of the flexibility inherent in an important one on one relationship. You (or your partner) may decide that you need more freedom/air.  

A partner or loved one could give you some significant home decorating ideas on Sunday. Take an overview with regard to family matters. This is a time of psychological and emotional equilibrium in your life. Things just seem to go smoothly, so you’ll be able to make positive changes if you need or wish to. Turn in early tonight. Next week: Tuesday and Wednesday are your best days. All smiles.  RRRR

Scorpio – You’re in the spotlight with regard to career matters on Friday. A higher up could be watching and evaluating your performance. You’ll pass with flying colors. Later, have an important discussion with a loved one. You’ll be able to resolve an issue then.

Responsibilities continue to dominate the first part of your day. You might want to have a brainstorming session with others. You’ll be able to go out and enjoy your friends by late afternoon. A wish could be manifested.

A partner or loved one’s insight regarding a community issue is impressive on Sunday. You’ll also enjoy more good times with friends. Others enjoy having you around. Hold off on any new initiatives or projects for about six weeks as your co-ruler, Mars, turns retrograde. Next week: Gets some needed R and R.  RRRRR  

Sagittarius – Your restlessness this Friday could lead to a short weekend trip. You’re looking for something different from your usual routine. If single, someone exotic could interest you. The connection could be electric later in the evening.

Your adventurous mood will continue on Saturday. Daydreaming is fun, but clear thinking could be missing. Later in the afternoon, responsibilities fall on you in some way then. You’ll need to take charge. All eyes are on you.

Deep thinking could lead to an idea about work or a new project on Sunday. It could also lead to increased income. You may need to wait a few weeks, however, before starting anything new. Complete current projects first. Your libido is enhanced on Sunday, and you could have some intensely erotic times with a loved one or partner if attached. Next week: Good times with friends.  RRRRR

Capricorn – It appears that you have quite a bit of work to do on Friday. You could be working or you might be helping your partner with tax preparation. Keep at it as you’re quite efficient in these pressured situations. You may need to work late. You’ll be able to assert yourself well.

You might need to clear up a few details on Saturday. Then later in the afternoon, you’ll be able to focus on something different. You might want to take off on a short trip for the remainder of the weekend. You definitely deserve a vacation or holiday. You’re in a generous mood.

A loved one could have some interesting and deep insight to your psyche on Sunday. Perhaps this information could help you to solve a personal problem. It could have to do with a need for more freedom. Next week: You’re in charge, so put your best foot forward.  RRRR

Aquarius – Defer to others this weekend. They want your attention, so make it your pleasure. Your popularity is clearly on the rise. Try not to focus on the negative characteristics of others. You don’t usually do that, but you might today. Your more unique attributes are on display later in the evening hours on Friday.  

Sort through invitations during the day on Saturday. Later in the afternoon, you might decide to spend some time with someone you deem special. If single, you could decide on who you would like to get to know better. You might want to think about how much freedom you actually need in a relationship.

A family member could influence a behind the scenes matter in a very profound way on Sunday. It will likely be a positive development. Group endeavors and projects are up for review in the next six or so weeks. Let off some steam around noon if you need to. Next week: Focus on the big picture.  RRRRR

Pisces -- You might want to check off a few items on your to do list on Friday. This will free you up for some fun or relaxation the rest of the weekend. Handle any health issues that arise as well. Your optimism will get you through the day, and you might even get lucky.

By the afternoon hours on Saturday, others begin to seek you out. Defer and go along with someone else’s idea or plans. Transformative changes could be in the works. If so, you’ll be able to make them with ease.

A sibling or neighbor could have a great idea concerning a group get-together on Sunday. Think about it, and then sort through invitations. You’ll be the life of the party Sunday night. Enjoy! Next week: Quality time with someone special.  RRRR