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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Political Thoughts From An Astrologer - February 25, 2016

I did a post last week regarding how astrological aspects relate to some political current events, and I thought I would continue that this week. This year’s presidential election and the party primaries are now in full swing.

Donald Trump:

We discussed a bit about Mr. Trump’s natal chart last week. He has a Leo Ascendant with Mars conjunct. This week transiting Mars squared Mr. Trump’s natal Mars. I believe it was that aspect that triggered his response about a protester at one of his rallies in Nevada. He said that he would like to “punch” the protester “in the face.” In the reports and videos that I’ve seen of the event, it looks like his own face was pretty red.

What’s happening in Trump’s chart that seems to be propelling his success in this GOP primary season? Transiting Uranus is in an almost exact sextile to Trump’s natal Uranus (in Gemini) in the tenth house of career and professional reputation. Gemini is the sign of the national media, and Trump has been able to get his own unique message out to the public and at far less cost than the other candidates. The media seems almost obsessed with him. His natal Uranus in the tenth has given him sudden successes and sometimes sudden losses/failures throughout his life.

There is another interesting dynamic going on as well. Trump’s natal Jupiter (in Libra) and his second house of money is caught in the Uranus/Pluto square. Transiting Pluto squares his natal Jupiter from Capricorn and is transiting Trump’s fifth house of creative self-expression and risk taking. And, transiting Uranus is in opposition to his natal Jupiter from Aries and his eighth house of other people’s money and the powerful. The GOP establishment (power) has not been happy about Trump’s success. They have been reluctant to oppose him very forcefully up to this point. They hoped that he would simply make a fatal mistake and have to quit the race, but that hasn’t happened. It might be that he has been successful in spite of his mistakes. So, look for that to change in the coming weeks. The powerful GOP establishment will try to stop him from getting the GOP nomination. It will in some way affect Trump’s finances - for the good or bad. With a Uranus aspect, it’s hard to say for sure which way it will go, but it will probably be a negative influence.

Hillary Clinton:

Secretary Clinton has a strong chart right now with regard to aspects to her natal planets, so that’s a good thing. Transiting Pluto is now in a trine aspect to her natal Saturn. Her actions and general MO could be described as controlled and relentless. She has strength and intense charisma. And, this aspect will be in effect through November, 2016. Does that mean that she will win the election for the presidency? Not necessarily, but she will be a formidable opponent in the race. My guess is that she will do quite well on Saturday in the South Carolina primary and also on Super Tuesday.

Bernie Sanders:

Bernie lost the Nevada caucuses last Saturday. He will probably lose most of the states on Super Tuesday as well. I spoke about this last week, and about why. However, things begin to get gradually better for him beginning about March 15. Why? Those states will be (slightly) more friendly to him and his message. It is symbolized by astrological aspects as well. Transiting Uranus will be in a sextile aspect to his natal Jupiter (in Gemini) by then. That should give him greater exposure via the national media which is likely to be quite fortunate. And, it will likely affect his lucrative fundraising efforts in a very positive way. Transiting Jupiter is retrograding back toward his natal Sun in Virgo. It will be within aspect by mid March, and will be exact by the end of March. This should provide optimism and success to many of his endeavors at that time. National polls are already showing movement in his direction. Will it be too late by late March? Perhaps - we’ll see.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February 26, 2016 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to 1R – Awful

The weekend begins with the Moon transiting the sign of justice-minded and romantic Libra. Transiting Mercury (in Aquarius) sextiles transiting Uranus (in Aries) Friday afternoon. While a bit odd, a friend’s words can inspire us in unique and energetic ways. The Moon moves into seductive Scorpio very early on Saturday morning. Passion and intensity are important to us now. The Sun (in dreamy Pisces) conjoins transiting Neptune early Sunday morning. Our dreams and ideals receive the Sun’s rays, but confusion and deception are also possibilities with this aspect. Stand up for love - the unconditional kind.

Aries – Let others run with the ball this weekend. You’ll enjoy the game anyway. A friend’s words could spark an unusual and very interesting idea in you. This person seems to inspire you. You might want to work out the kinks with regard to this idea first, however.

Spend some quality time with your significant other on Saturday. If single, you could get to know someone a bit better. Togetherness works. Even so, someone could touch you so deeply that it seems that your darker side emerges and is exposed. But, it’s probably not as bad as you think. Speak your mind later in the day.

Your intuition is working overtime on Sunday. It might take a bit of time for you to truly grasp what you are seeing. You could be experiencing quite a bit of tension right now. It could be that your desire for changing circumstances is running up against a seemingly unmovable wall. Next week: Reach out to someone at a distance.  RRRR

Taurus – You could have quite a bit of work to get done Friday before you can truly enjoy your weekend. You’ll get it all done efficiently and quickly. A boss or higher up may have an interesting proposal or project for you. You’re looking for stability and dependability within your relationships at this time. Excitement and adventure are not as important.

Others notice you on Saturday, and you could have more than your share of invitations. Make your choices count. Anyone you meet now will need to understand your need for independence and freedom.

A friend’s creativity and imagination are impressive on Sunday. You could be tempted to take a major risk. Is that a wise course? Are you prepared to accept the loss if this risk does not pan out? Give it some thought. Next week: Spend some time with someone you deem special.  RRRRR

Gemini – You’re an awfully playful twin on Friday. You are full of fun, and others are likely to want to be around you in this adventurous mood. Your words are unexpected, witty, adventurous, and they express your social skills in an inspirational manner. However, you might need to be careful as fiery energy could suddenly burst out all over, and it could lead to a power play.

The focus changes to your work or possibly a minor health issue on Saturday. Take care of day to day tasks. You might not be very happy about this change, and it will likely take very little to set you off on Saturday afternoon. Try to maintain your equilibrium.

If you’re in creative or artistic profession, Sunday should be a very productive day for you. Your sunny and creative imagination will be very helpful. However, try to keep your feet on the ground. That could be a challenge. You’re quite emotional about a loved one. Next week: Your popularity continues to rise. Say “yes.”  RRRR

Cancer – You’re likely to be happy at home on Friday. As always, you love your family and you’re happy and even eager to please them. Don’t forget about your own needs and desires. You have energy and you’ll be able to follow through on any project that you are engaged in now.

You’re ready for some fun on Saturday. Go out and enjoy yourself. Your playful mood is impressive. If you need to discuss any problems within a relationship, this is a good time to do it. Your sense of reality is strong, and you can be objective.

If you’re traveling on Sunday, be careful as dubious influences could be troublesome. You could meet someone who is exotic and has a great imagination. If so, it could be a very stimulating and exciting relationship. However, don’t plan on anything long term. Next week: It’s time to get back to work and reality.  RRRRR

Leo – Speak your mind on Friday. Answer email messages and texts and hang out with neighbors and friends later in the day. A partner could have an exciting and unique idea. Think about it. Your own thinking is more impulsive and changeable. You’re pleasantly unpredictable.

Head home early on Saturday. You’re home is your castle, and you’ll enjoy home and hearth. Your thinking is more likely to be unusually influenced by your feelings. You can come to terms with exactly how you feel about something.

You probably stimulate your partner’s imagination in a very positive way. He or she could be quite chatty now, and it could be difficult to get a word in edgewise. You might want to keep this person a bit more grounded. Some of you might be in the public eye, and you will have to deal with large groups of people. You’ll do it well. Next week: You’re on the prowl, and a playful lion is a happy lion. RRRR

Virgo – Pay bills and balance your checkbook first on Friday. You’re more optimistic mood of late could have caused you to spend more than you had originally planned. You might have to make an adjustment. Your unique work ethic and efficiency could have a positive effect on your job or a coworker. You’re detail-oriented and precise.

You likely have a lot to say on Saturday. Your romantic imagination is stimulated. Daydreaming can be fun, and you could have some interesting fantasies. And, the unexpected happens. There could be a change in fortune. It’s difficult to say which way the change will go, but it will likely be fortunate.

A partner is imaginative and playful on Sunday. On the other hand, you might not be able to understand what is going on with this person. Illusions and sometimes deception could be a problem. Next week: Home is where your heart is. RRRRR

Libra – You’re in the driver’s seat on Friday as the Moon continues to shine down on your sign. Go for more of what you want. Your charming persona helps. Your words could be playful and inspiring at the same time. A partner could have a very interesting idea.

You’ll need to deal with some financial issues on Saturday. You’re having a good time, but expenditures could also be on the increase. Your romantic imagination could lead to some beautiful images or paintings. Your artistic nature surfaces.

A light could shine on a work or health related issue on Sunday. Nebulous or confusing issues could surround your daily life. Stay as grounded as you can. You might strongly disagree with someone, and it could lead to a power play. Careful. Next week: Speak your mind.  RRRR

Scorpio – You’re likely to be very mysterious and/or even absent on Friday. You understand how this leads to your seductive allure. Others probably wonder where you are.

You’re in the spotlight, and it’s full steam ahead on Saturday. You have both the energy and power to get what you want and to achieve your goals. It is also helpful that you know your own goals as well as the goals of others. Negotiating a deal that is a win/win is easier.

You could be a bit indulgent on Sunday. And, someone could take advantage of your good mood if you’re not careful. On the other hand, you’ll have a great time. Your intuitive intellect is strong now. Next week: Focus on financial matters.  RRRRR

Sagittarius – Meet up with friends for some fun and good times on Friday. They will enjoy your adventurous nature and your optimism. You might manifest a wish or dream.

After all the fun the past few days, you might want to vanish early on Saturday for some R & R. If so, make that okay. You could be feeling a vague sense of irritability. You might feel restless, but not know exactly what to do about it.

A family member has quite an imagination on Sunday. It’s the time of year to deal with home and family issues. And, you could be dreaming of the ideal home and place to live. Try to be realistic, or you could be disappointed in the future. Your libido is also ramped up, and passion behind the scenes is a possibility. Next week: Take charge and go for what you want.  RRR

Capricorn – You’re in charge and handling your responsibilities well on Friday. Talk of how to make more money might involve real estate. A family member continues to surprise you. You might have to face a small challenge to the structure of your daily life today.

Take some time off and spend it with your friends on Saturday. An imaginative neighbor is interesting, but might also be confusing. Nevertheless, lady luck will likely smile on you. Your relationships experience very favorable influences today.

The emphasis is on ideals and images of perfection on Sunday. This might make a realistic and practical goat a bit uncomfortable. Ride the wave and try not to worry so much … just for the day. Let go of something that you no longer need today. Next week: Get some much needed R & R the first part of the week.  RRRRR

Aquarius – Let your mind and your imagination wander on Friday. Something new and different seems to be in order. You could have a sudden insight or moment of inspiration on Friday afternoon. Your mind will likely be stimulated in unique and fascinating ways.

You will likely have more than your share of responsibilities for the rest of the weekend beginning on Saturday. You’ll be a force to be reckoned with. Expressing yourself clearly and precisely will give you an advantage.

Be careful with your money on Sunday. It can evaporate before you even realize what has happened. On the other hand, your sixth sense could help you to make some good investments if you’ll work to stay a bit grounded. If you’re single, a relationship begun right now will likely be exciting and very different. Get some exercise. Next week: Enjoy being with your friends the first part of the week. Then get some R & R.  RRRRR

Pisces -- One on one relationships are intense on Friday, but not necessarily in a negative way. It could be that a romantic relationship deepens for you. An unexpected event behind the scenes could benefit you financially as well.

Your more adventurous nature surfaces on Saturday. Try a new restaurant or go to see a movie that you might normally not see. You are likely to be intensely and emotionally concerned with social and individual justice. Your words will likely exhibit this emotionalism.

Your imagination, compassion, and intuitive nature are in the limelight on Sunday. If you have any artistic inclinations, it could be a great and productive day for you. Be careful not to lose sight of reality. Your energy level is high now, so use your power creatively. You might be emotionally vulnerable now. Next week: Focus on your career and professional standing. RRRRR  

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February 19, 2016 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to 1R – Awful

The weekend begins with the Moon transiting the sign of emotional and family-oriented Cancer. The Moon moves into dramatic and full of fun Leo early in the evening on Friday. Let your inner child out to frolic and play. The Moon squares aggressive Mars (in Scorpio) on Sunday afternoon. We may need to let off some steam. This week, the Sun moved into compassionate Pisces and transiting Venus and Mercury have moved into friendship oriented Aquarius. The Full Moon is at its maximum on Monday in Virgo, but we are definitely in its shadow on Sunday. Emotions are running high, and certain matters (perhaps health or job related) may be about to culminate.

Aries – You might want to work from home on Friday if you can. That is where you are most effective the first part of the day. You seem to have a knack for doing whatever is good for you. Friday evening is an entirely different matter. Your playfulness and your creativity emerge. It would be a shame not to share it with others, right? Fun follows you wherever you go.

It is more of the same on Saturday, and you’ll likely be quite indulgent. You’ll have a great time nevertheless. A more serious mood might hit you later in the night. You might want to examine your point of view.

You’ll likely do the unexpected on Sunday morning - in a fun way, of course. And, you may need to let off some steam later in the afternoon. Next week: After all the fun, you’ll need to get busy on that to do list. You’re probably fine, but get a physical anyway.   RRRRR

Taurus – Respond to email messages and return phone calls during the day on Friday. Think about creating a facebook account if you don’t have one. You might want to hang out with neighbors and friends later in the afternoon. However, you might need to vanish earlier in the evening and head home.

It seems that home is where your heart is the remainder of the weekend. Why not throw a party at your place and invite favorite people over for some fun. Your energy level is quite high, so be careful. You could see red if things don’t go exactly as you plan. Perhaps a romp in the hay is in order later Saturday night.

Someone might be angry on Sunday afternoon. Perhaps your partner needs more of your attention. You might feel as if you have to make too many compromises to keep your partner happy. If so, turn your attention to other important matters. For example, home/family matters may need some of your time and attention. Next week: A playful, creative and adventuresome bull emerges.  RRR

Gemini – Pay some much needed attention to your finances during the day on Friday. It may seem to you that your finances are as unpredictable as your friends are, and it could make you quite touchy and irritable. How much are your spending patterns compulsively driven? Give it some thought. Head on out the door on Friday evening. Hang out with neighbors, siblings, and friends.

You are likely to be quite indulgent on Saturday. Try to remember that you don’t need to go bankrupt just to have some fun. State your case to others, but remain flexible. Give others a fair shake. You’re likely to be quite disciplined with a new project or job in the coming weeks.

Your vivid and creative imagination emerges on Sunday. You’ll notice subtleties that others miss, and you’re in tune to the moods of others. Recognize that sometimes a weakness can be turned into a strength. But first, however, you must admit to the weakness. You can do it as the power of positive thinking is working for you. Next week: Home and family matters come to a boil with the Full Moon on Monday.  RRRR

Cancer – Go for more of what you want during the day on Friday. What would make you smile? Your romantic imagination emerges. Later, you may need to focus on money matters. Your mood changes more frequently than others’. This might be affecting your finances as well. Know that you have much to offer.

If finances permit, you might want to give some thought to taking a vacation in the near future. Some type of mind expanding adventure is in order. You’re experiencing a time of balance and equilibrium in your life now. Enjoy it as your life will not always run so smoothly. At the same time, you could feel a bit of inner turmoil. If so, be patient with yourself.

Someone might rub you the wrong way on Sunday afternoon. And, you may want to tell them exactly what you think of them. Think twice. Next week: You’ll be quite emotional, and you’ll have a lot to say.  RRRR

Leo – You might be slow getting into the weekend spirit. And, you also might want to help someone less fortunate than yourself during the day on Friday. But, by Friday evening you’ll be ready to roar. What would make you purr with delight? Yes, it’s time to go for it. Others enjoy being around you when you’re having this much fun.

After Friday night, you might be ready for a lazy day on Saturday. Have a discussion with a partner about the state of your relationship. It’s a good time for such a discussion because you are calm, rational, and a bit detached.

You may feel that you have an urgent message to deliver on Sunday. The flow of communication increases, and there could be some turbulence and difficulty. You might find that you’ll need to compromise, even if you’d rather not. Next week: Pressure increases with regard to a money matter. Be very careful with finances. RRRRR

Virgo – Your friends can provide opportunities, adventure, and fun for you on Friday during the day. Let off some steam if you need to. However, by Friday night, you may feel a need to vanish. Where you run away to is a mystery.

While you could be resting on Saturday, your mind will likely be on more serious or even heavy matters. Nevertheless, this is a good day to tell someone that you love him or her. You’ll easily be able to find the right words. Some sort of home/family issue could arise later that night.

For some of you, issues of love and partnership are being put to the test, and you will need to be patient. You’ll need to work, but you’ll also need to be more relaxed about such issues. It might be a good idea to find out what makes you happy outside of a romantic relationship. This will put less pressure on your partnership and love. If you’re feeling a bit more emotional than usual, blame it on the (Full) Moon. Next week: What would make you happy? Think big. RRR  

Libra – You are in charge and a force to be reckoned with on Friday. You are concerned about your security. What would make you feel more secure? Handle your professional responsibilities during the day, because your friends will want you to join them for some fun and games later in the evening.

You’ll still be enjoying time with friends on Saturday, but the atmosphere is more relaxed. You could be quite indulgent, but you’re having an awful lot of fun. You’ll have fun with words as well, and you’ll use language and words in a more creative fashion in the coming weeks.

Someone may have a surprise for you on Sunday. And, deep emotions surface just in time for the Full Moon. Self-reflexion might be a good idea now. Next week: You will need some down time to reflect on your uniqueness.  RRRRR

Scorpio – Take an overview of the situation on Friday during the day. Understanding the big picture is important. Your career is the focus later on Friday evening. Put your best foot forward. Your talent, ability, and knowledge are impressive. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you do make a mistake. No one is perfect.

Take charge on Saturday, however you may want to do it in a more low-key manner. Your ideas may be put to the test, and you will need to remain flexible. And, love might arrive at an inopportune time. Try to take a break if you can.

You may need to pay more attention to others’ ideas on Sunday. At any rate, you could become angry at the drop of a hat. Later in the evening, you’re more in touch with your feelings. Your more sensitive to the feelings of others as well. Next week: Your friends come to the rescue, but emotions are high/strong.  RRR

Sagittarius – If attached, you might want to spend some quality time with your sweetie on Friday. Take the day off if you can. As a matter of fact, take off on a short trip for the weekend if possible. An unusual change of pace is in order. If single, get to know someone a little bit better. You might find this person to be quite stimulating and interesting.

You will likely be restless on Saturday, and you won’t want to have to worry about intricate details or business negotiations. Unfortunately, you might have to anyway.

Some questions might arise as to how to balance your professional life with your private life on Sunday. Conflicting demands could be rather stressful. Collect information, and look for a compromise. Weigh the pros and cons of various solutions. Next week: A career matter reaches the boiling point.  RRRR

Capricorn – Others will want your attention on Friday, so make it your pleasure. Defer, and you’ll be pleased. If single, your popularity is on the rise. Be willing to try out new things, and you might come up with some interesting ideas of your own as well.

A relationship might deepen on Saturday, and you’ll want to spend time with this special person. Business can wait. If attached, some of your needs could end up being rather neglected. Try to become aware of what you truly need, and discuss this with your partner.

You could end up having some lively discussions on Sunday. Your curiosity is aroused, and you’ll want to learn as much as you can about various matters, including your personal life. You’ll be able to get through to others. Next week: An adventure presents itself, but be careful if traveling.  RRRRR

Aquarius – You probably still have quite a bit of work to get done on Friday. You’ll get it done, and quickly at that. Others will want your time and attention later. Defer, and allow the good times to flow. You’re feeling quite benevolent on Friday evening, and friends could be the recipients of your generosity. You might find that your magnetism is stronger now and in the next few weeks as Venus has entered your sign.

If attached, your partner may need some good advice on Saturday. You’ll be able to provide it because of your more detached view of the situation. If you’re single, you could meet someone new while traveling or attending an educational function or event. You have a pleasant feeling of restlessness.

You might want to take a stand for your own beliefs and views on Sunday. You’ll be quite convincing. Nevertheless, you may need to accept the world as it is as opposed to how you wish it to be on Sunday evening. Work to make improvements. Next week: A relationship could intensify for some. Partnership finances or taxes could come to a climax for others. RRRRR

Pisces -- Happy birthday to all fish! A playful and creative fish is a very happy fish on Friday. Enjoy yourself to the max during the day, because you are likely to have work to do later. You might want to have a discussion with someone about issues of healing and of being healed as well.

Deal with any health issues that might arise on Saturday. Even so, you’ll likely be light-hearted and your sense of humor will likely please others. Deep inside, you might continue to be a bit vulnerable.

You could feel the weight of the world on your shoulders on Sunday. By all means, ask for help if you need it. You may need to defend yourself against false expectations. Clarify the situation as best you can. Next week: Deferring to others is the way to go. You may need to deal with some heavy relationship issues.  RRR

Monday, February 15, 2016

Political And Judicial Ponderings Of An Astrologer

Justice Antonin Scalia:

Justice Scalia was found dead in his room at a West Texas resort (Cibolo Creek Ranch) the morning of February 13, 2016. It’s unclear whether Justice Scalia died late the night before or if it happened very early in the morning of February 13.

Justice Scalia is a Pisces with Libra rising in his chart. His natal Sun is placed in the fifth house, accounting for his penchant for the dramatic (he loved the opera). He has a difficult t-square in his natal chart - Saturn in Pisces, Chiron in Gemini, and Neptune in Virgo. That t-square has recently been activated by transiting Saturn in Sagittarius, now making the configuration a grand cross in mutable signs. Transiting Neptune (in Pisces) is now headed into that area and is currently squaring his natal Chiron in Gemini. This astrological activity/energy is very stressful, and it seems pretty clear that Justice Scalia’s life had become stressful with some difficult circumstances.

Transiting Chiron (the wounded healer) is also in Pisces and headed toward Justice Scalia’s natal Sun (heart). The symbolism of this transit is that of a broken heart. It may well be that Justice Scalia had a heart attack (actually, that has now been confirmed).

Donald Trump:

The Donald is a Gemini with Leo rising in his natal chart. Natal Mars is conjunct his natal Ascendant in Leo. That symbolizes his machismo, bravado, and his BIG ego. It makes him a bit of a hot head. He might fly off the handle at the drop of a hat. His Gemini Sun gives him the ability to speak and to socialize. It most likely gives him his intelligence and his ability to process information quickly. His Sun is in a sextile aspect to his natal Mars/Ascendant, adding to his already enormous ego. It all adds up to a very big personality, and his stardom is understandable.

The Donald has very little earth in his chart - lots of fire and air and some water. He has plenty of confidence and energy. However, he can be lacking in matters of a practical nature. He is plenty intelligent. But, does he have enough common sense to be president? And, does he understand his own limits and those of the country? That remains to be seen. Does he have the temperament to be president? i think most of us already know the answer to that. Probably not. To say that he lacks patience is an understatement.

Senator Bernie Sanders:

Senator Sanders has recently gained quite a bit of popularity as one of the democratic nominees for president. He has a Virgo Sun, but we don’t have a good time of birth, so his Ascendant (rising sign) is unknown.

Senator Sanders has done well (some would say extremely well) in both the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries. He won the New Hampshire primary by over twenty percentage points. Most pundits believe that he will find the going a bit tougher now in states with more diverse populations. The next two primaries are Nevada and South Carolina. Nevada has a large Hispanic population, and South Carolina has a large African-American population. Transits/aspects to planets in his natal chart bear this out. Saturn (in Sagittarius) is now in a square aspect to his natal Sun (in Virgo). Does that mean that he can’t win those states? No, it doesn’t. It just means that the challenges that he faces in those states will be significant. Probably, very significant. He will have to work very hard to overcome them, and he will have to be very resourceful. We’ll see what happens.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 12, 2016 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to 1R – Awful

The weekend begins with the Moon transiting the sign of assertive and energetic Aries. We are motivated to take action to achieve our goals. Transiting Mercury enters forward-thinking Aquarius on Saturday afternoon. Some very progressive and/or brilliant ideas are likely to emerge in the next three weeks. We’re thinking and communicating outside the box. Transiting Mars (in Scorpio) sextiles transiting Jupiter (in Virgo) then as well. It’s a good time to take action in an effort to improve your health. Joining the gym would be perfect. The Moon enters earthy Taurus, a sign that knows how to enjoy and savor the good life and love, later on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday, the Moon, Jupiter, and Pluto (in Capricorn) are in a grand trine in earth signs, a very fortunate astrological configuration. Happy Valentine’s Day!  

Aries –  You’re in the limelight the first part of this weekend as the Moon beams down on your sign. Go for what you want with your usual and unique Aries flair. It might surprise you to know that others love you for your intelligence. You might also want to put the final touches on your career planning efforts on Friday.

Partnership finances get a boost on Saturday, or you could find that you get a bigger than expected income tax refund. Speaking of finances, you may need to work on yours the latter half of the weekend. Curb your enthusiasm with regard to cash outflows.

You might have a vague feeling of irritability on Sunday. Perhaps using your high energy level to help others would help to dissipate that feeling. Next week: You’ll have a lot to chat about and to say. Facebook will love you.   RRRR

Taurus – You could have a slow start this weekend. It might be best to lay low till the Moon moves into your sign on Saturday afternoon. Nevertheless, you will need to remain flexible on Friday.

On Saturday afternoon, you’re likely to be one happy bull. A partner’s uplifting and jovial nature affects you positively then. Your magnetic appeal draws positive people and circumstances into your life. You don’t need to push. A boss or higher up may have plans for you in the coming weeks.

And, on Sunday you might feel attracted to someone who does not meet your expectations. Perhaps you should ask yourself what is more important on Valentine’s Day … your expectations or your heart. Clearly, it’s your heart right now. Next week: Balance your checkbook, and work on your taxes. RRRRR

Gemini – Group activities and fun times with friends are favored the first part of this weekend. And, you might be able to manifest a cherished wish or dream. However, you’re a bit strong-willed on Friday and you may have to force yourself to compromise a little.

Your home and family life may help to improve your health on Saturday. A professional project is also favored. Job prospects improve for those looking. By Saturday afternoon, you are likely to vanish to digest what has occurred. Reach out to someone at a distance, and you might want to think about taking a winter vacation in the coming weeks.

Partnership matters remain serious and perhaps even heavy. You may decide to choose freedom and independence, but you’ll need to be prepared to pay a heavy price in the long run. Next week: Don’t hesitate to go for what you want, and don’t stop thinking about tomorrow. RRR

Cancer – You could be bogged down with career and professional concerns the first part of this weekend. A boss or higher up is full of surprises, especially on Friday. Your own plans are expansive and optimistic then.

A male child could inspire you and fill you with joy on Saturday. Also, if you’re looking for love then, you could get lucky. If attached, you may need to discuss partnership finances or income taxes with your partner/spouse in the coming weeks. You may need to probe deeply to get the answers you need on Saturday.

Find your friends on Sunday for some fun and games. Your own libido is strong, and you could become quite irritated if you don’t get your way. Use your empathetic nature to understand the situation, and your Valentine’s Day will be one to remember. Next week: Get some much needed R & R  RRRRR  

Leo – Opt for something a bit different the first part of the weekend. Go see a movie that you would normally not see. Or, perhaps a change of scenery would be helpful and interesting. You could take a short trip. Look for someone exotic to spend time with. You’ll need to accept the world as it is as opposed to the way you would like it to be on Friday. Consult an expert if you need to.

On Saturday, home and family issues add to your financial security and wealth. A partner seems to come out of his or her shell and could become quite chatty in the weeks ahead. Lend this person an ear. You may find that it is easier to forgive this person for past wrongs. You’re in charge and a force to be reckoned with from Saturday night on throughout the remainder of the weekend.

Who could be better to lead the Valentine’s Day celebration than you. You may need to let off some steam on Sunday afternoon. Nevertheless, it’s full steam ahead. Next week: Your friends come to the rescue. RRRR

Virgo – One on one relating is the focus the first part of the weekend for you. You might want to spend some time with someone that you deem special. You are at peace within yourself and also with others on Friday.

And, a sibling, neighbor, and/or associate may take action which benefits you greatly on Saturday. Be generous with this person. Your testosterone level is off the charts on Saturday as well, and you’ll need to have an expression for this passion. If your partner is a Scorpio or an Aries, you’re in luck.

Think about taking a short trip on Sunday. And, if you can, take off on Monday. You may need to fend off a very fleeting bit of  depression then. Next week: You are likely to be a force to be reckoned with. Careful.  RRRR

Libra – Defer to others the first part of this weekend. Sort through invitations, but you might want to let someone else decide. You’re having a lot of fun, and your popularity (which is already pretty impressive) is on the rise. It could lead to a misunderstanding if you’re not careful on Friday.

The astrological weather is dubious for you currently, and you may need to wait until a situation has untangled itself before you make irrevocable moves. An investment decision or action may begin to pay off on Saturday.

The later part of the weekend, you might want to spend some time with just one other person. If single, get to know this person first before giving him or her your heart. That doesn’t mean that you can’t be someone’s Valentine for the day though. Gor for it! Use your power creatively on Sunday, and remain flexible. Next week: Your mind is likely to playfully wander off to distant shores.  RRRR

Scorpio – You likely have a a lot of work to do this weekend, and your to do list could be lengthy. You’ll likely get enough of it done by Saturday afternoon to be able to enjoy get togethers with others. That’s a good thing as others will want your attention the later half of the weekend. Be careful that someone doesn’t take advantage of your good nature on Friday.

You and a friend could have some big time fun on Saturday. This person seems more optimistic and fun than in the past. You might also take notice of his or her great sense of humor.

You might sense a need to have a discussion with a family member on Sunday. You might notice that your own intuitive senses are enhanced and stronger than usual. And, you feel your love for someone very strongly. Next week: Spend some time with an important person in your life. RRRR

Sagittarius – Always up for an adventure, you are full of fun the first part of the weekend. You’ll have a blast, and you might meet a new love interest if you’re single. Even so, you are more sensitive than usual as to how your words might affect others.

Something could happen behind the scenes on Saturday that also has a positive effect on your career goals. A relationship might intensify and deepen as well. You have an erotic effect on others.

Happy Valentines Day. You might have work to do the later part of the weekend. You might want to beautify your workspace/place on Sunday. Your romantic imagination is enhanced and it could also help to benefit your performance. Take care of any health issues that arise then. Next week: Defer to others and think positively. RRRRR

Capricorn – You are likely happy at home the first part of the weekend. Deal with any family issues that arise. A friend helps you to expand your mind on Saturday. You might have seen this person in an entirely new light on Friday.

You could be enthusiastic and very happy with how a matter at a distance is working out. Do you have plans to travel abroad? It could be difficult for you to put your feelings into words on Saturday, but empathy is a big part of it. Let your inner child out to play the later half of the weekend.

Show others that you certainly do know how to have fun on Valentine’s Day. However, if you allow your more critical nature to surface, you will have difficulty seeing the forest for the trees. Proceed accordingly. Next week: Back to work. RRRRR.

Aquarius – Speak your mind the first part of the weekend. As a matter of fact, you are likely to have plenty to say the next few weeks. You’ll have a lot of fun with your words, although some of your communications could be compulsively driven. Watch out, twitter! Visualize what you wish to happen, and it will have a greater chance to manifest.

A close partner or loved one’s optimism could have a beneficial influence on your career goals on Saturday. Or, your boss or a higher up could introduce you to a new love/erotic interest.

You’re probably happy at home on Sunday. If you’re attached, celebrate Valentine’s Day at home. You’re more inquisitive than usual, and this should delight your partner. If you’re single, hope springs eternal, but it may take a bit more time. Next week: You’re playfulness surfaces in an imaginative and adventuresome manner. RRRRR

Pisces -- Get your financial affairs in order the first part of this weekend. The unexpected continues to happen with regard to your money. Try to get a handle on expenditures. And, you may need to put the brakes on in your mind on Friday. Thoughts and ideas flash through your mind with amazing speed. Write them down if you believe them to be important. And, give some thought to your ideas about freedom.

A partnership matter continue to be favored on Saturday. And if attached, you may receive more support and appreciation for your work from your partner. You have a vivid imagination, however it may be nearly impossible for you to think clearly. Try writing your thoughts down, and ask a partner or friend to help you clarify your thoughts.

Let you enormous optimism rub off on your partner on Valentine’s Day. If single, you could be tempted to take a risk. Don’t ignore the downside. Next week: Home is where your heart is. RRRR