Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February 5, 2016 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to 1R – Awful

The weekend begins with the Moon transiting the sign of efficient and practical Capricorn. Our focus will likely be on practical matters and our ambitions. Transiting Venus is conjunct transiting Pluto (in Capricorn) late Friday afternoon. Our relationships are intense and passionate. On Saturday morning, the Sun in friendly Aquarius is in a sextile aspect to transiting Uranus in Aries. We may have interesting and/or unique ideas to present. Freedom is important. Transiting Mercury (also in Capricorn) is in a trine aspect to transiting Jupiter in detail-oriented Virgo. Our career or professionals plans are both optimistic and realistic. On Saturday afternoon, transiting Venus (in Capricorn) squares transiting Uranus. We seek an element of freedom and independence in our relationships/partnerships. The Moon moves into unique and independent Aquarius later on Saturday night. Friendship becomes more important. The Sun squares transiting Mars (in Scorpio) early on Sunday morning. Someone could have anger issues, and it might have to do with sex, jealousy, or partnership finances. However, transiting Venus sextiles transiting Mars Sunday morning as well. Good relationships experience a positive and pleasant surge of romantic and sexual energy. It must be true love.

Aries – You’ll likely take charge and have fun doing it the first part of this weekend. An erotic intensity exists between you and a partner. Along with the intensity, there is more than a little electricity in the air. 

Friends are stimulating. However, you may opt for a bit more freedom on Saturday. The power of positive thinking boosts a work project for you. You can increase your own self-awareness in the process. Subtle truths surface. 

Join in with friends for some fun on Sunday. You and a partner may not be able to take your hands off each other. Whatever taboos remain in your relationship with your partner are likely to be cast aside. A revolutionary new freedom is in the making. Next week: Take some time out for some R & R  RRRRR

Taurus – You could have some very deep and profound experiences with someone exotic or a loved one at a distance this weekend. Group efforts are also favored on Friday. 

There is added stimulation and electricity between you on Saturday. At the same time, your career continues to flourish. You’ll likely feel protective and nurturing toward friends. You are handling people with much more emotional depth and feeling than in the past. 

You’re in the limelight on Sunday, and you may have to deal with a partner’s anger. He or she may have just a bit too much energy for your taste. At the same time, there is erotic passion. While it’s easy to express yourself now, don’t expect everyone to agree with you. Next week: Friends are imaginative and creative. RRRRR

Gemini – You are likely to experience great depth of emotion and passion this weekend. You’re not generally comfortable with this level of intensity, but you might find it very interesting and enlightening if you allow it to happen. Don’t run away. Your libido is turned up to the max. However, your emotions may come into conflict with your conscious will. 

On Saturday, you may need a break from all the intensity. Have some light-hearted fun with friends. Or, you might want to take action to help someone less fortunate than yourself. 

Passions ignite again on Sunday. Get some exercise. You also have the chance to solve something so that it becomes less of a burden to you in the future. There is a focus on deep wounds - yours and others. Next week: Focus on your career goals and work hard to attain them. RRRRR

Cancer – You might be delighted to defer to others this weekend. A partner is loving, romantic, and emotionally intense. You are one lucky Moonchild. And, as always, you are sensitive to others’ feelings. 

You might have to come up for air on Saturday. Others may express their sense of well-being and may bring you good news. A friend might also suggest or present an opportunity that you may have missed. Nevertheless, the unexpected may occur on the career front. 

A child or loved one may throw a temper tantrum on Sunday, but romance and passion are still in the air. It may be difficult for you to digest your experiences as quickly as they are happening. Hang in there. Next week: Look for a creative and/or romantic adventure. RRRR

Leo – You clearly have work to do this weekend, but you will still have an intense romantic encounter or two. Your thoughts have power on Friday. It could be that a creative project at work has a deep and penetrating effect on you and others. It could pay off financially. 

A partner has a unique and perhaps brilliant idea for a new adventure. He or she may need a little space on Saturday. Your attention to detail is impressive now, so dive into a work project. 

Defer to others on Sunday. Light the romantic flames at home. A older family member could be irritable. You could gain some new insights into your emotional and inner life if you allow it to happen. Next week: Spend some quality time with someone you deem special. RRRR

Virgo – Your intense creativity knows no bounds this weekend. And, you playful spirit is likely to delight others. Romance is likely on the agenda as well. You could get “lucky” on Friday. You tend to attract favorable circumstances. 

On Saturday, a work project could get a sudden boost as the unexpected happens. Positive thinking brings success. And, a romantic relationship is favored as well. Let out some steam on Saturday afternoon. You could be a bit indulgent, but you’re having fun. 

Watch out for an angry neighbor or sibling on Sunday. You could be seething about being held back in some way yourself. You probably need to work on your to do list anyway. Be meticulous and thorough as you usually are. Next week: Let someone else decide.  RRRRR

Libra – This weekend could be pretty special for you, although the intensity could seem a bit overwhelming at times. While much of the action is at your place the first part of the weekend, romantic intensity and passion are on the agenda, especially on Friday. 

A love relationship has a friendly quality to it on Saturday. Look for a unique or surprising experience with this person. You’re likely quite happy and feeling very generous toward others. Your more romantic and playful persona surfaces late on Saturday night and Sunday. 

Be careful with your finances as having fun does not need to be costly. You’ll likely be delighted by a partner’s loving and erotic attention. You benefit from the power of positive thinking. Next week: Make some headway on your to do list.  RRRRR

Scorpio – Express yourself this weekend as you have quite a bit to say. And, as usual, what you say has quite a bit of depth to it. But, your words are likely to be loving and romantic as well. 

The unexpected happens with an older family member on Saturday, but positive thinking saves the day. You’re sensitive to other people’s moods, and you  might want to be of service to someone who needs your help. Mosey on home early on Saturday night. 

Tempers could flare on Sunday if you’re not careful. Get some exercise. You may have some big plans on Sunday, but be careful as minor details could trip you up. If you use your powers of perception, that likely will not happen. Next week: Let your inner child out to play.  RRRRR

Sagittarius – You will need to deal with your finances this weekend. Look deeply within to determine what you value and then set your priorities. And, yes, love and passion enter into the mix this weekend. You’re disciplined and methodical on Friday. 

You could get an inspiring flash, thought , or idea on Saturday. It could have to do with a creative project or a romantic opportunity. Your appreciation of things of beauty is stimulated. You might also want to tell someone that you love him or her. 

Hang out with neighbors and friends on Sunday. You could sense on Sunday that someone behind the scenes is on the warpath. However, love is in the air as well. Next week: You’ll need to deal with home and family matters/issues. RRRR

Capricorn – This is definitely a great weekend for you as the Moon illuminates your sign. Love, intensity, and passion are all part of the scenario for you. A love relationship could deepen on Friday especially. Your libido level is off the charts.  

A monetary issue gets a sudden boost on Saturday, but the unexpected happens as well. A matter at a distance looks promising. Cheerful and gregarious are not usually words used to describe you, but that might be the way you are today. 

A friend could cause a financial problem for you on Sunday. Be careful. Nevertheless, you are feeling quite good and generous toward others. Smile! Next week: You will have a lot to say. RRRRR  

Aquarius – You might be nowhere to be found on Friday this weekend. It could be that you are deeply immersed in a behind the scenes research project or researching a personal matter. Friendship is so important to you that others might be surprised when on a rare occasion  something else might be even more important to you - like right now. You know that you are not projecting as you have only repeated what a loved one has told you. Another friend has made an erroneous assumption. You have an intellectual appreciation of beauty on Friday. 

You could get a sudden insight on Saturday. Freedom in a relationship is a theme, yet intensity still exists. Read for Gemini about not fearing close intimacy. You might not be especially interested in dominating others, but that might be happening. 

A boss or higher up could be on the warpath on Sunday. Go for what you want anyway on Sunday as the Moon shines on your sign. Someone may think you’re out of your mind. You’ll probably find it amusing. Next week: Tomorrow’s New Moon gives you a chance for a new start. Make the most of it. RRRRR

Pisces -- You might not believe the depth, the perspicacity, and the loving feelings coming from your friends this weekend. You sense that someone is clearly in love on Friday. Powerful people have a profound effect upon you. 

Others may want to detach and experience a bit more freedom on Saturday. Your own partner’s jovial nature surfaces as well, and he or she might have a surprise for you during the evening hours. 

Someone at a distance could be argumentative on Sunday, and you might want to vanish. But, romantic passions ignite again during the day. Someone may say or do something that reminds you of your sore spot. Don’t fret as this will aid you in your efforts to help others by reprocessing the issue. Next week: It’s your turn to shine. RRRR

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