Monday, February 1, 2016

February Monthly Forecast

5R’s – Incredible to 1R – Awful

Aries – The focus is on your wishes, dreams, and your friendships in February. Your wheels are turning early in the month. And, a love relationship could also continue to heat up as your ruling planet continues to transit passionate Scorpio. If you’re single, a friendship could deepen into something more romantic. Look for a new start with a friend or a group endeavor on February 8, and you might achieve results as early as the 22nd. Be careful not to overreact in anger to a friend on February 6. On the other hand, your uniqueness and originality are appreciated on that date. This is a time of creative and radical transformation in your daily life and your job. A health matter may also benefit from this configuration.   RRRRR

Taurus – The Sun shines its rays on your career and your professional/public reputation this month, and you’ll be a force to be reckoned with. Partners could be aggressive and perhaps provocative, especially on the 6th. But, a romantic relationship looks quite good/pleasant on the 7th. A behind the scenes event works in your favor on the 6th. Your relationship with a boss or higher up improves and is quite positive after the 16th. You could manifest a wish or dream on February 22. However, you may experience a sense of “reality shock” as the rose-colored glasses come off with regard to a loved one. You could also feel betrayed by someone or guilty about your own actions. Striking a balance between your inner and outer life would be helpful.  RRRR  

Gemini – Some of you could be taking off for foreign shores this month. Others will be dealing with legal issues, higher education, or matters involving the health profession/industry. The twin almost always enjoys learning something new, and you digest new information quickly. This month is an excellent time to take up learning something new and completely different (for you). You’ll definitely be working hard, but you’ll want to take time out to do something a bit different from time to time as you’re easily bored. When you’re bored, your work suffers, so these time outs are necessary for you. You’ll reap rewards from your efforts after the 18th. A boss or higher up is watching then, and could be impressed with your work. The influences are nebulous on the 28th, so don’t push your luck then. Reach out to a friend at a distance on the 8th.  RRRRR

Cancer – You could be dealing with partnership finances and/or taxes this month. It’s always good to get a head start on these issues so that you have time to solve problems. A romance continues to sizzle and heat up this month, but be careful of arguing on the 6th. Getting some exercise would be a better way to handle the astrological weather on that date. A child or loved one is quite energetic as the month proceeds, and you could be delighted by him or her especially on the seventh. You could also get a lucky break on the career front on the 6th, so watch out for sudden or surprising opportunities to advance. You are always forcefully influenced by lunar phases and conditions. Therefore, look for a new start on February 8 (New Moon) with regard to a very close partnership or partnership finances and your emotions will be full and deep on February 22 (Full Moon). You’ll experience a peak of some sort on then.  RRRR

Leo – This month it’s time your your half-year review. It’s been about six months since your last birthday, and so take a look at how your projects and goals are progressing. You should have set those new goals for yourself at the time of your birthday. How are you doing? You might decide to let some projects or goals go, and you’ll want to press on with others. Speaking of others, you’ll also want to focus on your one on one partnerships at this time. A new partnership could begin on the 8th, or you might get a new start with an existing relationship. The pressure is on on the 22nd, and a relationship could deepen or perhaps end. You could be impressed by a partner’s originality (or, your own) on the 6th. Be very careful with your finances on the 28th. It’s easy to lose money then and not even be aware of what has happened.  RRRRR

Virgo – The virgin is the hardest worker of the zodiac, and the most efficient and detail oriented of the signs. You’ll have plenty of that to do this month. You could also be a bit verbally aggressive, pushy, and even sarcastic. That won’t win you any friends, so you might want to tone it down a little (if you can). You could get a new start, a new assignment/project, or a completely new job around the time of the New Moon, which is the 8th. And, a partnership matter could reach the boiling point as of the Full Moon, which is on the 22nd. A misundertanding or a deception could occur on the 28th. Another way to use the energy on that date is to be extremely sensitive to others. Sometimes relationships can be extremely fragile or slippery. Proceed accordingly. RRRRR

Libra – You’re a very romantic sign, and you’ll likely find plenty of that this month. The 7th looks especially pleasant and/or passionate as your ruler, Venus, forms a harmonious aspect to Mars (ruler of your partnership sign). Whatever you’re doing, you’ll likely be having fun doing it. You’re more playful than is usually the case this month. However, you might want to be careful with the flirting as you could get into some trouble on the 6th. But, a romance could get a new beginning on the 8th. You’ll also need to be careful with money this month. You’ll want to take action to spend quite a bit - maybe way too much. Fortunately, you’ll have the energy to work and make plenty as well. Try to curb spending a bit.  Be perceptive of any health issues that might arise on the 22nd or the 28th. It’s probably nothing serious, but get it checked out anyway.  RRRRR

Scorpio – February is one of the colder months of the years, so it’s a good month to spend a lot of time at home with family and loved ones. That’s exactly what you’re likely to be doing. And, you’ll have plenty of energy and passion if you need to make any repairs or to complete any projects around the house. You could run into a problem or two on the 6th. But, you might even start a new project on the 8th. Relationships with family members become more peaceful and harmonious after the 16th. The focus shifts to fun and entertainment and perhaps romance after the 18th. Be careful with any new love interest on the 28th. Someone might not be telling the truth.  RRRR

Sagittarius – While you may be in a bit more serious state of mind and the tone of your words could be a bit heavier, you’ll still have plenty to say this month. You’re a forward-looking sign, and you’ll use all of the modern methods of communicating to get your message across. You’ll also spend plenty of time hanging out with neighbors, family member, and friends within your community. There is an exciting electricity in the air on the 6th, but watch out for someone who might be causing trouble behind the scenes. You might get a chance for a new beginning with a sibling or neighbor on the 8th. Leave behind the old and look forward to the new in that relationship. A home and/or family matter could be confusing on the 28th. You might not have the whole story or all of the information you need.  RRRRR

Capricorn – Your finances take center stage this month, and a good Capricorn is always on top of his or her finances. You may need to fine tune or revise that yearly budget that you worked on last month since you’ll likely have more and complete information now. Somehow, a family member’s uniqueness could benefit you on the sixth, or perhaps an unexpected real estate deal comes through for you. You’ll likely attract more resources after the 16th through your career. Perhaps a raise is imminent then. If you’re single and looking for love, the 7th looks very favorable and stimulating in an erotic manner. Your friends are lively all month, although someone might express a bit of anger or irritation on the 6th. A sibling or neighbor might be difficult to understand on the 28th. Be sympathetic nevertheless. RRRR

Aquarius – Happy birthday, Aquarius. It’s time to formulate new plans and goals for the next year. What do you wish to accomplish in the coming year, and where would you like to be a year from now. You should have the energy now to push through your new projects and plans, and this is especially true on the 8th, which is the New Moon in Aquarius. You tend to be more communicative after the 13th, and your mental processes are clearer and probably quicker. You might want to reveal some of your plans then. You’re more magnetic than usual after the 16th when lovely Venus enters your sign. You might want to steer clear of a boss or higher up who seems to be on the warpath on the 6th, but you could have a sudden idea or bit of inspiration to present at a later time. Be especially careful with your money on the 28th as nebulous influences prevail.  RRRRR

Pisces -- At this time of the year, you should be bringing any remaining projects and other affairs (those preferably started at your last birthday) to a climax. Review what has worked and what has not in preparation for a new start and new projects, goals, and plans for the next year, which you should be doing after the 18th when the Sun enters your sign. A behind the scenes matter looks troublesome on the 6th, and it could involve a legal matter or someone at a distance. It is likely a minor bump in the road. A love relationship looks quite nice on the 7th. If single, you might find yourself attracted to someone quite exotic and different. This person might be both fiery and intense. Your imagination is quite impressive on the 28th. You could have some very beautiful dreams. And who knows? You might be able to manifest them as the Sun is shining its rays on them. RRR

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