Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January 29, 2016 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to 1R – Awful

The weekend begins with the Moon transiting the sign of partnership, Libra. Our focus will likely be on others or finding that special someone. Transiting Mercury conjoins transiting Pluto in Capricorn on Friday night. This is the last of the three conjunctions that have occurred over the last few weeks. We continue to probe deeply into an important matter. Transiting Venus (in Capricorn) sextiles transiting Neptune (in Pisces) on Saturday morning. Things of beauty or things that initiate our romantic feelings capture our attention. The Moon moves into seductive Scorpio early on Saturday evening. We’re looking for something intense and/or erotic. And, then transiting Mercury squares transiting Uranus (in Aries) on Sunday evening. News could be a bit startling or shocking. Mercury in direct motion now allows us to straighten out any remaining communications issues or misunderstandings.

Aries – While you normally prefer to take the lead, it might be better to allow someone else to make the first move this weekend. Your popularity increases as a result. You might manifest a wish or dream on Friday. You are concerned about deeper issues in life on Saturday. Nevertheless, you’re thinking is progressive and you have some unique ideas. Others will enjoy your good humor, so don’t hold back. A partnership could deepen after Saturday evening. Try not to say anything too outlandish on Sunday night. Perhaps a surprising gesture before turning in might be okay. Lend a hand to someone less fortunate than yourself. Your concern is appreciated. Next week: A short trip or an interesting adventure.  RRRRR

Taurus – You may be checking off items on your to do list the first part of this weekend, but take some time out to socialize with your friends as well. Although you can work well with others on Friday, you certainly are not dependant on them. Your confidence is impressive. Someone at a distance has a vivid imagination on Saturday, and you could be drawn in by it. Deal with your feelings honestly, and you might want to discuss your emotions with someone close.. Defer to others on Sunday as the unexpected occurs behind the scenes. Even so, you can be quite persuasive if you need to be. You’re in a very orderly state of mind. Next week: Continue to reach out to someone at a distance.Adventure awaits.  RRRR

Gemini – Your friends may have wondered where your playful nature and sense of fun had gone. Well, it seems to have returned this weekend. You’re likely socializing and having a ball the first part of this weekend. Your libido is enhanced, and someone seems magically drawn to you on Friday. Enjoy the attention. You might feel like shaking people up in some way on Saturday. You have a pleasant feeling of restlessness. Yes, it seems that things are back to normal after the Mercury retrograde. You might decide to call it an early night on Saturday, however, You may need to work or deal with a health issue on Sunday. Make sure to get plenty of exercise or you could become quite irritable and/or moody. Next week: Defer to others. Make some time for someone that you truly care about.  RRRR

Cancer – Your home is your castle, and your family is very important to you as always. That seems even more so the first part of this weekend. Even so, someone could be quite controlling on Friday night or this person might want to probe more deeply into an issue than you feel comfortable with/about.  Your partner seems romantically imaginative on Saturday night. Lucky you. There seems to be a balance between the old and the new in your life right now. You’re a playful Moonchild on Sunday. However, something shocking could come to the surface then. And, then you may need or want to talk about your problems with someone. You could find out that others have been in your shoes. That might not solve the problem, but it’s good to know. Next week: Get to work on that to do list. RRRR

Leo – It’s fortunate that Mercury has turned direct, because it seems that you have a lot to say and otherwise to communicate with others this weekend. Speak your mind, and you could get quite a bit of feedback. And, your compassion is aroused by others on Friday. You want the world to be a better place. A creative project gets a boost on Saturday, although you might be a bit indulgent. You’re enjoying yourself to the max nevertheless.. You’re very happy at home on Sunday. You might hear something odd on Sunday evening, and you might decide that it’s actually funny. Enlightened self-interest is favored now, however don’t let it lead to your becoming self-absorbed. Next week: It’s time for fun and games and romance. RRRRR

Virgo – You will likely need to deal with your finances the first part of this weekend. Gather bills to pay and then check your budget. You’re usually good at this, but it could require a great deal of patience and perseverance on Friday.. A child’s or loved one’s thirst for knowledge and the truth could delight you. You are playfully imaginative on Saturday. Try to maintain your sense of perspective, or you could fly off the handle at any minute.  Hang out with neighbors, siblings, and friends on Sunday. Your relationships are quite good and positive.What a loved one comes up with could be startling. Next week: Home is where your heart is. RRRR

Libra – The Moon lights up your sign the first part of this weekend. Go for what you want, and don’t stand on ceremony. Others will appreciate your straightforwardness. It’s a time for growth and self-discovery. You continue to dig into a family/home issue on Friday.  Your work has an imaginative or creative quality on Saturday. However, you may have difficulty related to others. A family member or partner may have a surprise for you on Sunday. There seems to be a perfect balance between your need to be an individual and your need to relate to others now. You might want to begin collecting your financial records in preparation for your tax preparations. Next week: Say what needs to be said, and you might get “lucky.”  RRRRR

Scorpio – It looks like it’s time for you to pull another one of your vanishing acts the first part of this weekend. No one seems to be able to find you. All we can tell is that your independence and freedom are important to you. Out of the blue, you show up late on Saturday night wearing a big smile. Yes, others are curious but they know that you are unlikely to spill the beans. You do have a romantic glow about you though. Let others know that you care. Is there something that would make you smile even bigger? Go for it on Sunday. A neighbor or sibling may have something a bit shocking to reveal to you during the evening hours. Get some exercise as your energy level is quite high. An argument could occur out of the blue. Next week: Gather and pay your bills. RRRRR

Sagittarius – Find your friends for some fun and adventure the first part of this weekend. You’re able to get through to others. In addition, a cherished wish or dream could materialize. You might want to do a bit of extra research into a money matter on Friday. You might feel a bit isolated later in the night.  A family member’s imagination continues to amaze you on Saturday. And, you likely feel warm and affectionate to others during the day. You might want to vanish later on Saturday night. The unexpected can still occur with regard to a creative project on Sunday. You might want to integrate your energies with those of the people around you. Your basic positive attitude will help you to establish new contacts in the future. Next week: Take the lead on Tuesday and Wednesday. RRRR

Capricorn – You’re in the limelight the first part of this weekend. This is a role that you’re familiar with and most likely enjoy. Be careful with your words on Friday. You might be a bit intense or sound a bit sarcastic. Nevertheless, let off a little steam on Friday afternoon. Go out with friends for some fun later on Saturday night. You’re more magnetic now. You’re warm and friendly, and you might get an opportunity of some sort with the help of a woman. Watch out for the unexpected on Sunday night. A sexual relationship could be quite intense. The compulsive quality could be difficult to handle. Next week: Gets some needed R & R.  RRRR

Aquarius – Look for new and different types of entertainment and adventures the first part of this weekend. Reach out to someone at a distance on Friday. If you feel that someone has ignored you, it is most likely not with malicious intent. Let it go. A (business) friend could somehow help you with a financial issue on Saturday.  An unwritten rule or law could benefit you in some way as well. Practical matters dominate, and you’re mind is working in an orderly manner now. Your energy level is high, and you have confidence in what you’re doing. You’re in charge on Sunday, and responsibility lands on you. Your unique way of communicating leads to results. Your ability to persevere through profound changes is impressive. Next week: Spend some time with important friends.  RRRR

Pisces -- It attached, spend some quality time with your sweetie the first part of this weekend. The feelings you share now could seem magical or spiritual. You’re most comfortable in familiar surroundings, and you’re at peace within. A friend’s words are intense and probing. You’re feeling a bit rebellious on Saturday afternoon. Freedom is important to you now, and you  might want to do something a bit wild. Look for something new and different on Sunday. A new movie or book might do the trick. You’re feeling affectionate toward just about everyone, and you make a very good impression on people you want to impress. Be open to whatever comes your way, and simply be your authentic self. Next week: You’re in the limelight. RRRR

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