Friday, July 14, 2017

August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse In Leo - The Great American Eclipse

August, 2017 is eclipse season. We’ll experienced a lunar eclipse in Aquarius on August 7. And, then we will experience a solar eclipse on August 21, and it occurs at 28 degrees and 50 minutes Leo. Eclipses generally affect the masses - events that affect most people in a large area or even worldwide. Since this eclipse occurs in Leo, this eclipse could affect leaders, heads of state, and royalty. Mars is the lord of this eclipse and indicates aggressive actions, violence, and perhaps even war. Aggressive action aimed at these leaders cannot be dismissed. However, Uranus in trine aspect could indicate unexpected and perhaps positive outcomes. A younger male leader could somehow benefit.

This eclipse will affect the nation quite strongly, because this eclipse will be visible across the continental USA from Oregon through South Carolina. It follows a fairly narrow swath between those two states, but much of the nation will see at least a partial eclipse. Where I live in San Francisco, we will experience 80% of the total eclipse. Eclipses are much stronger where they are visible.

For the US, this eclipse will affect our relationship with foreign nations, religious issues, higher education issues, the airline industry and foreign travel, and matters of a legal nature. The Congress is involved in that it creates the law. Various controversial bills will be pushed hard. It’s unclear whether any of them will be successful, however there will be surprises and if any bills make it into law, it could happen suddenly and surprisingly. Mars in the ninth house indicates aggressive actions abroad. The entertainment industry is affected - most likely in a favorable and positive way. There is some chaos, however, as Asteroid Eris falls in this house and conjunct Asteroid America.

Jupiter is square and Pluto is opposite Venus and Ceres in this eclipse chart, and Venus falls in the eighth house of death. This could indicate the death of a prominent female and mother (since Venus/Ceres is in Cancer here). Venus is conjunct Mercury in the USA’s natal chart, so it could be a media star. Venus ruled Taurus is on the sixth house in this chart, so our heath care system could be eliminated or totally transformed. There will definitely be power struggles related to health care legislation. There could also be economic losses since Pluto resides in the second house in this chart.

Mercury is retrograde and in opposition to Neptune in this chart. There will likely be more problems and confusion related to fake news. There could also be accidents at sea.

This solar eclipse falls on President Trump’s natal Mars and his natal Ascendant. Therefore, this eclipse is directly related to him. In this Astrologer’s mind, Trump has not dealt with Mars-type issues well in his life. This could be because Mars falls in his twelfth house but conjunct his Ascendant. He doesn’t seem aware of how his anger issues and his aggressive actions toward others undermine his objectives. Nevertheless, he does have the opportunity to do something unique, surprising, positive, and successful. My guess is that he will sabotage himself. The eclipse occurs in square aspect to his MC and progressed Vertex, so whatever happens is not likely to increase his popularity among the public. This eclipse could indicate his death, however I consider that to be one of the less likely scenarios. A fall from grace is more likely.

As always, this eclipse will affect you personally if you have planets and/or points conjunct or opposite the eclipse point (only a two degree orb). Those planets or points between 26 degrees Leo or Aquarius and 1 degrees of Virgo or Pisces are included. Eclipses are Uranian in nature in that what happens is unexpected, and you might not even be certain as to what is happening for six months. For a solar eclipse, it takes about a year for the event to completely mature. Whether the eclipse is experienced as positive or negative depends on the planet that is conjoined (or opposed), it’s place in your chart, the condition that the planet is in, and whether and how you might have prepared for what is happening (i.e. free will). If you’d like to know if you have planets or points that fall into this range, let me know. For most people, it will be experienced simply as a New Moon type event. Those are generally felt as the start of something new or a new beginning.

From expert Mundane Astrologer Celeste Teal:

As you may know, this is being called the Great American Eclipse because the eclipse will be visible for a wide swath of the USA. In a rare event, this is the first Total Solar Eclipse in the country since 1979 and the eclipse shadow will travel from the Northwest coast to the Southeast coast in a matter of hours.

Eclipses have greater effects in the countries where they are visible. Of course animals are apt to become temporarily disoriented when the light turns to darkness at midday, but eclipse effects can range from increased earthquake activity to decreased crop production. This will be a learning experience for astrologers and a memorable event for all.

With this eclipse falling in Leo, it will stir sensational events. Fire sign eclipses can trigger war. An eclipse in Leo sometimes signals the threat of death, downfall or overthrow of some great political leader or royal figure. President Clinton was impeached following a Leo Solar Eclipse that fell within three degrees of his natal Sun in 1998.

Often, it is when one of the planets in the sky moves through the eclipse degree later on that sets off events indicated by the planet formations at the time of the eclipse.

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Friday, July 7, 2017

August 7, 2017 Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius - Updated

The month of August is eclipse season in 2017. The first eclipse, a lunar eclipse, occurs on August 7, 2017 at 15 degrees Aquarius . You will be affected by this eclipse if you have planets or points between 13 and 17 degrees of Leo and/or Aquarius. Most folks will simply experience the eclipse as a full Moon. Full Moons usually indicate a climax or coming to fruition of something, and we are normally more emotional during a full Moon. The emphasis is on creative self-expression through innovation, originality, and/or just being different or unique. There could be new innovations and discoveries. Friendships are important as are groups and group endeavors.

The lunar eclipse in Aquarius will affect the high tech. industry and astrology. Saturn trines the eclipse point in this chart. There could be some advances in these areas based on hard work and combining the conventional  and older methods with the unconventional and new and different methods. Mars is the lord of this eclipse and indicates a likelihood of aggressive actions. Social unrest seems likely, and war is not out of the question.

For the US, the eclipse falls in the third house in the eclipse chart over Washington DC. The lunar eclipse in Aquarius will affect the airline industry, the legal profession, higher education, communications/media, automobile industry, and the space program. Mars is the lord of this eclipse, so some type of aggressive action/conflict is likely to occur abroad. It’s a mixed bag here, because Saturn is in a trine aspect to the eclipse point but the Sun is involved in a YOD configuration with Pluto (in the second) and Neptune (in the fourth). Financial issues at home could cause disputes and conflicts with nations abroad.  

There could be power struggles with regard to preparing the nation’s budget and other financial concerns. The stock market could experience a downturn or some other type of transformation. Venus in the eighth could represent the death of a national statesman or perhaps a woman of financial prominence. Ceres there as well could indicate the death of a famous and beloved mother. Mercury in opposition to Neptune could indicate communications problems or difficulties as a result of fake news. It could indicate deception and secret plots, and there could be confusion at home about affairs abroad. Entertainment and the entertainment industry is favorably influenced by this eclipse. Originality is emphasized with the aid of tried and true methods. The old and the new mix well.  

This eclipse point is in opposition to Trump’s natal Pluto and transiting Mars. He could have problems and conflicts with persons of power. He should be very careful as the potential for violence cannot be excluded.

Update: A couple of other events should be noted for this time period. First, Uranus turns retrograde on August 2. Important events tend to happen when an outer planet changes direction. And, Trump will experience his third and final pass with regard to his Jupiter return on August 3 (the 4th on the East Coast). This may provide an element of protection during this period. But, Jupiter moves on and toward Scorpio after this.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

President Trump's Misogyny

Today, June 29, 2017, Trump posted a couple of misogynistic, disgusting, and extremely offensive tweets aimed at the co-host of Morning Joe on MSNBC, Mika Brzezinski. This is not the first time that his misogyny has surfaced in public and probably won’t be the last. But, what aspects symbolize this tirade? I’ll try to explain below.

First, the Moon is transiting the latter part of Virgo today and squares both his natal Sun and his natal Moon. This brings into focus his natal Sun/Moon opposition along with his issues with women. Transiting Saturn has retrograded back into an opposition to his natal Sun now. Transiting Venus is conjunct his MC (top of his chart), which squares his natal Mars, as well today. A little restraint could have made this aspect work out much better for him, but restrained does not describe Trump in any way, shape or form. In Trump’s natal chart, Venus is conjunct Saturn in Cancer. Transiting Uranus is still in a wide square to his natal Saturn/Venus. Sudden events bring this problem into focus.

Transiting Mercury has been close to transiting Mars the last couple of days (in Cancer), and this indicates fiery and sharp words in general. It’s been happening across the board, but Trump is the President of the United States. He should be above this sort of back and forth. It was not dignified or worthy of the Office of the President.  

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Harvey Milk - The Move To San Francisco

This Sunday is the Pride celebration in San Francisco, and I often find myself pondering the life of the late San Francisco Supervisor, Harvey Milk during this time of year. I looked to see if I could find out exactly when he moved to San Francisco. All I could find was that he moved from New York to San Francisco during the later part of 1972. One of the biographical sites stated that Harvey was bored with his life in New York, and so he decided to move to San Francisco. According to Astrodienst, Harvey was born on May 22, 1930 at 1:30 AM in Woodmere, New York.

Relocating to a city across the country is one of those major life events that we should have astrological signals or transits/aspects (if you will) indicating such an event. To do that, we look at the fourth house in a natal chart, the IC (cusp of the fourth house), planets in the fourth house, the Moon, and the ruler of the fourth house. Harvey Milk had a number of transits and aspects to his natal chart along with his progressed chart which makes Harvey’s move to San Francisco appear to make a great deal of sense astrologically. I will list of few of those signifiers below. This is not intended to be a complete chart analysis. The chart(s) are at the bottom of this report if you’d like to review them.

First off, Neptune had been transiting Harvey’s ninth house of distant matters. This is sort of an “over the rainbow” type of transit. This transit was also validated by his own natal Moon in Pisces. He probably found himself dreaming of beautiful distant places filled with beautiful people - a sort of utopia. Perhaps, that’s what he saw in San Francisco or imagined it to be - he would not have been the first to do so or the last.

Harvey’s natal Jupiter and natal Venus are located in his fourth house. His home would have needed to be a place of adventure and he would have needed to feel comfortable having his type of a romantic relationship (a gay relationship) there. In 1972, Saturn was transiting Gemini and his fourth house of home. In the later part of the year, it would have conjoined his natal Jupiter and squared his natal Moon (in Pisces). This transit would have signified his boredom with where he was, and it might have even depressed him a bit emotionally. With Saturn transiting one’s fourth house, the native is to focus on strengthening one’s home and making it secure and a place one would want to live. If there are problems in that regard, it’s understandable that the native might want to move to a place more personally acceptable. This must have been part of Harvey’s thinking at that time.

Transiting Uranus was in opposition to Harvey’s natal Uranus (an important astrological event we have when we turn 40-42). He probably felt like the first part of his life had passed, and that he’d better get busy and achieve those things that would make his life more personally fulfilling. In addition, transiting Uranus was in a square aspect to his natal Pluto (in the fifth house) and had opposed his natal Mars (in the second). These types of aspects would normally make one almost desperate to make some needed changes in one’s life. It’s likely that he felt an intense urge to make some transformative and even revolutionary changes. Transiting Uranus was also in a trine aspect to his natal Jupiter in the fourth house of home, indicating that he could probably make this change fairly suddenly and fairly smoothly.

Prolific Astrologer Robert Hand writes this about transiting Uranus in opposition to natal Uranus in his book, “Planets In Transit”:

This is one of the most important transits of your life. This is the crisis of middle age when you have to come to terms with a number of realizations that may not all be pleasant. For example, even though you are not very old, you are no longer young. Have you accomplished or begun to accomplish what you wanted when you were younger? If you have, was it an appropriate accomplishment for you? Are you happy with your close relationships, your marriage, your work?

What about Harvey’s progressed chart in later 1972? His progressed Moon had just opposed his natal Uranus, and transiting Uranus was passing back and forth over his progressed Moon. His progressed IC had moved to about 18 Cancer and conjunct his natal Pluto; and, with transiting Uranus and his progressed Moon squaring that point. His home life was due for some major transformation and change. In addition, a total solar eclipse hit his progressed IC on July 10, 1972. That eclipse was activated around November 1, 1972. My guess is that’s about the date that he moved.

So, Harvey Milk almost had to make some major changes in late 1972, and one of them was very likely to be a relocation and a new home. Happy Pride, everyone!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Miscellaneous Astrological Musings - June 2017

Olivia Newton-John:

Olivia Newton-John has cancelled her upcoming concert tour. The reason is that she has just been diagnosed with Cancer in the Sacrum. She had been suffering from lower back pain and thought it was sciatica. As it turns out, the back pain is caused by breast cancer which has metastasized to her sacrum. The sacrum is a triangular bone in the lower back. The lower back is ruled by Venus (which also rules her Sun sign, Libra). In her natal chart, Venus is conjunct Pluto in Leo and squared Mars and Chiron in Scorpio.

The breast is ruled by the Moon. Her natal Moon is conjunct Uranus in Cancer and squared her Sun in Libra. The lunar eclipses of March, 2016 and September, 2015 fell opposite and conjunct her natal Sun.

Olivia is very committed to her career and works very hard. Her natal Sun is conjunct Asteroid Vesta.

As a decades-long fan, I wish for Ms Newton-John a speedy and full recovery.

A Friend’s Fourth House Cusp In Gemini:

We tend to want to have two of whatever is represented by which house is on Gemini in our charts. A friend of mine has Gemini on his fourth house. He has an apartment in San Francisco and also owns a home on a farm in the North Central part of California. He spends a few days in San Francisco to work, and then he spends the rest of his week on the farm.

Loretta Lynn:

Country singer, Loretta Lynn recently suffered a stroke. She is expected to recover fully, but she may not be out of danger even if she does.

In her natal chart, she has Mercury, Uranus, and Sun conjunct in late Aries. Transiting Uranus has been activating these planets in her chart by conjunction for quite a while now. Her natal Pluto in Cancer is squaring them from Cancer. Her natal Mars (which rules the head) is conjunct her natal Mercury, but is located in the earlier degrees on Aires. Her solar arc Saturn is conjunct her natal Sun.

Her natal Moon (rules the brain) is in early Leo, and she has natal Saturn in opposition from Aquarius. Her progressed Moon has entered her first house and conjunct her natal Ascendant. Her progressed Moon is in opposition to her progressed Lunar Node.

I wish for Loretta Lynn a speedy and full recovery.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Astrology And Politics: Trump's U-Turns

The media - at least MSNBC - has been going on and on about President Trump changing directions on a number of fronts. Most of the changes are in regard to foreign policy issues. He has changed his views and the way he behaves with regard to China, Syria, NATO, North Korea, and Russia (debateable). What astrological aspects or transits would explain this?

The Sun (Trump’s ruling planet - rules his Ascendant’s sign) is conjunct transiting Uranus on April 13, 2017 (exact at 10:30 PM PST). The Sun/Uranus combo is transiting his ninth house of foreign affairs. Uranus is the planet of change and the unexpected. The duo (Sun/Uranus) is squaring Trump’s natal Saturn and Venus in his eleventh house. Trump is changing his long-term goals, and his relationships are changing as well (Steve Bannon). It’s unclear as to what the the ramifications to the nation are of these changes, however they are likely serious and many.

Transiting Mars (in Taurus) is conjunct Trump’s MC (the top of his chart - his profession and public reputation). The United States dropped a MOAB bomb in Afghanistan on April 13 in pursuit of ISIS for the first time in history. He has also ordered a navy fleet to head toward North Korea. Trump’s threats could be serious and real.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Update On March 23, 2016 Lunar Eclipse

I got a facebook notification on 3/21/17 that a year earlier I had posted my analysis of the lunar eclipse of March 23, 2016 in early Libra. I posted it as a one year ago today post and then I read it. The Sun is now activating this eclipse. Let's look at a couple of comments I made in that post. A year ago I wrote:

For the US, the motion picture industry, shipping, and healthcare are affected. This eclipse indicates increased pressure on healthcare, workers, hospitals, prisons, and death rates and consequences as a result of the t-square in mutable signs. The eclipse point squares Jupiter and Venus in the US natal chart. This points to trouble within the judiciary as the number of court vacancies continue to rise as a result of the US Senate leadership’s intransigence. It also points to possible problems with financial markets and/or the nation’s budget.

Let’s take a look and break this down. First we have this

For the US, the motion picture industry … are affected.

Carrie Fisher died on December 27, 2017 as the Sun was activating this eclipse by square aspect. Then her mother, Debbie Reynolds, died December 28. Asteroid Ceres and Chiron are conjunct and in the twelfth house of death and loss in the chart for this eclipse. They both are in Neptune ruled Pisces - the sign that rules the motion picture industry.

Healthcare is also mentioned in that paragraph:

The House is scheduled to vote on Trumpcare on March 23, 2017 as the Sun is exactly opposite the eclipse point. If this bill passes, it will certainly “increased pressure on healthcare, workers, hospitals.” Fortunately, it does not look good for passage at this time.

The US judiciary is mentioned:

This points to trouble within the judiciary as the number of court vacancies continue to rise as a result of the US Senate leadership’s intransigence.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is holding hearings for Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch, this week. Justice Scalia’s seat has been vacant for thirteen months now. President Obama had nominated Merick Garland, however Senate Republicans refused to hold hearings or vote on his nominee.

And then there is this: “It also points to possible problems with financial markets.”

On March 21, 2007, the Dow Jones Industrial Average had its biggest one day loss of the year so far. The NASDAQ and the S & P 500 had fairly large one day losses as well.


Monday, February 20, 2017

February 26, 2017 Solar Eclipse In Pisces

February, 2017 is eclipse season. We’ve already experienced a lunar eclipse in Leo on February 10. Now, we will experience a solar eclipse on February 26, and it occurs at 8 degrees  and 12 minutes Pisces. Eclipses generally affect the masses - events that affect most people in a large area or even worldwide. Since this eclipse occurred in Pisces, this eclipse could affect health issues and organizations that deliver health care and also matters of a spiritual nature and/or the Divine. This eclipse could indicate major events at sea or in and around large bodies of water.

For the US, this eclipse will affect our friends. Neptune is the lord of this eclipse, and nations which we have considered longtime friends and allies will be unsure of and/or confused about our current policies and our continued support. Mars and Uranus are conjunct in the twelfth house of this chart over Washington DC, and surprise and unexpected sneak attacks are not out of the question because this can be a volatile combination. The Mars/Uranus conjunction squares Pluto in the ninth house of foreign nations and could add to the danger. These aspects could also indicate airline disasters or other difficult issues with regard to the airline industry. Jupiter opposes Mars/Uranus and squares Pluto from the sixth house of health and work in this chart (which sets up a t-square in cardinal signs). There will be continued controversy with regard to health issues and what to do with and about the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Venus in the twelfth house in this chart indicates that diplomacy and compromise are missing. This placement also indicates major events with regard to the creative arts, Hollywood, and the motion picture industry.

As always, this eclipse will affect you personally if you have planets and/or points conjunct or opposite the eclipse point (only a two degree orb). Those planets or points between 6 and 10 degrees of Virgo or Pisces are included. Eclipses are Uranian in nature in that what happens is unexpected, and you might not even be certain as to what is happening for six months. For a solar eclipse, it takes about a year for the event to completely mature. Whether the eclipse is experienced as positive or negative depends on the planet that is conjoined, it’s place in your chart, the condition that the planet is in, and whether and how you might have prepared for what is happening (i.e. free will). If you’d like to know if you have planets or points that fall into this range, let me know. For most people, it will be experienced simply as a New Moon type event. Those are generally felt as the start of something new or a new beginning.

A number of previous eclipses are activated in February as well, which means that this could be a very active and eventful period of time. We may need to fasten our seatbelts.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

February 10, 2017 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to 1R – Awful

As the weekend begins on Friday, the Moon is transiting the sign of down to creative and dramatic Leo. Let your inner child out to play and see what happens. Transiting Mercury (in Aquarius) sextiles transiting Venus (in Aries) early in the afternoon on Friday. We experience a Full Moon in Leo later that same afternoon. And, we also experience a lunar eclipse in Leo at 4:44 PM PST (on the West Coast). This will likely bring certain matters to a culmination. Folks are emotional. The Sun (in Aquarius) trines transiting Jupiter (in Libra) early in the morning on Saturday. We experience good fortune and growth through our generosity, uniqueness, and relationship with others. Do you feel lucky today. The Moon enters detail oriented Virgo early in the morning the same day. The Moon trines transiting Pluto (in Capricorn) mid afternoon on Sunday. We end the weekend in a detail oriented and intense and/or sexual mood.

Aries – Someone pays you a friendly compliment on Friday, which sends your spirits soaring. You can barely hold your inner child inside. Why even try. Later, put on your dancing shoes and head out the door for some TGIF fun. You’re the bell or the bull of the ball.

You could benefit in some way from your partner’s good fortune on Saturday. While you’re still in a playful mood, you later discover that there is some work that needs to get done. Dig in so that you can go out and have some more fun tonight.

Continue to cross off things on your to do list on Sunday. You might want to get some exercise as well. An older relative is intense late in the afternoon. Call it an early night and get some rest. Next week: Defer to others.  RRRR

Taurus – A boss, higher up, or someone that you hold in high esteem has some encouraging or complimentary words on Friday. Push comes to shove on the home front with the eclipse on Friday. You’ll work it out.

You could encounter a lucky break or some good fortune with regard to a work or health issue. You’ll want to go out and have some fun later in the evening. Your playful mood and manner is impressive and others enjoy being around you in this mood.

Relax and let your hair down on Sunday. You’ll want to go out and have a bit more fun before the weekend ends later on. Next week: Back to work, and you have plenty of it to complete. RRRRR

Gemini – Reach out to someone at a distance on Friday. You’ll be glad you did as you’ll probably have a lot to talk about and share. Your dramatic communications style is sure to please this person, and you’ll enjoy his or her interest.

Hang out with neighbors and friends on Saturday. Catch up on all the news, and speak your mind. The feedback you get should be quite interesting. Head home early.

Stay close to home on Sunday. Curl up with the newspaper or a good book. Someone interesting might want to spend some time with you later. Invite this person over to your place if you’re up to it and interested. Next week: Let your inner child out to play.  RRRR

Cancer – A financial issue comes to a head on Friday. You might need to review your financial situation and make appropriate revisions. A boss or higher up compliments you or praises your accomplishments. That should make you smile.

You will probably have a lot to say on Saturday. Return phone calls and answer email messages. Hang out with neighbors and friends later. Relax and enjoy yourself. You could get lucky with regard to a home or family issue.

Hang out with neighbors and friends again on Sunday. You’ll have more to share and discuss. A partner or significant other moves in close later in the afternoon. It appears that sexual passion is in the air. Enjoy. Next week: Happy at home.  RRRRR

Leo – You could feel a great deal of pressure with regard to a personal issue on Friday. Nevertheless, go for what you want because the Moon is beaming down on your sign. Get together with a partner and go out and paint the town red.

A communications or travel issue or project gets a green light on Saturday. A neighbor or sibling gets lucky and it could rub off on you. Pay bills later.

You’ll need to handle some financial issues on Sunday. It could be that you need to get your tax documents in order. Next week: Speak your mind.  RRRRR

Virgo – While you might have a message or two to deliver on the job today, you might want to otherwise lay low for the day on Friday. Head home early if you can. If attached, your significant other might be in a romantic mood.

You’re likely up and moving very early on Saturday. Go for what you want today as the Moon is transiting your sign. For those working today, a job promotion with more money for your hard work might be awaiting you. If so, go out and celebrate tonight.

The weekend ends on Sunday with a bit of intensity with a loved one or a child. Sexual feeling could be twirling in the ethers for some. Go for more of what you want  during the evening hours. Next week: Dealing with money issues.  RRRRR

Libra – You’ll be dealing with groups of people on Friday. Hold meeting early on. A romantic interest is likely in the mood for some sweet talk on Friday; or is it pillow talk? Go out for some TGIF fun first.

A romance blossoms or a creative project grows into a success on Saturday for you. After a bit of celebrating, you might want to vanish and consider your next move or where you want to go from here.

Lay low on Sunday and rest up for your big week ahead. Sleep in and then read the local Sunday paper. You enjoy this quiet time more than many signs. Next week: Wish upon a star and then go for it.  RRRR

Scorpio – A coworker pays you a heartfelt compliment on Friday. It appears that you are in charge and pulling even more than your share of the weight. And, no one will find you complaining either. Relax and let your hair down after work.

A generous and well respected person provides behind the scenes assistance to you in a home and/or family related issue on Saturday. Express your gratitude to this person. Find your friends during the evening hours. Go out and have a ball.

Your friends are the focus on Sunday as well. Get together with them and enjoy some good company and conversation. One of them might be sexually attracted to you. What you do about it is up to you. Next week: Lay low or take a well deserved vacation.  RRRRR

Sagittarius – Take a look at the big picture at work on Friday. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you see. Later, you might be looking for a new adventure, and someone utters sweet words into your ear. What do you wish for?

Your words and/or the way your communicate could help you to realize a wish or dream on Saturday. There is opportunity in the air. Take charge of a project or event during the evening hours.

You’ll likely be dealing with various responsibilities on Sunday as well. Put your best foot forward as many eyes are on you. You might make some extra money as well. Next week: Find your friends. RRRR

Capricorn – Your words can smooth any rough waters on the home front on Friday. Peace will likely rein as a result. If attached, spend some quality time with your significant other during the evening hours. If single, you could get to know someone a bit better at a TGIF party.

A generous boss or higher up could provide additional benefits to you through your professional efforts on Saturday. Go for it as you’re feeling lucky. Later, look for a new and/or different restaurant to have dinner at. Take your sweetie.

You might want to take a short day trip on Sunday. Getting away could refresh you, and new horizons beckon. Take an overview about the situation and then decide. Next week: A force to behold.  RRRRR

Aquarius – You might want to pay a neighbor or sibling a compliment on Friday. This person will likely return the favor. Others want your attention during the evening hours, so get together and go out for some TGIF entertainment. Let someone else decide where and when.

A foreign matter or event is fortunate for you on Saturday. It could also be that someone exotic or of foreign nationality does a favor for you. Later in the day, someone interesting wants to move in close and personal. If single, get to know this person a bit better.

Spend Sunday with your sweetie if you’re attached. Relax and unwind, at any rate. You might need to take a look at partnership finances or tax and/or insurance issues. Next week: Think about taking a long overdue vacation. RRRRR   

Pisces -- You have quite a bit of work to get done on Friday before you can unwind and enjoy the weekend. Dig in, and you’ll get it done quicker than you think. Someone gives you a hint as to how to increase your income. Later, head home and get some rest.

Others want to include you in their activities on Saturday. Make it your pleasure and join in. A tax or insurance issue pays off nicely today. You could also get lucky with regard to a sexual encounter. If so, vanish and let others guess.

Continue to defer to others on Sunday. Fortunately, you’re one of the signs that finds this easy to do, and it works well and pays off today. A friend and a partner have an intense discussion. Next week: Spending time with someone important to you.  RRRRR