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August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse In Leo - The Great American Eclipse

August, 2017 is eclipse season. We’ll experienced a lunar eclipse in Aquarius on August 7. And, then we will experience a solar eclipse on August 21, and it occurs at 28 degrees and 50 minutes Leo. Eclipses generally affect the masses - events that affect most people in a large area or even worldwide. Since this eclipse occurs in Leo, this eclipse could affect leaders, heads of state, and royalty. Mars is the lord of this eclipse and indicates aggressive actions, violence, and perhaps even war. Aggressive action aimed at these leaders cannot be dismissed. However, Uranus in trine aspect could indicate unexpected and perhaps positive outcomes. A younger male leader could somehow benefit.

This eclipse will affect the nation quite strongly, because this eclipse will be visible across the continental USA from Oregon through South Carolina. It follows a fairly narrow swath between those two states, but much of the nation will see at least a partial eclipse. Where I live in San Francisco, we will experience 80% of the total eclipse. Eclipses are much stronger where they are visible.

For the US, this eclipse will affect our relationship with foreign nations, religious issues, higher education issues, the airline industry and foreign travel, and matters of a legal nature. The Congress is involved in that it creates the law. Various controversial bills will be pushed hard. It’s unclear whether any of them will be successful, however there will be surprises and if any bills make it into law, it could happen suddenly and surprisingly. Mars in the ninth house indicates aggressive actions abroad. The entertainment industry is affected - most likely in a favorable and positive way. There is some chaos, however, as Asteroid Eris falls in this house and conjunct Asteroid America.

Jupiter is square and Pluto is opposite Venus and Ceres in this eclipse chart, and Venus falls in the eighth house of death. This could indicate the death of a prominent female and mother (since Venus/Ceres is in Cancer here). Venus is conjunct Mercury in the USA’s natal chart, so it could be a media star. Venus ruled Taurus is on the sixth house in this chart, so our heath care system could be eliminated or totally transformed. There will definitely be power struggles related to health care legislation. There could also be economic losses since Pluto resides in the second house in this chart.

Mercury is retrograde and in opposition to Neptune in this chart. There will likely be more problems and confusion related to fake news. There could also be accidents at sea.

This solar eclipse falls on President Trump’s natal Mars and his natal Ascendant. Therefore, this eclipse is directly related to him. In this Astrologer’s mind, Trump has not dealt with Mars-type issues well in his life. This could be because Mars falls in his twelfth house but conjunct his Ascendant. He doesn’t seem aware of how his anger issues and his aggressive actions toward others undermine his objectives. Nevertheless, he does have the opportunity to do something unique, surprising, positive, and successful. My guess is that he will sabotage himself. The eclipse occurs in square aspect to his MC and progressed Vertex, so whatever happens is not likely to increase his popularity among the public. This eclipse could indicate his death, however I consider that to be one of the less likely scenarios. A fall from grace is more likely.

As always, this eclipse will affect you personally if you have planets and/or points conjunct or opposite the eclipse point (only a two degree orb). Those planets or points between 26 degrees Leo or Aquarius and 1 degrees of Virgo or Pisces are included. Eclipses are Uranian in nature in that what happens is unexpected, and you might not even be certain as to what is happening for six months. For a solar eclipse, it takes about a year for the event to completely mature. Whether the eclipse is experienced as positive or negative depends on the planet that is conjoined (or opposed), it’s place in your chart, the condition that the planet is in, and whether and how you might have prepared for what is happening (i.e. free will). If you’d like to know if you have planets or points that fall into this range, let me know. For most people, it will be experienced simply as a New Moon type event. Those are generally felt as the start of something new or a new beginning.

From expert Mundane Astrologer Celeste Teal:

As you may know, this is being called the Great American Eclipse because the eclipse will be visible for a wide swath of the USA. In a rare event, this is the first Total Solar Eclipse in the country since 1979 and the eclipse shadow will travel from the Northwest coast to the Southeast coast in a matter of hours.

Eclipses have greater effects in the countries where they are visible. Of course animals are apt to become temporarily disoriented when the light turns to darkness at midday, but eclipse effects can range from increased earthquake activity to decreased crop production. This will be a learning experience for astrologers and a memorable event for all.

With this eclipse falling in Leo, it will stir sensational events. Fire sign eclipses can trigger war. An eclipse in Leo sometimes signals the threat of death, downfall or overthrow of some great political leader or royal figure. President Clinton was impeached following a Leo Solar Eclipse that fell within three degrees of his natal Sun in 1998.

Often, it is when one of the planets in the sky moves through the eclipse degree later on that sets off events indicated by the planet formations at the time of the eclipse.

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  1. Good article. What might I expect since my Sun is 1 degree Aquarius in my first house? and Sun is ruler of 8th house.

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