Friday, July 7, 2017

August 7, 2017 Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius

The month of August is eclipse season in 2017. The first eclipse, a lunar eclipse, occurs on August 7, 2017 at 15 degrees Aquarius . You will be affected by this eclipse if you have planets or points between 13 and 17 degrees of Leo and/or Aquarius. Most folks will simply experience the eclipse as a full Moon. Full Moons usually indicate a climax or coming to fruition of something, and we are normally more emotional during a full Moon. The emphasis is on creative self-expression through innovation, originality, and/or just being different or unique. There could be new innovations and discoveries. Friendships are important as are groups and group endeavors.

The lunar eclipse in Aquarius will affect the high tech. industry and astrology. Saturn trines the eclipse point in this chart. There could be some advances in these areas based on hard work and combining the conventional  and older methods with the unconventional and new and different methods. Mars is the lord of this eclipse and indicates a likelihood of aggressive actions. Social unrest seems likely, and war is not out of the question.

For the US, the eclipse falls in the ninth house in the eclipse chart over Washington DC. The lunar eclipse in Aquarius will affect the airline industry, the legal profession, higher education, and the space program. Mars is the lord of this eclipse, so some type of aggressive action/conflict is likely to occur abroad. It’s a mixed bag here, because Saturn is in a trine aspect to the eclipse point but the eclipse point is involved in a YOD configuration with Pluto (in the second) and Neptune (in the fourth). Financial issues at home could cause disputes and conflicts with nations abroad.  

There could be power struggles with regard to preparing the nation’s budget and other financial concerns. The stock market could experience a downturn or some other type of transformation. Venus in the eighth could represent the death of a national statesman or perhaps a woman of financial prominence. Ceres there as well could indicate the death of a famous and beloved mother. Mercury in opposition to Neptune could indicate communications problems or difficulties as a result of fake news. It could indicate deception and secret plots, and there could be confusion at home about affairs abroad. Entertainment and the entertainment industry is favorably influenced by this eclipse. Originality is emphasized with the aid of tried and true methods. The old and the new mix well.  

This eclipse point (along with Mars) is conjunct Trump’s natal Pluto. He could have problems and conflicts with persons of power. He should be very careful as the potential for violence cannot be excluded.

Update: A couple of other events should be noted for this time period. First, Uranus turns retrograde on August 2. Important events tend to happen when an outer planet changes direction. And, Trump will experience his third and final pass with regard to his Jupiter return on August 3 (the 4th on the East Coast). This may provide an element of protection during this period. But, Jupiter moves on and toward Scorpio after this.

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