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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January 27, 2017 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to 1R – Awful

The Moon is transiting the sign of friendship oriented and humanitarian Aquarius as the weekend begins on Friday. Our freedom is important to us today, and our more unique qualities surface. Transiting Venus (in Pisces) squares transiting Saturn (in Sagittarius) early in the morning on Friday. Some folks could be a bit down in the dumps and/or experiencing some relationship problems. Late afternoon (on the West Coast), we experience the New Moon in Aquarius and we get a chance at a new beginning in some way. The Moon trines transiting Jupiter (in Libra) during the evening hours on Saturday. There is a sense of joy and relationship bliss in the air. The Moon moves into sensitive and intuitive Pisces early in the morning on Sunday. We tend to intuit information then. However, transiting Mercury (in Capricorn) conjoins transiting Pluto just after Noon on Sunday. At that point, we want the truth and nothing but the truth.

Aries – The New Moon in Aquarius on Friday brings you an opportunity for a new start with regard to friendships; perhaps a new and very special friend. A partner might be out of sorts early in the day. Be understanding. Have some TGIF fun later in the evening.

Your more unique qualities are on display on Saturday, and others seem drawn to you. Let the good times roll during the evening hours. Wishes and dreams are realizable.

The words of a boss, higher up, or parent are intense and direct on Sunday. They could transform you and/or others. Listen carefully. Turn in early after a very pleasant weekend. Next week: Lay low early on, but you’re in the spotlight by midweek.  RRRRR

Taurus – New opportunities or new starts with your career open up to you as a result of the Full Moon on Friday. Or, it could be your relationship with a parent or someone you respect enormously.

Take the lead in an important project or event on Saturday. You are a force to behold and put your best foot forward. All eyes are on you.

Find your friends on Sunday, and hang out. Let your hair down and relax as the weekend comes to a close. Your words are intense and convey deep analysis. Next week: Dealing with groups of people and then it’s time to vanish.  RRRR

Gemini – You can get a new start with a foreign issue or a friendship on Friday. A relationship with a boss, higher up, or parent could trouble you a bit, however. It’ll all work out. Look for a new place to hang out during the evening hours. Some of you might want to put on your dancing shoes.

Your friends are energetic and inspiring on Saturday, so you are quite unlikely to get bored. Reach out to someone at a distance. The evening hours look lively. Enjoy yourself to the max.

You’ll probably need to take the lead with regard to a project or event on Sunday. This is true whether you’re working or at home. Others look up to you, so put your best foot forward. Next week: A force to be reckoned with.  RRRRR

Cancer – A close relationship is highlighted for you on Friday. Some get a new start or beginning. A legal matter or an issue at a distance could have you concerned, however. Togetherness is the theme for you during the evening hours.

Spend some quality time with someone that you deem special on Saturday. A parent might have a unique and inspiring idea. Think about it. Get together with someone you like and be a couple during the evening hours.

Take an overview on Sunday. A look at the big picture can give you some idea of where to go and what to do next. Perhaps take in a new movie during the evening hours. Next week: Take a walk on the wild side. RRRR

Leo – One on one relationships dominate your day on Friday. Others want to be with you as your popularity reaches a new high. You’ll be smiling, but how do you keep everyone happy? You may need to set your priorities.   Have lots of TGIF fun during the evening hours.

Continue to defer on Saturday, and let the party continue. Partners and new friends delight you today. There is adventure and optimism in the air during the evening hours.

If you are single, you might want to get to know someone interesting a bit better. If attached, spend some quality time with your sweetie. This time spent together will help to keep the love fires burning. Next week: More quality one on one time and then take an overview of the situation.  RRRRR

Virgo – A health or work matter (with a coworker?) gets a new beginning on Friday. This is a good time to start a new exercise routine or join a gym. A partner or significant other could be out of sorts, however.

Continue to work on your to do list on Saturday. Your efficiency and effectiveness could not be better today. Let your hair down and relax during the evening hours.

Others would like your attention on Sunday. Make it your pleasure and defer. A partner or significant other will certainly appreciate this time with you. Hang out with friends later. Next week: More quality time with someone special. RRRR

Libra – A creative or love/romantic matter gets new life on Friday this weekend. And, this could make your heart sing. You might need to deal with a minor health issue, however. Put on your dancing shoes for an exciting good time during the evening hours.

You’re having too much fun to allow the party to end on Saturday. An energetic and passionate partner or loved one inspires you. You might have some words of wisdom later.

You learn on Sunday that parties were not meant to last. That’s right - life is not a party and there are routine matters that need to be taken care of. You’ll need to deal with some of those matter today. Next week: More work and then others want your attention.  RRRRR

Scorpio – You might want to stay close to home on Friday. Work from home if you can. Home and family issues tend to be your top priority today. A child or loved one could be down in the dumps, which could have you concerned. It’s temporary.

Continue to stay close to home on Saturday, although what happens tends to be quite positive. You’re protective of your family, so this makes you happy. Give some attention to an older family member who could be celebrating a birthday.

Yesterday you were happy at home, but on Sunday it seems that you cannot contain your playfulness. Get out and about for some last minute weekend fun. Others love being around you when you’re in this mood. Next week: Having fun and then back to work.  RRRR

Sagittarius – You probably have a lot to say this Friday. Answer email messages and return phone calls. Your twitter feed and/or your facebook timeline seems to be buzzing as well. A family member might be down in the dumps. Help out if you can.

Hang out with neighbors and friends on Saturday. Speak your mind and let others know what you think. They’ll respect you for speaking out even if they don’t agree. Who knows? You might change some minds.

You’re happy at home on Sunday. Relax and perhaps read the paper. If attached, it might be nice to go out for brunch, but stay close to home. Next week: Work from home if you can. You become more playful as the week progresses.  RRRRR

Capricorn – You will likely need to deal with financial issues on Friday. Update the budget and pay bills first. You don’t always have a great deal of confidence in the love arena, but try to understand that you do have much to offer. New beginnings are possible today.

Money issues continue to occupy your mind and your emotions on Saturday. You have a unique ability to come up with solutions than others miss and/or don’t see. You might have to act quickly.

You may have some important messages to convey on Sunday. Speak your mind. Later, hang out with neighbors and friends. It’s time to relax some. Next week: State your case and then head on home.  RRRR

Aquarius – You’re in the limelight on Friday as the New Moon resides in your sign. What would make you smile? It’s time to go for it. Wish upon a star as new beginnings and opportunities open up for you. Head out the door during the evening for some TGIF fun.

It’s more of the same on Saturday. Yes, go for what you want. Your playful manner says it all. Think about taking a winter vacation or holiday. It will refresh you and it might even be a learning experience as well.

After all the weekend fun, you might want to check your finances to make sure that your money has not evaporated on Sunday. You’ll be fine, but you’ll need to be careful. Next week: Work on your budget and then speak your mind. Others will listen.  RRRRR

Pisces -- Lay low on Friday. Perhaps you are emotionally involved with spiritual issues or helping someone less fortunate than yourself. Know that your efforts are important even if no one notices currently. Your time is coming.

Continue to lay low on Saturday. Nevertheless, others are beginning to wonder where you are. We won’t tell if you don’t. Wherever you are, we suspect that you have a twinkle in your eye.

The Moon enters your sign today. You know what that means, right? Yes, it’s time to go for whatever would make you jump with joy. Add a little glamour and/or magic. You know exactly what to do. Next week: Having a ball; pay bills by midweek.   RRR

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January 20, 2017 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to 1R – Awful

The Moon is transiting the sign of intense and seductive Scorpio as the weekend begins on Friday. Our mood is intense and sexual passions are high. Transiting Venus (in Pisces) is in a sextile aspect to transiting Pluto (in Capricorn) very early on Friday morning. Romantic relationships are both practical and emotionally intense under this influence. How deep is your love? The Moon trines transiting Mars (in Pisces) late on Saturday afternoon, adding sexual passion to the mix. The Moon enters fun loving and high minded Sagittarius very early on Sunday. Our mood lightens up some and we’re in the mood for a new adventure or to learn something new. The Sun ingressed into Aquarius on Thursday this week. Our more eccentric qualities surface in the next month, and friendship becomes even more important to us.

Aries – You probably feel a sense of psychological and sexual intensity on Friday this weekend. Spending quality time with someone special seems like the thing to do. A relationship could  deepen for single rams.

On Saturday, it’s more of the same for you; except that there is an added passionate sexual tone. You’ll likely be pleased by what happens.

On Saturday, you’re more in the mood for different adventures. Look for the new and different, and add a bit of glamour. Next week: More adventures and then time spent with friends. RRRRR

Taurus – Others want your attention on Friday of this weekend. You might be surprised by how popular you have become. Add some romance during the evening hours.

You may need to sort through all your invitations on Saturday. Choose wisely, but you’ll likely have a ball nevertheless. Put on your dancing shoes later for a night out on the town.

If you’re single, you might want to get to know someone interesting a bit better on Sunday. Those attached should enjoy special times with your significant other. Call it an early night as it looks as if things get a bit confusing later in the evening. Next week: Take an overview of the situation by midweek.  RRRRR

Gemini – It looks like you’ll have quite a bit of work to do on Friday of this weekend. Or, perhaps you’re simply checking things off your to do list. Someone intriguing may want your attention later. What you do in this situation is up to you.

Continue to check things off your to do list on Saturday. You might have a minor health issue to deal with as well. If not, head to the gym later for some exercise.

Others want your presence and attention on Sunday. You simply will not be able to put them off any longer. Think about it though - isn’t it nice to be so popular and wanted? Sure it is! Next week: Let the party begin.  RRRR

Cancer – Whether you have to work or not on Friday, your playfulness is likely to surface. We all need to let our inner child out to play on occasion. It’s your turn to do so this weekend. Enjoy yourself to the max. During the evening, it’s TGIF.

The party is where you are on Saturday of this weekend. Add some romance and passion to the mix, and your day will be perfect.

It seems that parties weren’t meant to last as you discover that there are some things that you need to get done on Sunday. But, all and all, you have nothing to complain about with this weekend. Next week: Back to work and then sort through invitations.  RRRRR

Leo – You might feel as if you haven’t spent enough time at home lately. Well, this weekend is perfect for doing just that in your case. Home and family is where your heart is on Friday even if there are other things that you must do first.

You continue to enjoy your home and spending time with family on Saturday. Or, some lions might be moving into a new home. Either way, home is where it’s at for you.

Finally on Sunday, you start to feel that itch to go out and play. Go out and have a ball before the weekend comes to a close. Next week: You’re playful as ever, but you’ll need to get some work done toward the end of the week.  RRRR

Virgo – You’ll have a lot to say on Friday of this weekend. Hang out with friends and neighbors and let them know your views on a matter. They will appreciate the input and/or feedback.

Answer email messages and return phone calls on Saturday. You might want to also check out your Facebook timeline. Send out a tweet if you need to get a message out to your many followers.

You’ll likely be more in the mood to stay home and rest up for the following week on Sunday. Your family will enjoy having you around a bit more. Next week: More time at home, and then it’s time for some fun.  RRRRR

Libra – You will probably need to deal with some financial issues on Friday of this weekend. Pay bills and balance the bank statement before making plans today. Later in the evening, have some TGIF fun.

You might want to revise the budget moving forward on Saturday. You’ll feel better and more secure when you’ve gotten these financial issues settled once and for all. Remember that you have much to offer. Romance sizzles this weekend.

Hang out with friends and neighbors on Sunday. Relax and have some fun before the weekend comes to a close. Others may have questions for you. You provide some answers freely - for now. Next week: You’ll have plenty to say even if at home.  RRRR

Scorpio – This is your best weekend of the month, Scorpio. There will be passion, relationship intensity, and glamour. Go for what you want on Friday as the Moon beams down on your sign. Happy TGIF during the evening hours.

It’s more of the same on Saturday. Go for more of what you want and enjoy yourself with friends and lovers. It’s all good!

You may need to take an account of your finances on Sunday. Have you spent a bit too much money the last few days? Only you can answer that, but at least you’ve had lots of fun. Next week: Work on a new budget and then catch up on your correspondence.  RRRRR

Sagittarius – You will likely want to lay low this weekend. Whatever events are occurring, you just don’t seem to want to get involved. On the other hand, some very interesting things could be going on behind the scenes. We won’t tell if you don’t.

Continue to lay low on Saturday. It could be that you’re not up to snuff today. Whatever it is, it will pass fairly quickly.

On Sunday, it’s your turn to shine as the Moon enters your sign. Get out and about and strut your stuff. What would make you smile? Go for it now. Next week: You’re still in the spotlight, but work on your finances midweek.  RRR

Capricorn – You’ll be dealing with large organizations and groups of people on Friday. Hold meetings and state your case on Friday. Join in with your friends during the evening hours for some TGIF celebrations. Romantic relationships are intense, which probably pleases you.

You most likely are continuing to enjoy yourself socializing with friends. Others enjoy seeing you this way, so try to do this more often.

After all the fun of the weekend, you may decide to vanish on Sunday. Where you go and with whom is the question. Others are certain to be curious. Next week: Dealing with more behind the scenes matters, and then wish upon a star.  RRRRR

Aquarius – You may need to take charge of a special project or event on Friday of this weekend. You’re in charge and a force to be dealt with. But, add some fun and romance into the mix later.

You’re still in charge on Saturday. Take charge and finish off the deal or event. All eyes are on you, so put your best foot forward.

Your friends want your attention on Sunday. Make it your pleasure, and go out and enjoy yourself before the weekend comes to a close. Romance and sexual intimacy can be found behind the scenes later on. Happy birthday to all water bearers. Next week: More fun with your friends and then get some R & R later in the week.  RRRR

Pisces -- Take a look at the big picture on Friday. You may or may not like what you see, but you’ll be better able to deal with whatever comes down the pike if you do. Have some TGIF fun later on.

Look for a different kind of adventure on Saturday - perhaps a hot and sizzling romantic fling with a foreigner (if you’re single). If you’re attached, your significant other may have some interesting ideas.

Responsibility comes calling on Sunday. You may need to take the lead with regard to a work assignment or event. No one can do this as you can and you have plenty of energy at your disposal, so go for it. Next week: A force to be reckoned with, and then fun with friends.  RRRRR

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Astrology And Politics: Written Laws And Unwritten Laws

I’ve been thinking a great deal about written laws (Jupiter) vs. unwritten laws (Neptune) as it pertains to our current political situation and our current PEOTUS (now POTUS) Donald Trump. Trump has been an agent of change as is indicated in his natal chart with natal Uranus conjunct natal Sun. One of those changes is that he has pretty much ignored many unwritten laws or rules on his way to the White House. He has ignored the long standing tradition of presidential candidates disclosing their federal income tax returns to the public. The public (for the most part) believes this to be the law, but it’s not (federal or state - that could be changing). Last year during the presidential campaigns, we experienced transiting Jupiter (the law) opposite transiting Neptune (unwritten law), and with transiting Saturn (reality) squaring both from Sagittarius. In Trump’s natal chart, Mercury is in a square aspect to Neptune. Trump’s natal Mercury is conjunct the nation’s natal Jupiter. The nation’s progressed Sun is in Pisces, and transiting Neptune has been conjunct the nation’s progressed Sun (leader) as it transits close to eleven and a half degrees Pisces.

And, now Trump is threatening to break written laws (because the POTUS is not subject to certain conflicts of interests laws, according to Trump). He is pretty much planning to break the Emoluments Clause in the US Constitution. Most presidents-elect divest of their financial investments - ones that could cause conflicts of interest with performing the duties of POTUS unencumbered by personal financial interests. Transiting Pluto is now squaring Trump’s natal Jupiter. This aspect can give one the idea or impression that he or she is above the law. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, because transiting Saturn is also in opposition to Trump’s natal Sun right now. We don’t usually get away with breaking rules or laws under such astrological configurations.  

Friday, January 13, 2017

Miscellaneous Astrological Musings - 01/13/17

Ft. Lauderdale International Airport Shooting:

Just before 1:00 PM EST on January 6, 2017, a young man opened fire in the luggage claim area of the Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport. Five people were killed, and six others were wounded. The following are a few observations that I’ve made after looking at the chart of the event.

The Sun/Pluto (death in the light of day) conjunction on that date is found in the ninth house of the event chart - the house of air travel and airports. It is also the house of foreign or out of state people. All of the victims in this shooting were from out of state; there were no local victims. Most were there on vacation and were about to embark on various cruises. Transiting Uranus is squaring the Sun/Pluto conjunction from the twelfth house of death and loss. The attack occurred suddenly and without warning.

Saturn is found in the eighth house of death. All of the victims were older persons with the youngest person’s age at 57. Transiting Mars in Pisces is in a square aspect to Saturn from the eleventh house of groups of people. The shooting took place in baggage claim where numerous people were present. Mars is conjunct transiting Neptune in the chart, and the shooter is a Pisces (ruled by Neptune). Ft. Lauderdale is a coastal city, and the Atlantic Ocean is nearby.

Asteroid Ceres is conjunct the transiting Moon in the twelfth house of death and loss in this chart. This symbolizes the intense emotional grief caused by the loss of loved ones in the event.

Senator Dianne Feinstein Gets A Pacemaker

Senator Dianne Feinstein had a medical procedure on January 10, 2017 to have a pacemaker inserted into her heart. The procedure went well and she was back at work in the Senate the next day.

Senator Feinstein was born June 22, 1933 at 12:44 AM in San Francisco, California. Her natal Sun (the heart) is just barely in Cancer (0 degrees and 28 minutes). Transiting Mercury was in opposition to her natal Sun on the day of the procedure (making its third pass to that area as Mercury had been retrograding). Virgo (Mercury ruled) is on the Senator’s sixth house of health. The Moon conjoined her natal Sun on the 10th as well. Transiting Chiron (the wounded healer) has been transiting in opposition to her natal Mars in the sixth house for some time. Her progressed Jupiter is in a square aspect to her natal Sun. Hopefully, this resolves any difficulty she is having.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

January 13, 2017 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to 1R – Awful

The Moon is transiting the sign of sunny creative Leo as the weekend begins on Friday. We’re in a playful and optimistic mood. This is in spite of the Full Moon In Cancer that occurred on Thursday night. Some of the issues related to that culmination may still be on our minds and manifesting related consequences. The Moon moves into detail oriented Virgo fairly early on Saturday night. We are more careful to dot our i’s and cross our t’s then. The Moon opposes transiting Venus (in Pisces) fairly early in the evening on Sunday. The weekend winds down with this very pleasant if lazy minor aspect. All major planets are transiting direct, so nothing is stopping us now. 

Aries – Your creativity continues to bubble up on Friday, and your playfulness is impressive and is likely to delight others. However, yesterday’s Full Moon might have you a bit off kilter. Hang in there. You might need to be sensitive to someone’s vulnerability.

You continue to be playful and having fun on Saturday. And, your testosterone level is off the charts. By Saturday evening, however, you may have work to do. Either that or you might have a minor health issue to deal with.

You’ll be working on your to do list on Sunday in preparation of the week ahead. Turn in early. Next week: Others demand your attention as your popularity soars.  RRRRR

Taurus – Work from home if you can on Friday. Home and family issues are front and center the first part of this weekend. Stay close to home during the evening hours. You have a tendency to be a bit willful and stubborn today, which will not benefit you.

Home is where your heart is during the day on Saturday. However, this seques into a more playful mood. It’s time to have a little fun. Enjoy. Your affairs seem to run quite smoothly today.

You’re continuing to have fun and enjoying spending time with others. They enjoy seeing you in this playful manner and spirit. You’re likely to meet some new and fascinating friends. Next Week: Back to work.  RRRR

Gemini – You will have a lot to say on Friday this weekend. You also have quite a bit of socializing to do. This is right up your alley and you’ll likely enjoy it to the max.

Answer email messages and check out your Facebook timeline on Saturday. You can do some more socializing later. Others want to hear you views. You’re in a great mood, so it’s a good day for a party. You might want to mosey on home early during the evening.

You’re happy at home on Sunday. Have family and friends over to your house. Get some R & R as the next few days look like a lot of fun. Next week: You’re playful and having a ball. RRRR

Cancer – You likely need to deal with some financial issues on Friday. Also, know that you have a lot to offer others.

Continue to get your finances in order on Saturday during the day. Later on, you’ll want to go out and/or hang out with neighbors and friends. Speak your mind.

You’ll want to get out and about in the ‘hood again today. You might have quite a bit to communicate with others about. Head home early. Next week: Happy at home.  RRRR

Leo – Go for what you want on Friday as the Moon beams down on your sign. What would make you smile? You tend to be in a bit of a fighting spirit today anyway, so it’s unlikely that anyone would get away with stepping on your toes.

Go for more of what you want on Saturday during the day while the force is still with you. Your libido is enhanced, and you could also make some good investments if careful. Later, you may need to focus on your money situation.  

You will want to continue to focus on your finances on Sunday. You might have  spent too much over the holidays. If so, it’s time to redo the budget. Next week: Hang out and speak your mind. RRRRR

Virgo – You might want to lay low on Friday. It could be that you’re not up to snuff. If you’re out during the evening hours, you’ll want to vanish quickly.

You’ll want to continue to stay out of the public eye on Saturday during the day. However, later during the evening you sense that you’re getting your mojo back. You are. Go out for some fun.

Go for what you want on Sunday as it’s your best day of the weekend. Get out and about and have some fun. Next week: Money issues surface, but you’re good at handling such issues. RRRRR

Libra – You’ll be dealing with large groups of people on Friday. Hold meetings during the day. And, get together with friends for TGIF later.

Continue the party with friends and neighbors on Saturday. You enjoy this socializing and conversing. Later in the evening, you may want to vanish. With whom is the question. We won’t tell.

Behind the scenes issues capture your attention on Sunday. You might be getting ready for the week ahead. Next week: What would put a smile on your face? Go for it! RRRR

Scorpio – You’ll need to take the lead in an important project on Friday. Your a force to be dealt with and will handle the extra responsibility well.

You may need to continue to tie up loose ends on Saturday during the day. However, later you’ll be ready for some fun and games with your friends. Put on your dancing shoes and go out on Saturday night.

You’re still have fun with friends on Sunday. These light-hearted times helps you to deal with all the intensity that you face at other times. Next week: Gets some needed R & R and/or lay low RRRR

Sagittarius – Take an overview on Friday. You need to gain some perspective prior to making an important decision. Fortunately, this is something that you are quite good at. Look for something new and different for TGIF festivities.

Touch base with someone at a distance on Saturday. This person could help you to gain greater understanding about an important issue. Later on, it seems that you are in charge of an activity.

It’s up to you to bring an important project or event to completion on Sunday. You’re a force and will likely be successful. Next Week: Fun with friends.  RRRRR

Capricorn – You might want to spend some extra time with someone who is important to you on
Friday. Have an important discussion, and the matter may look a little less odious to you.

You might want to spend some quality time with your significant other on Saturday during the day. Important relationships need to be nourished. Later, look for a different venue or activity to take part in together.

You might want to take a short trip on Sunday to get away from it all and take a look at the big picture. This will help you to make better decisions in the future. Happy birthday to all goats. Next week: A force to be dealt with.  RRRRR

Aquarius – Others want your attention on Friday, so make it your pleasure. Clearly, your popularity is on the rise. Don’t forget to handle any minor health issues that might have arisen with the Full Moon on Thursday.

Continue to defer to others on Saturday. You’re along for the ride this time. Later in the day, you may have the opportunity to get to know someone very interesting a bit better.

A relationship has the opportunity to deepen on Sunday for some. Others may want to spend quality time with his or her significant other. Tax innues could loom for some as well. Next week: An opportunity for a new adventure.  RRRRR

Pisces -- You may have more than your share of work to do on Friday. Dig in and you’ll get it all done. You might have a minor health issue to deal with as well.

You’re likely clearing up loose ends on Saturday. But, things change during the evening hours. Others want you to join them for some fun. Say “yes.” You’ll enjoy the change of pace.

You popularity is heading up Sunday, and you may have to sort through all your invitations. Choose wisely, and enjoy your day to the max. Next week: Spend some time with someone special  RRRR