Friday, January 13, 2017

Miscellaneous Astrological Musings - 01/13/17

Ft. Lauderdale International Airport Shooting:

Just before 1:00 PM EST on January 6, 2017, a young man opened fire in the luggage claim area of the Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport. Five people were killed, and six others were wounded. The following are a few observations that I’ve made after looking at the chart of the event.

The Sun/Pluto (death in the light of day) conjunction on that date is found in the ninth house of the event chart - the house of air travel and airports. It is also the house of foreign or out of state people. All of the victims in this shooting were from out of state; there were no local victims. Most were there on vacation and were about to embark on various cruises. Transiting Uranus is squaring the Sun/Pluto conjunction from the twelfth house of death and loss. The attack occurred suddenly and without warning.

Saturn is found in the eighth house of death. All of the victims were older persons with the youngest person’s age at 57. Transiting Mars in Pisces is in a square aspect to Saturn from the eleventh house of groups of people. The shooting took place in baggage claim where numerous people were present. Mars is conjunct transiting Neptune in the chart, and the shooter is a Pisces (ruled by Neptune). Ft. Lauderdale is a coastal city, and the Atlantic Ocean is nearby.

Asteroid Ceres is conjunct the transiting Moon in the twelfth house of death and loss in this chart. This symbolizes the intense emotional grief caused by the loss of loved ones in the event.

Senator Dianne Feinstein Gets A Pacemaker

Senator Dianne Feinstein had a medical procedure on January 10, 2017 to have a pacemaker inserted into her heart. The procedure went well and she was back at work in the Senate the next day.

Senator Feinstein was born June 22, 1933 at 12:44 AM in San Francisco, California. Her natal Sun (the heart) is just barely in Cancer (0 degrees and 28 minutes). Transiting Mercury was in opposition to her natal Sun on the day of the procedure (making its third pass to that area as Mercury had been retrograding). Virgo (Mercury ruled) is on the Senator’s sixth house of health. The Moon conjoined her natal Sun on the 10th as well. Transiting Chiron (the wounded healer) has been transiting in opposition to her natal Mars in the sixth house for some time. Her progressed Jupiter is in a square aspect to her natal Sun. Hopefully, this resolves any difficulty she is having.

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