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I’d like to make an offer to folks. I will do a special Ricksterscope horoscope - one that is personalized for you. I will do a personal weekend horoscope prepared specifically for you. No one’s horoscope will be like yours, because I will use your own natal (and, sometimes progressed) chart to prepare this horoscope. I will use planetary transits/aspects to your own natal planets. As always, I will need your birth date, exact time of birth (if you know it), and your place of birth. I’ll prepare this report for you as follows:

One weekend    $7
Four (a month) weekends $22
Thirteen (a quarter year) weekends $60

If you just want one day’s horoscope (even a week day), I’ll prepare it for $3

You can pay with cash, check, or via my paypal account (paypal accepts credit cards). Paypal is the most convenient for me. If you don’t have a paypal account, I can still bill you from paypal, and you can pay using a credit card. Payment in advance is required. To make a payment, click

You can also make a donation to help me keep the site up and running if you wish since I do not get paid to publish these blog posts and horoscopes.

Let me know if this offer is of interest to you. Email me at Ricksterscope@gmail. com or call me at (415)-309-5916 (leave a message).


Other Reports:

Simple Question   $10
Short Report (a more complicated inquiry)   $25

Natal Chart Analysis   $150

Major Transits for a year  $150
Major Transits for a month   $25
Major Transits for a quarter  $50

Relationship Analysis Report   $150

Most folks don’t want or need an entire or full report of their natal chart or transits. They usually just have certain questions that they’d like answered, which is what the short report above is for.

Also, I will do some work for free and/or for charity, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Consultations (by phone or in person if you're in the San Francisco area):

15 Minutes - $20
30 Minutes - $35
60 Minutes - $60

You may also send inquiries and/or checks/money orders to:

Richard Ennis
24 Belcher Street
Apt. 5
San Francisco, CA 94114

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