Saturday, March 12, 2016

March 8, 2016 Solar Eclipse

So, we had a total solar eclipse on March 8. This eclipse occurred at eighteen degrees and fifty-six minutes Pisces. Eclipses generally affects the masses - events that affect most people in a large area or even worldwide. Since this eclipse occurred in Pisces, the motion picture industry, the oil and gas industry, and hospitals and health centers around the world could be affected by this eclipse. Since the eclipse point opposes transiting Jupiter in Virgo and is in a moderate conjunction to transiting Chiron, this eclipse should have a big affect on health issues and healing on a massive scale. For the USA, the focus is on children and entertainment. The entertainment industry as well as the stock market could be affected. Transiting Saturn in Sagittarius squares the eclipse point from Sagittarius. This could complicate issues and cause problems with issues regarding this eclipse.

As always, this eclipse will affect you personally if you have planets and/or points conjunct or opposite the eclipse point (only a two degree orb). Those planets or points between 17 and 21 degrees of Virgo or Pisces are included. Eclipses are Uranian in nature in that what happens is unexpected, and you might not even be certain as to what is happening for six months. For a solar eclipse, it takes about a year for the event to completely mature. If you’d like to know if you have planets or points that fall into this range, let me know. For most people, it will be experienced simply as a New Moon type event. Those are generally felt as the start of something new or a new beginning.

We will experience a lunar eclipse later this month on the 23rd in Libra. I will post more on that eclipse later.

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