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March 11, 2016 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to 1R – Awful

The weekend begins with the Moon transiting the sign of aggressive enthusiastic Aries. The Moon moves into reliable easy-going Taurus just before noon. We can relax a bit now. Transiting Venus moves into sensitive and spiritual Pisces very early on Saturday. We feel love very deeply – a bit like the ocean. The Moon moves into chatty cerebral Gemini on Sunday afternoon. We feel a bit more gregarious then. We just had our first eclipse of the year earlier in the week. This solar eclipse occurred on Tuesday in Pisces (about 18 degrees).

Aries –  As usual, you’ll get a head start on the day on Friday. Go for what you want quickly. By noon, the focus switches to your finances. Pay bills and update your checkbook. Be careful of a tendency to be self-absorbed. It’s a time to be more thoughtful of others.

You might want to help someone who is less fortunate than yourself in the coming weeks. This will likely make you feel good about yourself rather than as if you have given something up. Your more idealistic nature takes over on Saturday.

Your dark side could emerge during this time period. Try to approach it with a bit of detachment. It’s probably not as bad as you might think. On the other hand, don’t fight the inevitable. Do some planning for the future, and consider the long term. Next week: Focus on home and family matters.  RRR

Taurus – Sleep in late if you can on Friday. However, by noon you are raring to go. You’ll be quite productive, so go for what you want. Say what needs to be said as whatever you don’t say is likely to be held against you.

Your mind is stimulated on Saturday, and you could make some very interesting and exciting discoveries about yourself and others. Look forward to the unexpected as rigidity will only make this influence more difficult rather than exciting. Your libido is energized, and you could get lucky.

You will likely want to spend some time thinking about your future and where you want to head to on Sunday. Deal with and think about financial issues as well. Next week: Deal with money issues the first part of the week. Speak your mind later in the week.  RRRRR

Gemini – Reach out to a friend on Friday morning and have an important discussion. You may need to put the brakes on your mind today. You’re scattered and others may not understand what you’re trying to get across. Take off early today if you can. This is one of those weekend that you might want to lay low. Nevertheless, you experience the power of positive thinking.

Someone may touch a particular sore spot of yours on Saturday. This person probably has not done so with malicious intent. You might want to deal with this issue now so that you will not be burdened with it in the future.

Try not to get caught in a test of wills situation on Sunday. You or someone else may try to pull off a power play. It isn’t likely to work as your energy level is low. You’ll feel much better by the afternoon as the Moon enters your sign. Go for what makes you smile then. Next week: Monday and Tuesday are your power days.  RRR

Cancer – Deal with whatever responsibilities and career concerns that you have first thing in the morning on Friday. Later in the day, your friends would like for you to join them for some fun. Do so if you can. Your mind is functioning quite clearly now, and you can get your point across.

While your thinking is disciplined on Saturday, you might find it difficult to communicate with others. It could be that you’re giving a much more negative impression than you intend to. Lighten up and try not to be so serious. It’s Saturday.

The influences on Sunday are quite different, but you’re used to quick changes of mood. You’re more light-heartened and in the mood for some fun. Get together with friends as they will enjoy being with you in this state of mind. You’re creativity emerges as well, and you could create some beautiful music if you own that talent. Next week: Lay low till Wednesday.  RRRRR

Leo – Take an overview on Friday morning as you’ll need to be mindful of the big picture. Later in the day, you’ll need to take charge and handle career and professional responsibilities. You might also want to plan a future course of action.

Rid yourself of an old psychological burden on Saturday. Just keeping up appearances is not likely to be satisfactory to you now. We all have our weaknesses and inferiority complexes. Yes, even you.

Your more idealistic nature is appealed to on Sunday, and you’ll want to include your friends in your activities. You experience a kind of idealistic romanticism in your relationships today, and it could help you to experience more beauty in your life. You might want to help someone less fortunate than yourself today. Next week: More fun with friends then get some R & R  RRRR

Virgo – Share a lovely morning breakfast with someone you deem special on Friday. You’ll likely want to make the first move, and this caring atmosphere permeates the morning hours. You might want to pursue a new adventure later in the afternoon. Excitement is in the air.

Your conversations exhibit both mental and emotional depth, and the subject matter could involve some kind of healing experience on Saturday. Healing is the theme for the day. You might notice that your partner is more romantic and attractive in the coming weeks.

You’re in touch with your feelings on Sunday. Relationship issues could be difficult or troubling in some way. Later in the day, you are a force to be reckoned with. Next week: You’re in charge. Reach out to a friend later in the week.  RRRR

Libra – Defer to others on Friday. Sometimes others need to know the consequences of their actions. Your attention to detail is impressive, and it’s a good time for mental work.

You’re feeling quite good and in a light-hearted mood on Saturday, so forget about work. You could also be a bit indulgent, but you’ll have a good time. This would be a good day to tell someone that you love him or her. However, your words take on a more defiant tone in the weeks ahead.

Sunday is an exciting day for you. Your mind is positively stimulated, and you could solve a problem that you haven’t been able to prior to today. Get out and about and enjoy yourself. Try out a different venue later in the evening. Next week: A force to be reckoned with.  RRRRR

Scorpio – Try to finish up your work on Friday morning and then take off early. Others seek you out and want your attention later in the day. Make it your pleasure. You might want to let off some steam later in the day.

You could have some conversations and/or intellectual encounters with others on Saturday that have a profound effect on your thinking. You might change your point of view about something. But, try not to become obsessed with such issues.

Give others a hair shake on Sunday. Business negotiations are favored if you happen to have them on a Sunday. Spend time with your significant other later in the afternoon. Emotional relationships are rich and rewarding. Next week: Take a walk on the wild side. RRRRR

Sagittarius – A playful mood might cause you to want to go in to work late on Friday. Do so if you can and have some fun first. Your to do list awaits you later in the day. You might have a group conference, your objectivity will be on display. Don’t create a controversy.

You exude a positive energy on Saturday, and your relationships are good. You could make a new friend or two. You tend to be on the same wavelength as others.  You’re in the mood for love, but you might have to wait till tomorrow.

You are probably the most optimistic sign of the zodiac, and that optimism is on full display on Sunday. Your good and high spirits are attractive, and you could get a great deal today. Cheer someone up. Legal interests are also favored. Next week: Spend some time with someone very special.  RRRRR

Capricorn – Work from home on Friday if you can. A home or family issue could require your attention early in the morning. The unexpected happens within a relationship in the evening hours. Like a lightening bolt, you might suddenly be surprised to discover how attracted to someone you are.

Your inherently seriousness gives way to a more playful mood on Saturday. Others love it when you behave this way. You’re also quite imaginative today, and you could spend a good deal of time daydreaming. You’ll have a pleasant time whatever you decide to do.

While you continue to be in a playful mood on Sunday, you might want to integrate your energies with those of a group. Group endeavors are favored. For a time on Sunday afternoon, you’ll have a restless spirit. You might do the very opposite of what someone asks you to do. Next week: Let someone else decide this time.  RRRRR

Aquarius – Finish up your correspondence work on Friday morning. Return phone calls and answer email messages. You may need to rein yourself in a bit as you could be somewhat irritable. Head on home early if you can.

You’ll likely be happy at home on Saturday. Be sure not to alienate or step on others’ toes. Enlightened self-interest is important now. It could be that your professional interests are in conflict with your personal life right now. Try to find a balance that suits you.

You might feel a vague sense of irritability or restlessness on Sunday. It would probably be best to use your energy to help someone else on such a day. Don’t overdo the exercise routine today as your body probably needs a rest. Next week: Playful as ever and then back to work.  RRRR

Pisces -- Pay bills first on Friday morning. You will likely have a lot to say the remainder of the weekend. You’ll speak your mind in a sensitive manner as always. Nevertheless, slow down a bit as you might be confused about something, especially around noon.

You’ll likely find that you’re more magnetic than usual in the coming weeks. Others just naturally seem drawn to you. Your more romantic imagination is stimulated on Saturday. A boss or higher up could be difficult, however.

Hang out with neighbors and friends the first part of Sunday, but mosey on home early. You could find others extremely irritating later in the day and during the evening hours. It seems that others are trying to “get your goat.” Hang in there. Next week: Your creative and playful spirit emerges by midweek.  RRRR

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