Sunday, September 10, 2017

Mexico's Earthquake Of September 7, 2017

An earthquake struck just off the Mexican coast on September 7. It occurred very close to Pijijiapan, Mexico at 11:49 PM local time. The event chart is below.

When earthquakes occur, the event chart often shows outer planets - usually Uranus and/or Saturn - on one of the angles. This chart is different but similar in that the lunar node is on the nadir (exactly on the IC). Transiting Mercury is also close by in the fourth house and conjunct Mars (also in the fourth house). Transiting Mercury is conjunct the August 21 total solar eclipse in Leo - the Great American Eclipse. Transiting Mercury/Mars is in a sesquiquadrate to Pluto in the eighth house of death. The Sun (also transiting the fourth house) is in a sesquiquadrate aspect with transiting Uranus in the eleventh but very close to the twelfth house. Numerous people were killed.

The other interesting configuration is a YOD. Transiting Pluto and transiting Neptune are in a sextile aspect, and they are both inconjunct transiting Venus. And, transiting Venus is opposite the August 7, 2017 lunar eclipse point in Aquarius. The apex of the YOD is opposite the lunar eclipse point and transiting Venus.

The Sun (in the fourth) is opposite transiting Neptune (in the tenth). The earthquake epicenter was actually out at sea in the Pacific off the coast.   


  1. Super post. You're picking the Jansky eclipse method and not the Zain equinox one I see. Thanks.