Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Orlando Tragedy

I will try to analyze the Pulse gay nightclub (in Orlando) mass shooting in the following paragraphs. This is now the biggest/largest mass killing of LGBT people in this country ever. It had been the Upstairs Lounge fire in New Orleans in June of 1973. I have waited a few days to write this, so that I could be more objective and analytical about the event. Obviously, this is a very tragic event for the LGBT community, so it has been difficult for me - just as it has been difficult for most and probably all other LGBT people. And, I lived in Orlando for years after I first came out in the late seventies and early eighties. So, this horrendous tragedy has hit close to home.

First, we need to take a look at the background influences. Since we began to experience the Sun and the other inner planets transit the sign of Gemini (in late May), we have also experienced a grand cross (or square) in the heavens. The grand cross is with Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn (and, Mars for a period of time) in Sagittarius, and Neptune in Pisces. This is a difficult configuration, and it encompasses a great deal of energy and very stressful tension. The killer (who I think we can safely say was troubled) probably felt like he had to take (strong) action. It probably did not help that the killer had Chiron (the wounded healer) in Gemini. The Sun (and Venus) were in close proximity the morning of the massacre. His progressed Moon was probably conjunct his natal Chiron, and his progressed Sun and Uranus are in opposition to his natal Chiron. He had issues and wounds that he needed to be working on. Rather than seeking the healing that he clearly needed and going within to seek what was going on within himself, it appears that he decided to blame others and take it out on them.

Omar Mateen was born on November 16, 1986 in New York City (specifically Queens). We do not know an exact time of birth on that day. He was a Scorpio, and his natal Mars in Aquarius is in a square aspect to his natal Sun. It has been widely reported to us from folks that knew him that he had anger issues. His natal Moon is likely in late Taurus in opposition to his natal Sun and in square aspect to his natal Mars. His natal Moon could possibly be in early Gemini, but the Taurus Moon makes much more sense to me. This would add to his anger issues, and his ex-wife has stated the he used to beat her. This intense, difficult, and powerful configuration (because his Sun and Moon are involved) - a t-square - clearly caused some major problems for him. Mars (the planet of violence and gun fire) was conjunct his natal Sun at the time of the event. Mateen’s progressed Mars is in Pisces, and it squares his natal Saturn and transiting Saturn. Transiting Neptune is also conjunct his progressed Mars. That is an awful lot of Mars (anger) energy. He is/was also experiencing his first Saturn return. This aspect/period is one of pruning the unnecessary from one’s life. It is a time of endings and new beginnings. And, many folks experience this aspect as difficult and, sometimes, even painful. It is a time of reaching full maturity as an adult.

The astrological chart above Orlando at the time of the massacre puts very late Pisces on the Ascendant. It has been reported that the event began at 2 AM local time. However, if it had been just two minutes later, 0 degrees Aries would have been on the Ascendant and Mars would have been the ruler in the chart and of the event. At 2 AM local time, Neptune would be its ruler. Neptune turned retrograde on Monday. Major events sometimes take place when a major outer planet is about to change directions. So, either chart could be correct. In either chart, Mars is found in the eighth house of death and fear and was retrograding in Scorpio (the sign of death, power, and intensity). And, since Neptune is prominent in this event chart, an element of confusion and mystery surrounds some of the matters concerning this event. For example, we may never get a clear idea of what Omar Mateen’s motive was in committing this horrendous act. His motives are likely confused and nebulous. He might have been gay or bisexual and had issues with his sexuality - or not. He might have had an association with ISIL and was radical and dogmatic in that regard - or not. Perhaps, it was a little bit of both. We may never know. Mr Mateen has Jupiter in Pisces and Moon in Taurus - both could indicate dogmatic religious views. He was experiencing his first Saturn return, so his Saturn is in Sagittarius - another possible indicator of strong/dogmatic religious views. Transiting Neptune in Pisces was probably challenging his view of reality and what was the truth and real and lasting. That can be very difficult for a young man.

One of the major configurations in the event chart in Orlando at the time of the tragedy is a YOD (Eye Of G-d pattern). Uranus in Aries is sextile (60 degrees) the Sun and Venus in Gemini. And, those planets are all inconjunct (150 degrees) Mars in Scorpio and the eighth house in the chart. Mars is at the apex (the critical point) in that configuration. This astrological pattern has traditionally been thought to be fated and malevolent. It doesn’t always work out that way in reality, but it is another indicator that something fated and/or very difficult might happen. And, it certainly happened that way in this case.

If Neptune is the ruler of this event chart, then Mercury would represent the victims of the shooting. Mercury is in opposition to Mars in the chart. In addition, Chiron and Neptune are in the twelfth house (of death and loss) and in Pisces in this chart.

Orlando was incorporated on July 21, 1875. Transiting Mars was in a square aspect to Saturn (business and commerce) in that chart when the attack occurred. And, Orlando’s natal Saturn is conjunct Omar Mateen’s natal Mars and squaring his natal Sun and Moon. Perhaps this is why he chose Orlando (rather than Daytona Beach, or Ft. Lauderdale, or West Palm Beach). There are no shortages of gay establishments in Florida. Orlando’s natal Moon (the people) is in Pisces and squaring Mr. Mateens’ natal Saturn. Transiting Mars is also opposite Orlando’s natal Pluto (crime and criminals). Saturn squaring Pluto in Orlando’s chart looks ominous with this transit of Mars. This is the second time transiting Mars has gone through this area. It will make one more pass. We should get additional information then.

We do not have an exact date that the Pulse bar opened its doors for business, but we do know that it opened sometime in 2004. In that year, slow moving Pluto transited between 20 and 23 degrees Sagittarius. This puts the Sun and Venus in opposition to the establishment’s natal Pluto.

So, Mars (gunfire, violence, and anger), Neptune (confusion, deception, and alcohol), Pluto (sex, fear, death, and crime), and Saturn (pain, sorrow, authoritarian/judgmental, and depression) play very influential roles in the above charts and analysis.


I do have an opening date for Pulse now. It's July 2, 2004 per Wikipedia. I will analyze that chart in another post. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the victims of this awful tragedy. You can find it here. Please donate if you can.


The Sun had activated the March 8, 2016 Solar Eclipse forming a square aspect to the eclipse point. The Sun/Moon in that chart is in the fifth house of entertainment. The event happened at a night club - Pulse.

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