Saturday, June 11, 2016

Astrology And Politics: The Trump University Debacle

It seems that the Republican nominee for president has gotten bogged down with a lawsuit against him and Trump University (a school that Trump opened in 2005 to teach others his secrets to making money in the real estate industry). The plaintiffs allege fraud in their lawsuit. The judge is Latin American and was born in Indiana. Trump wants him to recuse himself, and has had a major meltdown over it in the past couple of weeks. What are the astrological aspects pertaining to these events? I’ll discuss that in the following paragraphs.

Transiting Uranus (along with the asteroid, Eris) is currently transiting Trump’s ninth house of the law as well as politics and higher education (this school was not accredited, however). And, transiting Uranus is in a square aspect to Trump’s natal Saturn (in Cancer, the sign of real estate) in his eleventh house. Trump’s fellow republicans have not responded favorably to Trump’s anger and his diatribes about this judge at all. He wants the judge recused because as Trump puts it, “he’s Mexican.” Mr. Trump is upset because he believes that Judge Curiel should have dismissed the case in its entirety on summary judgment, which he did not do. He is also upset because Judge Curiel unsealed certain court documents pertaining to the case.

Mars is currently retrograding through Scorpio. Trump’s first outburst occurred as Mars was about to square his natal Ascendant in Leo. That was on May 26th. The exact square happened the next morning (on the West Coast). As usual, Trump did not and has not backed down, although he did not mention this issue after he won the California primary on June 7, 2016. He issued a statement earlier that day that his comments had been misconstrued. Trumps’ natal Mars is conjunct his Ascendant, and transiting Mars squared his natal Mars on June 6th. Expect more outbursts as Mars turns direct and again aspects this area of Trump’s chart later in July. The planet heads into this area again as the GOP holds its convention the next to the last week in July in Cleveland.

A bit about Trump University: It was incorporated in 2004, but I do not have the exact date for that. However, the project was rolled out and began on May 23, 2005. Mr. Trump was experiencing his second Saturn return at the time. This is a time of endings and then new beginnings. The second Saturn return traditionally symbolizes a period of preparation for old age and the later part of life. He probably felt that he had enough experience and success that he could teach others his secrets of success. On that date, there was a full Moon in Sagittarius (the sign of higher education). Transiting Mercury (in Taurus) was in a square aspect to Neptune (in Aquarius). This would indicate that at the very least the project was not thought out and/or planned very well. Neptune is a dubious influence here, so it could also indicate fraudulent activity. Transiting Uranus (right now) is squaring Saturn in this chart as well as Trumps natal Saturn representing the challenge that he now faces with this lawsuit moving forward.  

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