Wednesday, June 22, 2016


In my previous post, “The Orlando Tragedy,” we analyzed the charts for Omar Mateen (the shooter/killer), the city of Orlando, and the chart of the event (timed at 2:00 AM in Orlando the morning of the massacre). Now that I have the date that the club opened, I will analyze its astrological chart(s) as well. It was opened on July 2, 2004.

In that natal chart, we also have a YOD (eye or finger of god). There is the Sun at 11 degrees Cancer along with Saturn at 16 degrees Cancer. They are in a sextile aspect (60 degrees) to Jupiter which is at 14 degrees Virgo. Those planets are all in an inconjunct aspect (150 degrees) to Neptune which is at 15 degrees Aquarius. Neptune is at the apex of the configuration and is the critical point. Aquarius is the sign that best represents the gay community. In the mythology, Ganymed is the lover of Zeus. He overtook Hebe’s place as cupbearer to the gods. And, he was placed in the constellation as Aquarius and is therefore an indicator of homosexuality. By the way, in this chart, Ganymed is conjunct the major asteroid, Ceres. Part of the symbolism of Ceres is loss and grief. However, it also represents nurturing. Many in the LGBT community probably felt nurtured or at least very comfortable there.

In this chart, Mars (gunfire and violence) in Leo opposes Neptune in Aquarius. So, this type of an event (the shooting/massacre) is indicated or at least hinted at in the chart. This aspect can mean others things, but this event is clearly among them. Mars is also in square aspect to the asteroid Adonis. In the mythology, Adonis is the ideal man, and he had homosexual relations and thus is also an indicator of homosexuality. Mars also squares the (north) lunar node. This node indicates destiny, and this aspect seems like an ominous sign. The node is conjunct the asteroid, Sappho. Sappho is an indicator of lesbianism and is also squared by Mars. Some our lesbian sisters were among the victims.   

In that chart, Pluto (in Sagittarius) is in a square aspect to Jupiter (in Virgo). This would tend to indicate that crime, fear, and/or death could threaten this club’s good fortune. That has been the least of anyone’s worries after this event, but it is what the chart indicates. At the same time, the club had been experiencing its Jupiter return, which is usually very fortunate. I would not be surprised to find out that the club had been doing very well prior to the massacre. And, it could mean that it will come back. But, a transformation is definitely in process.

The natal chart shows a t-square in mutable signs. There is Uranus at 7 degrees Pisces, Venus at 10 degrees Gemini, and Jupiter at 14 degrees Virgo. So, this t-square is and has been activated by the transiting Saturn/Neptune square. The Saturn/Neptune square represents a challenge or a conflict between (material and structural) reality and fantasy/dreams and spirituality. Our dream of a world in which we (Uranus - LGBT community) live in peace and harmony (Venus) with joy and abundant opportunity (Jupiter) has been challenged or is in conflict now with a harsh reality (Saturn) that there are still people out there who still hate us and will take some drastic, intense, violent, and hateful actions (Mars) against us. Our battle for equality and acceptance continues.

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