Monday, June 20, 2016

June 24, 2016 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to 1R – Awful

The weekend begins with the Moon transiting eccentric and gay Aquarius. Our more unique and/or odd characteristics are on the surface on Friday. The Moon moves into intuitive and compassionate Pisces during the evening hours. We are more emotional and intuitive now. Transiting Pluto (in Virgo) is trine transiting Pluto (in Capricorn) very early on Sunday morning. The astrological symbolism of this aspect is described in the phrase “sexual healing.” Some folks could be having lots (Jupiter) of sex (Pluto) today (safely!). Yeah, I thought you’d like that. Transiting Mercury (in Gemini) is in a sextile aspect to transiting Uranus (in Aries) early in the evening on Sunday. The media is filled with photos and reports of LGBT Pride celebrations. We’re excited and stimulated by the events. Happy Pride!

Aries – Deal with groups of people rather than one on one on Friday. Friends are supportive. You could get a sudden and unexpected lucky break. Keep your eyes open. You might want to vanish or lay low Friday night.

Behind the scenes issues are prominent on Saturday. You might find that you’re unable to get others’ attention. Bide your time. You could make some very good investments today. If you work in a creative field, this would be a very productive and creative time.

Work and/or career issues are favored on Sunday. It appears as if a higher up likes your ideas. Wait till tomorrow to run with them. Your words seem to come out more negatively than you mean for them to today. Be proud of your courage and your ability to stand up for others less fortunate or less sure of themselves. Next week: Go for what you want Monday and Tuesday.  RRR

Taurus – You’re in the spotlight and a force to be reckoned with on Friday. Put your best foot forward. Go out and find your friends for some fun on Friday night. You could, however be in a bit of a fog. Your words could be confusing.

Group endeavors are favored on Saturday. Friends are there for you. You could be “holding court” by Saturday night. Your words are magnetic. You can now incorporate into yourself the fruits of your past successes and appreciate them for what they are.

Your creativity leads to professional success or helps you with a foreign or legal matter. Make the most of your good fortune. It could lead to an increase in your income potential. On the other hand, you could have some difficulty relating to others today. Be proud of your stability and your common sense. Next week:  Lay low till mid week.  RRRRR

Gemini – Reach out to a friend or someone at  a distance on Friday. You could find some answers by looking at the big picture. You’re in the limelight on Friday night. Lead the way.

All eyes are again on you on Saturday. Speak your mind while you have others’ attention. This could be one of the most idealistic times of your life. Your natural sympathies are activated and this makes you want to help others. Just try to keep your feet on the ground and do not lose sight of reality.

An investment in your home or in some other real estate deal could pay dividends on Sunday. A partnership - romantic, business, or otherwise - could deepen as well. You could have a deeply satisfying and liberating experience today. You don’t need to fear being rejected. You could be one of the signs having lots of sex the weekend. Be proud of your ability to assimilate large amounts of information quickly. Next week: Friends support you and your goals.  RRRR

Cancer – You might wants to spend some additional time with someone that you deem special on Friday. You love this one on one closeness. By Friday night, however, you’ll want to look for something a bit different. Guard against taking an excessive risk.

Take an overview on Saturday. It might help to head out on a short weekend trip. Getting away from it all can help you to see things from a different perspective. Even so, you might be a bit down in the dumps early in the evening. Hang in there.

A partner, sibling, or neighbor could get lucky on Sunday. Your supportive and optimistic words are a big boost to your partner. S/he seems more powerful and can make a difference. You have an intellectual appreciation for things of beauty today. Be proud of your nurturing abilities and your home. Next week: In the spotlight.  RRRRR

Leo – Defer to others on Friday. Let someone else make the plans for the day. On Friday night, spend some quality time with your significant other. If unattached, you could get to know someone a bit better. You feel benevolent and contented today. Any relationship that begins today will help you to grow as a person.

It looks like an intimate weekend for you, and Saturday is not an exception. Let someone dote on you, and return the favor. You know you like the attention. Try not to obsess on something that you cannot do anything about, or something that you feel negatively about.

Sunday is more of the same. In addition, the hard work that you’ve been doing could pay off quite nicely and financially. You’ll want peace and harmony in your relationships today, and you’re willing to do your part and then some to maintain this harmony. Read for Gemini about having lots of sex this weekend. Be proud of your big heart and your ability to help others to feel good about themselves. Next week: Take an overview.  RRRRR

Virgo – As usual, you’re working hard on Friday. But, by early evening, you’re going to need to give it up, because others want your attention. Make it your pleasure. You may be shown a more spiritual dimension of your existence that can immensely broaden your life and experience, if you’re willing to look at it.  

Others dominate on Saturday. Defer and let them. Sometimes others need to see the consequences of their actions. You and others will benefit.  

Sort through your many invitations. It appears that others find your good fortune attractive and perhaps even seductive. Your creativity doesn’t hurt either. Yes, you could be one of the signs having lots of sex this weekend. You tend to be very persuasive today. Even so, not everyone will agree. And, that’s okay. Be proud of your attention to detail and your great work ethic. Next week: Spend some quality time with someone that you deem special.  RRRRR

Libra – You can make progress on a creative project on Friday. Your playfulness increases your popularity. Your imagination is impressive today. A beautiful painting could be the result. Have some fun on Friday night, but call it an early night.

You may want to work on your to do list on Saturday. You might also want to get a little exercise. Continue to keep a close eye on health issues. Deep thinking today could lead to some interesting solutions. Research and investigation is favored today.

A behind the scenes event could somehow benefit your family and/or a home improvement project. You might even get an unexpected opportunity to buy or move into a new home. Your career or issues related to a parent or an older family member becomes more important in the next month. Be proud of your diplomatic and charming manner. Next week: Defer to others. RRRR

Scorpio – Stay close to home on Friday. You might want to work from home if you can. You’ll likely be in a much more playful mode on Friday night. Go out and be your usual entertaining self. This is a time of light-hearted and pleasant thoughts and communications.

You’re creative and playful again on Saturday. Others are drawn to you when you’re in this mood. You might want to try this more often. You tend to be in a compromising mood today, and you want peace and harmony to rein in your relationships even if you’re usually a bit more stubborn.

A friend’s good fortune continues to benefit you as well on Sunday. A community project that you are involved in gets a boost. You can see the big picture more easily today, so it’s a good time to plan for the future. Sex? When have you ever not been able to have sex if you wanted it? Be proud of your steadfast loyalty and your ability to protect your loved ones. Next week: Hard at work.  RRRRR

Sagittarius – Speak your mind on Friday. Answer email messages and return phone calls. If you’re experiencing a vague or dubious sort of irritation, it might not be what you think. Dig deep for answers. Mosey on home later. The unexpected happens with a friend or a goal.

Home is where your heart is on Saturday. Stay close to home. It’s not your usual routine, but it seems to work today. You may find that your partner or significant other is more magnetic now. A complement could ease tensions if needed. Just be sincere.

Your expansive career or your professional reputation could benefit you financially today or very soon. It could be a raise or perhaps a promotion. Be on the lookout for better opportunities. Be proud of your good humor and your adventurous spirit. Next week: Playful as ever. RRRR

Capricorn – You might want to avoid a friend who could be on the warpath on Friday morning. You’ll need to deal with financial issues before getting into weekend mode. Hang out on Friday night. Have an important conversation with someone close to you. This person will understand.

Hang out with friends and neighbors on Saturday. You’ll have plenty to communicate. Let others in on your ideas and plans. A relationship could deepen today. You’ll enjoy this depth of intimacy.

You could get lucky on Sunday. It might have to do with a foreign or legal matter. Or, perhaps someone exotic wants to share his or her good fortune. Life seems to be full of unexpected events now. Perhaps the universe is trying to get you to lighten up. It’s a thought. On the other hand, you might just decide to have lots of leather sex. Be proud of your practical approach to matters and your leadership ability. Next week: Excitement at home.  RRRRR

Aquarius – Go for more of what you want on Friday. You’ll need to act fast while the Moon shines down on your sign. State your case, and others will listen. Business negotiations go well today. You might need to pay bills later.

Deal with financial issues on Saturday. You’ll need to pay close attention to these issues in the near future. Things could become cloudy before you realize it. You may need to let off some steam in the afternoon hours.

Partnership finances benefit from the influences on Sunday. Or, you might get an unexpected refund on your taxes or an insurance matter. Be thankful. You could have some very intense encounters with others in the evening hours. Yes, you might be one of the signs having lots of sex. Who knew there were that many water bearers who wanted to have lots of sex? Be proud of your uniqueness and your analytical ability. Next week: You’ll likely have a lot to say.  RRRR

Pisces -- You might be slow to get going this weekend. You might want to sleep in and/or take the day off if you can. By Friday night, however, you are energized and ready for action. Have some fun. This is a good time to express your feelings and emotions.

You are in the spotlight on Saturday, so go for what you want while the Moon beams down upon your sign. What would make you smile? Yeah, you get the message. You could achieve real stability in a relationship now. You can make it more solid and more able to handle challenges.

A partner’s luck affects you positively as well. As a matter of fact, a wish or dream could be realized. This is one of your best weekend of the year. Enjoy! Later, you tend to be more compromising. Be proud of your strong intuition and your compassionate nature. Next week: Deal with some financial issues. RRRRR

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