Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Drinking Water Disaster In Flint, Michigan

The drinking water disaster taking place in Flint, Michigan that has recently come to light is very troubling. So, I decided to take a look at Flint’s horoscope to see what I could find. What I found was interesting, telling, and a bit eerie.

In Astrology, Saturn’s metal is lead. Therefore, we would expect to see a number of hard transits and aspects involving Saturn in Flint’s natal chart. Yes, locations such as cities, states, and nations have astrological charts/horoscopes. For cities, it is usually (but, not always) the day/time of incorporation. For this analysis, I’ve gotten the Flint, Michigan chart from Carolyn R. Dodson’s book, “”Horoscopes of the US States & Cities.” Flint was first incorporated on February 13, 1855.

When we review the Flint horoscope, we see right away that there are four planets in the first part of Pisces - Mars at 7 degrees, Venus at 9 degrees, Mercury at 11 degrees, and Neptune at 15 degrees. During the period of this drinking water disaster, transiting Saturn has been in Sagittarius and squaring those planets one right after the other. Transiting Neptune has been in early Pisces for three to four years now, and (it seems) the problem was kept hidden from the public for some time and until Saturn began to transit in square aspect to these planets. In addition, Flint’s natal Saturn is posited at 9 degrees Gemini, and forms a t-square with transiting Saturn and the stellium of planets in early Pisces. Neptune rules large bodies of water including rivers (Flint River).

Flint’s natal Moon is in Capricorn, and is being transited by Pluto. The Moon (another watery planet) rules the people of a locale. This disaster is causing a transformation that affects the people of Flint intensely. The corrosive and poisoning effect of the corroding pipes and the lead in the water is a Plutonian effect. This disaster will unfortunately have a very intense and even deadly effect on the population of Flint. Pluto also rules underground events.

It’s not over yet either. Mars hits this area in the Spring of this year, and Saturn also will retrograde back into this area of Sagittarius later in the year. Look for more developments during these periods of time.

This analysis is not meant to be comprehensive and complete. That will probably be done by Mundane Astrologers in the future, but this is a quick look at what is going on in Flint in an Astrological sense using Astrological symbolism.


Moon Valley Astrologer, Celeste Teal, has sent out a news letter explaining how transiting Jupiter is affecting the Flint water crisis. Transiting Jupiter is in Virgo, the sign of health, and is activating the eclipse point of the September 13, 2015 eclipse. From that news letter:

As laid out in my book, Eclipses, each planet has its own kind of influence when it passes over an eclipse. As a planet of benevolence, Jupiter will often produce some good in order to bring about better balance to a situation that can usually be traced to the sign of the eclipse. Jupiter shines light on the matter. Jupiter often brings forth new information or an acquisition of details that leads to solutions. This is what is happening in Flint. Jupiter helped expose a problem that had been building for some time. In fact, it appears that this situation in Flint was first hinted at in the Aries Lunar Eclipse chart of Oct. 2013, before officials there even decided to change their water supply. It was when the Sun transited that eclipse degree that they did make the switch in April of 2014! So, thank goodness for Jupiter for the kids there.

Now, this benevolence of Jupiter is not the only influence Jupiter has. In studying and researching events when I wrote my book on Eclipses, it was clear that Jupiter can sometimes expand on a bad situation. In other words, things may get worse before they get better. This depends on the other factors present in the original eclipse chart - the alignments of the planets - and it depends on the alignments that transiting Jupiter is involved in when it makes its transit across an eclipse degree.

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