Thursday, February 25, 2016

Political Thoughts From An Astrologer - February 25, 2016

I did a post last week regarding how astrological aspects relate to some political current events, and I thought I would continue that this week. This year’s presidential election and the party primaries are now in full swing.

Donald Trump:

We discussed a bit about Mr. Trump’s natal chart last week. He has a Leo Ascendant with Mars conjunct. This week transiting Mars squared Mr. Trump’s natal Mars. I believe it was that aspect that triggered his response about a protester at one of his rallies in Nevada. He said that he would like to “punch” the protester “in the face.” In the reports and videos that I’ve seen of the event, it looks like his own face was pretty red.

What’s happening in Trump’s chart that seems to be propelling his success in this GOP primary season? Transiting Uranus is in an almost exact sextile to Trump’s natal Uranus (in Gemini) in the tenth house of career and professional reputation. Gemini is the sign of the national media, and Trump has been able to get his own unique message out to the public and at far less cost than the other candidates. The media seems almost obsessed with him. His natal Uranus in the tenth has given him sudden successes and sometimes sudden losses/failures throughout his life.

There is another interesting dynamic going on as well. Trump’s natal Jupiter (in Libra) and his second house of money is caught in the Uranus/Pluto square. Transiting Pluto squares his natal Jupiter from Capricorn and is transiting Trump’s fifth house of creative self-expression and risk taking. And, transiting Uranus is in opposition to his natal Jupiter from Aries and his eighth house of other people’s money and the powerful. The GOP establishment (power) has not been happy about Trump’s success. They have been reluctant to oppose him very forcefully up to this point. They hoped that he would simply make a fatal mistake and have to quit the race, but that hasn’t happened. It might be that he has been successful in spite of his mistakes. So, look for that to change in the coming weeks. The powerful GOP establishment will try to stop him from getting the GOP nomination. It will in some way affect Trump’s finances - for the good or bad. With a Uranus aspect, it’s hard to say for sure which way it will go, but it will probably be a negative influence.

Hillary Clinton:

Secretary Clinton has a strong chart right now with regard to aspects to her natal planets, so that’s a good thing. Transiting Pluto is now in a trine aspect to her natal Saturn. Her actions and general MO could be described as controlled and relentless. She has strength and intense charisma. And, this aspect will be in effect through November, 2016. Does that mean that she will win the election for the presidency? Not necessarily, but she will be a formidable opponent in the race. My guess is that she will do quite well on Saturday in the South Carolina primary and also on Super Tuesday.

Bernie Sanders:

Bernie lost the Nevada caucuses last Saturday. He will probably lose most of the states on Super Tuesday as well. I spoke about this last week, and about why. However, things begin to get gradually better for him beginning about March 15. Why? Those states will be (slightly) more friendly to him and his message. It is symbolized by astrological aspects as well. Transiting Uranus will be in a sextile aspect to his natal Jupiter (in Gemini) by then. That should give him greater exposure via the national media which is likely to be quite fortunate. And, it will likely affect his lucrative fundraising efforts in a very positive way. Transiting Jupiter is retrograding back toward his natal Sun in Virgo. It will be within aspect by mid March, and will be exact by the end of March. This should provide optimism and success to many of his endeavors at that time. National polls are already showing movement in his direction. Will it be too late by late March? Perhaps - we’ll see.

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