Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February 19, 2016 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to 1R – Awful

The weekend begins with the Moon transiting the sign of emotional and family-oriented Cancer. The Moon moves into dramatic and full of fun Leo early in the evening on Friday. Let your inner child out to frolic and play. The Moon squares aggressive Mars (in Scorpio) on Sunday afternoon. We may need to let off some steam. This week, the Sun moved into compassionate Pisces and transiting Venus and Mercury have moved into friendship oriented Aquarius. The Full Moon is at its maximum on Monday in Virgo, but we are definitely in its shadow on Sunday. Emotions are running high, and certain matters (perhaps health or job related) may be about to culminate.

Aries – You might want to work from home on Friday if you can. That is where you are most effective the first part of the day. You seem to have a knack for doing whatever is good for you. Friday evening is an entirely different matter. Your playfulness and your creativity emerge. It would be a shame not to share it with others, right? Fun follows you wherever you go.

It is more of the same on Saturday, and you’ll likely be quite indulgent. You’ll have a great time nevertheless. A more serious mood might hit you later in the night. You might want to examine your point of view.

You’ll likely do the unexpected on Sunday morning - in a fun way, of course. And, you may need to let off some steam later in the afternoon. Next week: After all the fun, you’ll need to get busy on that to do list. You’re probably fine, but get a physical anyway.   RRRRR

Taurus – Respond to email messages and return phone calls during the day on Friday. Think about creating a facebook account if you don’t have one. You might want to hang out with neighbors and friends later in the afternoon. However, you might need to vanish earlier in the evening and head home.

It seems that home is where your heart is the remainder of the weekend. Why not throw a party at your place and invite favorite people over for some fun. Your energy level is quite high, so be careful. You could see red if things don’t go exactly as you plan. Perhaps a romp in the hay is in order later Saturday night.

Someone might be angry on Sunday afternoon. Perhaps your partner needs more of your attention. You might feel as if you have to make too many compromises to keep your partner happy. If so, turn your attention to other important matters. For example, home/family matters may need some of your time and attention. Next week: A playful, creative and adventuresome bull emerges.  RRR

Gemini – Pay some much needed attention to your finances during the day on Friday. It may seem to you that your finances are as unpredictable as your friends are, and it could make you quite touchy and irritable. How much are your spending patterns compulsively driven? Give it some thought. Head on out the door on Friday evening. Hang out with neighbors, siblings, and friends.

You are likely to be quite indulgent on Saturday. Try to remember that you don’t need to go bankrupt just to have some fun. State your case to others, but remain flexible. Give others a fair shake. You’re likely to be quite disciplined with a new project or job in the coming weeks.

Your vivid and creative imagination emerges on Sunday. You’ll notice subtleties that others miss, and you’re in tune to the moods of others. Recognize that sometimes a weakness can be turned into a strength. But first, however, you must admit to the weakness. You can do it as the power of positive thinking is working for you. Next week: Home and family matters come to a boil with the Full Moon on Monday.  RRRR

Cancer – Go for more of what you want during the day on Friday. What would make you smile? Your romantic imagination emerges. Later, you may need to focus on money matters. Your mood changes more frequently than others’. This might be affecting your finances as well. Know that you have much to offer.

If finances permit, you might want to give some thought to taking a vacation in the near future. Some type of mind expanding adventure is in order. You’re experiencing a time of balance and equilibrium in your life now. Enjoy it as your life will not always run so smoothly. At the same time, you could feel a bit of inner turmoil. If so, be patient with yourself.

Someone might rub you the wrong way on Sunday afternoon. And, you may want to tell them exactly what you think of them. Think twice. Next week: You’ll be quite emotional, and you’ll have a lot to say.  RRRR

Leo – You might be slow getting into the weekend spirit. And, you also might want to help someone less fortunate than yourself during the day on Friday. But, by Friday evening you’ll be ready to roar. What would make you purr with delight? Yes, it’s time to go for it. Others enjoy being around you when you’re having this much fun.

After Friday night, you might be ready for a lazy day on Saturday. Have a discussion with a partner about the state of your relationship. It’s a good time for such a discussion because you are calm, rational, and a bit detached.

You may feel that you have an urgent message to deliver on Sunday. The flow of communication increases, and there could be some turbulence and difficulty. You might find that you’ll need to compromise, even if you’d rather not. Next week: Pressure increases with regard to a money matter. Be very careful with finances. RRRRR

Virgo – Your friends can provide opportunities, adventure, and fun for you on Friday during the day. Let off some steam if you need to. However, by Friday night, you may feel a need to vanish. Where you run away to is a mystery.

While you could be resting on Saturday, your mind will likely be on more serious or even heavy matters. Nevertheless, this is a good day to tell someone that you love him or her. You’ll easily be able to find the right words. Some sort of home/family issue could arise later that night.

For some of you, issues of love and partnership are being put to the test, and you will need to be patient. You’ll need to work, but you’ll also need to be more relaxed about such issues. It might be a good idea to find out what makes you happy outside of a romantic relationship. This will put less pressure on your partnership and love. If you’re feeling a bit more emotional than usual, blame it on the (Full) Moon. Next week: What would make you happy? Think big. RRR  

Libra – You are in charge and a force to be reckoned with on Friday. You are concerned about your security. What would make you feel more secure? Handle your professional responsibilities during the day, because your friends will want you to join them for some fun and games later in the evening.

You’ll still be enjoying time with friends on Saturday, but the atmosphere is more relaxed. You could be quite indulgent, but you’re having an awful lot of fun. You’ll have fun with words as well, and you’ll use language and words in a more creative fashion in the coming weeks.

Someone may have a surprise for you on Sunday. And, deep emotions surface just in time for the Full Moon. Self-reflexion might be a good idea now. Next week: You will need some down time to reflect on your uniqueness.  RRRRR

Scorpio – Take an overview of the situation on Friday during the day. Understanding the big picture is important. Your career is the focus later on Friday evening. Put your best foot forward. Your talent, ability, and knowledge are impressive. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you do make a mistake. No one is perfect.

Take charge on Saturday, however you may want to do it in a more low-key manner. Your ideas may be put to the test, and you will need to remain flexible. And, love might arrive at an inopportune time. Try to take a break if you can.

You may need to pay more attention to others’ ideas on Sunday. At any rate, you could become angry at the drop of a hat. Later in the evening, you’re more in touch with your feelings. Your more sensitive to the feelings of others as well. Next week: Your friends come to the rescue, but emotions are high/strong.  RRR

Sagittarius – If attached, you might want to spend some quality time with your sweetie on Friday. Take the day off if you can. As a matter of fact, take off on a short trip for the weekend if possible. An unusual change of pace is in order. If single, get to know someone a little bit better. You might find this person to be quite stimulating and interesting.

You will likely be restless on Saturday, and you won’t want to have to worry about intricate details or business negotiations. Unfortunately, you might have to anyway.

Some questions might arise as to how to balance your professional life with your private life on Sunday. Conflicting demands could be rather stressful. Collect information, and look for a compromise. Weigh the pros and cons of various solutions. Next week: A career matter reaches the boiling point.  RRRR

Capricorn – Others will want your attention on Friday, so make it your pleasure. Defer, and you’ll be pleased. If single, your popularity is on the rise. Be willing to try out new things, and you might come up with some interesting ideas of your own as well.

A relationship might deepen on Saturday, and you’ll want to spend time with this special person. Business can wait. If attached, some of your needs could end up being rather neglected. Try to become aware of what you truly need, and discuss this with your partner.

You could end up having some lively discussions on Sunday. Your curiosity is aroused, and you’ll want to learn as much as you can about various matters, including your personal life. You’ll be able to get through to others. Next week: An adventure presents itself, but be careful if traveling.  RRRRR

Aquarius – You probably still have quite a bit of work to get done on Friday. You’ll get it done, and quickly at that. Others will want your time and attention later. Defer, and allow the good times to flow. You’re feeling quite benevolent on Friday evening, and friends could be the recipients of your generosity. You might find that your magnetism is stronger now and in the next few weeks as Venus has entered your sign.

If attached, your partner may need some good advice on Saturday. You’ll be able to provide it because of your more detached view of the situation. If you’re single, you could meet someone new while traveling or attending an educational function or event. You have a pleasant feeling of restlessness.

You might want to take a stand for your own beliefs and views on Sunday. You’ll be quite convincing. Nevertheless, you may need to accept the world as it is as opposed to how you wish it to be on Sunday evening. Work to make improvements. Next week: A relationship could intensify for some. Partnership finances or taxes could come to a climax for others. RRRRR

Pisces -- Happy birthday to all fish! A playful and creative fish is a very happy fish on Friday. Enjoy yourself to the max during the day, because you are likely to have work to do later. You might want to have a discussion with someone about issues of healing and of being healed as well.

Deal with any health issues that might arise on Saturday. Even so, you’ll likely be light-hearted and your sense of humor will likely please others. Deep inside, you might continue to be a bit vulnerable.

You could feel the weight of the world on your shoulders on Sunday. By all means, ask for help if you need it. You may need to defend yourself against false expectations. Clarify the situation as best you can. Next week: Deferring to others is the way to go. You may need to deal with some heavy relationship issues.  RRR

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