Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Astrology And Politics: April 5, 2016 Edition

Senator Bernie Sanders:

Senator Bernie Sanders has had a good run the last couple of weeks. He will likely win the Wisconsin primary today and the Wyoming primary (actually, it’s a caucus) on Saturday. Then the road gets more difficult for the Senator from Vermont. Most of the remaining contests are primaries (and, mostly closed primaries) and are in states that are quite diverse and not quite a friendly to Senator Sanders.

With regard to planetary transits/aspects to his natal planets, transiting Jupiter had retrograded back into a conjunction with Senator Sanders’ natal Sun in Virgo. It continues its backward motion. However, transiting Saturn has now turned retrograde and is moving back into the square aspect to his natal Sun. So, we have transiting Jupiter conjunct and transiting Saturn in a square aspect to the Senator’s natal Sun. There is sort of a push/pull effect. He may be thinking, “should I stay in the race and go full speed ahead forcefully or should I be more conservatively and proceed slowly.” I think he will probably decide to stay in the race till June regardless of how he decides to proceed. However, by the end of April, I think it will be pretty clear to most everyone that he will not win the nomination. Nevertheless, I think that he will want to make a major impact on the Democratic Party platform, so I think he will stay in the race.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:

The issue that I think will again surface with Secretary Clinton is the email controversy. It’s mostly a non issue, but the FBI is investigating her emails (during her time as Secretary of State), and that investigation is to conclude in the next month or two.

The April 21st (it’s the 22nd on the East Coast) Full Moon occurs conjunct Secretary Clinton’s natal Sun. If she was involved in any wrongdoing (and, the FBI has already stated that she herself is not under investigation), it would likely come out then. However, I think it’s more likely that they give her the “all clear” signal. She may also wrap up the Democratic nomination on April 19 after New York votes. We’ll see, but it should be an important Full Moon for her.

More about emailgate below:

This is the latest “Clinton scandal,” and it’s been going on now for quite a while. The rightwing always has to have a Clinton scandal. And, if you look at any political rightwing website, you’ll find something about this issue. Even some mainstream media sites will have these stories (probably to get more pageviews). At this point, the whole thing appears to be much ado about nothing. The FBI is reviewing the issue, however they have stated that Clinton appears to have done nothing wrong and that she is not under any investigation. So, until they change their tune and/or issues some indictments and charges, it’s all just political rancor.

What do we look at in her chart to see what is going on? When discussing issues that relate to communications (such as email), we look at Mercury, the sign of Gemini, and the third house in one’s chart. Any issue of fraud or some kind of cover-up would be a Neptunian issue. And, legal issues would be governed by Jupiter. Hillary’s natal Mercury is in Scorpio, and her natal Neptune is in Libra.

In Hillary’s natal chart, Saturn is in a square aspect to her Mercury. She has to be careful about what and how she communicates. The words she uses are important. Her Moon in Pisces trines her Mercury. She is intuitive, and she communicates and thinks with her emotions as well as with her intellect.

Hillary became US Secretary of State in the Obama Administration at the beginning of 2009. At the time, transiting Uranus (in Pisces) was in a trine aspect to her natal Mercury. She was likely quite intrigued with modern forms of communicating at the time. We know she enjoyed using her blackberry. Transiting Saturn (in Virgo) was in a sextile aspect to her natal Mercury. She was learning to use this modern technology in her work. Transiting Neptune (in Aquarius) was squaring her natal Mercury. She not only was not an IT expert, she probably was quite confused about how and/or what to use to communicate with others. It’s likely that she depended on IT experts to help her with security issues and such. She likely wanted to simplify the process as much as possible for herself, which is understandable since she wasn’t hired as an It expert, but as SOS. She even explained the process this way when asked. So, she decided to use her own home email and server for email purposes. In looking back, she has already admitted that it probably wasn’t the best decision to make even though other SOS’s had done much the same thing.

May 11 could be another important date as the Sun opposes Secretary Clinton’s natal Mercury. However, transiting Mercury is retrograde on that date. So, my guess is that the FBI will completely wrap up the FBI investigation into Secretary Clinton’s email issue around June 6, because transiting Mercury will have turned direct and will be in opposition to Secretary Clinton’s natal Mercury by then.

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