Wednesday, December 30, 2015

January 1, 2016 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to 1R – Awful

The weekend begins with the Moon transiting the sign of partnership-oriented and creative Libra. We are focused on our relationships. Transiting Mercury enters friendly Aquarius early on Friday evening. Look for an original and unique way to communicate. Transiting Mars enters intense and passionate Scorpio on Sunday morning. Take action with regard to partnership finances and/or taxes. Passion and sex are transformative. That is even more true as the Moon enters Scorpio as well later on Sunday morning. Emotions are intense and deep. Handle anger in as constructive a manner as is possible as the Moon conjoins Mars.

Aries -- Others run with the ball on this weekend, and would like for you to join in on the fun and games. You might have more than your share of New Year’s events to attend. Friends are quite chatty and sociable, but you might not agree with everything you hear.  You might need to stand up for yourself on Saturday, although you might not want to. By Sunday, you’ll want to move in close with a partner. Sunday morning finds you especially warm and affectionate. And, you’ll have plenty of sexual energy as your ruler moves into passionate Scorpio. Next week: Take your time with a decision as you might not know which way to turn.  RRRRR

Taurus – You’ll probably want to get started on your New Year’s to do list early this year. Efficiency and attention to detail pay bigger dividends at this time. And, your plans could have a unique quality to them. Your life experience has lead you to this point of equilibrium. However, you may need to learn to accept the changed world as it is on Saturday. Others probably do not understand that they are (partially) blocking your efforts. Your words could be rather harsh and sharp. By Sunday, others want your attention. Make it your pleasure. There is an exciting quality in the air, and you could make some new and fascinating friends. Who knows? You might even learn something new about yourself. Next week: Others could be provocative.  RRRR

Gemini –  You approach the New Year in a playful, entertaining, and possibly dramatic manner. Others are likely to enjoy your mood and your sense of fun. Nevertheless, you are likely to be looking for more mature partners. Solid and stable sounds more interesting than in the past. You could hear from someone at a distance on Friday, and this person might talk your ear off. You’re perceptive and understanding of the sensitivities of others. Take an overview on Saturday. You might not know which way to go because of a push/pull feeling. On Sunday, you might have to work or some may need to deal with minor health issues. You might want to look back and see how your life has been transformed in the last year. Next week: You’ll have the energy to work very hard, but your opportunities could be limited or curtailed (temporarily).  RRRRR

Cancer – Home is where your heart is this weekend, and you will likely want to spend this New Year’s weekend with family and close friends. And, your romantic imagination is impressive on Friday. Love can be a spiritual thing. You might need to handle a problem first on Saturday, but then you’ll likely have a surprise or two for others. On Sunday, you’re looking for fun and games. If single, you could get lucky out and about. You’ll have plenty of energy for more of this in the next month or so. Let off some steam in the morning hours. You’re supportive of others and group activities are favored in the evening. Next week: More fun and then back to work. RRRR

Leo – You and others will have quite a bit to say this weekend. Hanging out with friends and neighbors is enjoyable on Friday and Saturday. You know what you are doing and where you’re going on Friday. You might have a very liberating experience and encounter with someone, and you’ll likely be grinning from ear to ear over it. You’ll feel set free. Relax and unwind on Saturday. And, you might want to let someone know that you care or that you love him or her. You’ll want to stay close to home on Sunday. And, you might need to let off a little steam. Your feelings are very subjective on Sunday evening. You might find yourself changing your mind at the drop of a hat. And, you might utter angry words before you even have a chance to filter them. Next week: Communicating with your partner becomes more challenging as Mercury turns retrograde on Tuesday. RRRRR

Virgo – It’s time to balance your checkbook and review your finances on Friday and Saturday. Your cheerful and generous outlook might have led to more spending than you thought. Your relationships are in a state of creative change, and love may seem absolutely transformative and definitely very deep. You’ll be able to make some of those changes quite easily on Saturday. Don’t ignore or avoid something that scares you. It could help you to get more of what you want. Speak your mind on Sunday. You might sound more defiant than you mean to. Angry words will not help. Nevertheless, you are aware of others’ needs and are willing to help them out. Next week: Speak your mind, but be careful with your tone. RRRR

Libra – The Moon shines down on your sign on Friday and Saturday this weekend, so go for what you want and dare to wish upon a star. You’re more playful with your words beginning on Friday. You could score. Even so, you might still be a bit irritable. But, are you projecting? Give it some thought. Keep the lines of communication open on Saturday. You’ll be able to make yourself clear. You might have quite a bit of ground to cover. You could find that others love and admire you for your intelligence. Revise the budget and check your finances on Sunday. Your private/domestic life and your professional life are working more harmoniously at this time. Next week: You’ll have an opportunity to know yourself through your relationships.  RRRRR

Scorpio – You could be worn out and worn down from all the holidays activity lately. Make it OK to relax and gets some needed R and R this weekend, especially on Friday and Saturday. Being away from the scene will add to your allure anyway. At any rate, the first part of the weekend is likely to be difficult if you’ve been bottling up pressures from work or at home. Some ill thought out actions might be the result. It seems that no one can please you now. At least warn others if that is the case. On Sunday, you feel energized and others notice. Let off some steam early on and then enjoy yourself to the max. Next week: All smiles and having fun. RRR

Sagittarius – Find your friends for New Year’s fun on Friday and Saturday. Your adventurous spirit will help others to feel optimistic about the new year. Show a new and fascinating side of your personality. You could realize a wish or dream as well. You might want an open relationship with your partner, but make sure he or she is on the same page. You’re in a generous mood and you’ll want your partner to be happy as well. But, you might need to calm down on Saturday morning as you could have an urge to fly off the handle. On Sunday, you might want to vanish for some R & R. Your compassion seems to be activated now. Next week: You could reach a professional peak. RRRRR

Capricorn – You’re in charge and a force to be reckoned with on Friday and Saturday this weekend. You might want to prepare a financial plan for the year to come. If you feel someone has ignored you on Friday, it’s probably not what you think. This person most likely has no idea that you feel this way. Let it go if you can. You may still need to let off a bit of steam on Saturday. Hidden tensions may again surface in the evening hours. You’re able to break out of a rut on Sunday. Having fun with your friends will be on the agenda. Look for fresh new viewpoints. Originality counts. Happy birthday to all goats. Next week: You may need to revise that financial plan as new information is disclosed.  RRR

Aquarius – You’re likely looking for new adventures this weekend. You may also be looking for answers, and it might help if you ask someone with more knowledge and experience than you. You might need to get an important message to a loved one. If s/he isn’t in it for love - if s/he isn’t in it to give it all s/he’s got - you’re out of here. You might wonder how many different ways you can say the same thing. You might be surprised. You have a powerful charisma on Saturday. Give it a try then. It could be full speed ahead. Plan what you intend to say ahead of time, because your words could come out sharper than you wish if you speak off the cuff. On Sunday, you’re a force to be reckoned with. Don’t defer unless you have good reason to. Stand up for yourself. Next week: Your perspicacity is impressive. Dig even deeper for answers. RRRRR

Pisces -- Spend some quality time with someone you deem special on Friday and Saturday this weekend. A partnership could become more intense. There seems to be a stable and sober quality as well, although you might want a bit more freedom. It should be no problem. If you’re single, get to know someone a bit better on Friday and Saturday. Let others know you care on Saturday. Don’t hold anything back, although clarity is not your strong suit now. Look for something different on Sunday. You might have some strange feelings, and you could experience some irritation without quite understanding why. On the other hand, you could perform some pretty amazing feats in an effort to help others in a selfless manner. Go for that. Next week: Ask an expert for some advice. RRRR

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