Wednesday, December 23, 2015

December 25, 2015 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to 1R – Awful

The weekend begins with the Moon transiting the sign of family-oriented and emotional Cancer. We are focused on home and family and our emotional needs on Christmas Day. The Full Moon early in the morning highlights home/family vs professional issues. Transiting Mercury (in Capricorn) trines transiting Jupiter (in Virgo) around noon. We hear words of adventure and optimism. Our thinking is expansive and the big picture is important. Transiting Uranus turns stationary direct on Friday evening. The unexpected happens, and we need to look for important changes on the horizon. The Moon moves into dramatic, romantic, and creative Leo early on Sunday morning. Let your inner child out to play.

Aries –  You could be quite a bit more emotional this Christmas than you would normally. That does not mean that you will not display the unexpected via your own unique personality. But, please don’t overdo it. Someone could have control issues on Friday night, but you’ll enjoy warm and pleasant times with family and very close friends on Friday and Saturday anyway. Let others know that you care. Your popularity is on the rise on Saturday. On Sunday, a spirit of playfulness emerges as your creativity is enhanced. Expect some extremely favorable results. Your professional and home/family life seem to be in a more harmonious state than has been the case in a while. Next week: More fun and then back to work.   RRRR

Taurus – Your words display quite a bit of depth of emotion this Christmas. Just don’t allow it to devolve into possessiveness. You may love others, but you cannot own them. If someone’s behavior seems a bit inappropriate, forgive him or her. It’s Christmas. Friday and Saturday could find you visiting with siblings, neighbors and friends. Your nearby community is important to you. You could be quite indulgent on Saturday. Avoid any type of negotiation. On Sunday, you are quite happily at home. Snuggle in. You’re in tune with your emotions and feelings. At the same time, your adventurous nature is enhanced. Watch something different on television, or try out a new game on the internet. Next week: By Tuesday, your playful side emerges.   RRRRR

Gemini – If you were expecting a light-hearted, pleasant, and friendly Christmas, you will likely be disappointed this year. Emotions run deep, and the only thing that you can count on is the unexpected. Just let it go, and go with the flow. Even so, there is adventure in the air especially on Friday afternoon. You or a guest might have some control issues Friday night, however. On Saturday, stop downplaying your talent and/or success. A friend is sincere when s/he tells you that your success is imminent. By Sunday, things lighten up a bit and you are far more in your element. But, your need for excitement could cause a major disruption or rift. Next week: Say your piece on Monday as you’ll want to cocoon at home by Tuesday  RRRR

Cancer – With the full Moon in your sign on Christmas Day, you are in the spotlight. You could be overwhelmed with emotion. On the whole, others respond very well to your efforts and caring, however there could still be a disruption or two. Take it in stride rather than escaping into your shell. Others depend on you. On Saturday, you’re in a very romantic mood so your partner is in luck.. On Sunday, it’s time to take an accounting of your finances. You’re usually good with money, but this holiday season may have seen you a bit monetarily indulgent. Even so, your libido is enhanced and you and your partner can enjoy some stimulating times. If you’re single, it’s likely that new romantic opportunities occur. Next week: You will have a lot to say.  RRRRR

Leo – While the lion usually roars, you could be incognito this Christmas. Make it okay to spend time alone (in your own thoughts and imagination) if you need to. While they’ll miss you severely, they will understand. On Saturday, events that occur could test your patience and you could become quite irritated. You could get a lot of work done with that energy though. By Sunday, you will decide that this out of the limelight phase has gone on long enough. You emerge on the scene all smiles. Others are pleased to have your sense of fun and drama back. You could make some exciting new friends, and love is on the agenda again. Next week: More fun, but by Tuesday your finances could take a hit.  RRRR

Virgo – You have a greater sense of adventure this year, and that is on display this Christmas day. A loved one’s words could inspire you. Later on during the evening hours, this same person could become a bit controlling. Take it in stride. A friend expresses deep touching emotions. Your own thinking will be influenced by your feelings. You’ll need to be flexible on Saturday, and review some of your opinions and views. Nevertheless, your uniqueness is on display. By Sunday, you’ll likely decide that you have had enough of the holidays and you may decide to vanish. Next week: Rest up and then you’re in the spotlight.  RRRRR

Libra – Like it or not, you and your emotions are on display on Christmas Day. Don’t worry so much about that. You’re very sensitive to the moods of others on Friday. Nevertheless, you are a force to be reckoned with. A loved one could have a surprise or two for you. Daydreaming is fun on Saturday, although one person (probably a male) could be somewhat challenging. You’ll want to get with friends on Sunday. You’re full of energy, so use it wisely. You could easily approach someone new who you have had your eye on. Take a chance, and go for adventure. Others could be surprised by your level of confidence. Clear up a possible misunderstanding. Next week: More good times with friends and then much needed R & R.  RRRRR

Scorpio – Christmas can and should be a wonderful adventure for you this year. Your sensitivity and intense caring and protective nature for your loved ones is easily aroused. You might even imagine yourself as Santa Clause. An intense but still jolly Saint Nick. You clearly have some big plans on Christmas Day. An eccentric family member might have an unexpected move or two as well.  You have quite a bit of creative energy on Saturday, and your testosterone level could be off the charts. As always, you’ll need to be careful of coming on too strong. You are in charge and in the spotlight on Sunday. Even so, an indulgent trend continues. Know when you have had enough. Next week: A force to be reckoned with.  RRRRR

Sagittarius – Your focus on Christmas Day is likely to be on one person. A partnership could most definitely intensify or become stronger on an emotional level with this lovely full Moon. You might not want to run away this time. And, you might want to express your emotions on an intellectual level. Nevertheless, the unexpected could happen at any moment. You’ll likely enjoy the disruption, but others might not. You have a great appreciation for things of beauty. Your thinking is deeper and more probing on Saturday. Search deeply for answers. On Sunday, new adventures begin to materialize. Go for something different. An art exhibit would be perfect. Next week: Another adventure and then focus on your career and professional goals. RRRRR

Capricorn – Defer to others on Christmas Day and make it your pleasure. Someone may want to dote on you and/or wait on you hand and foot. Sit back and enjoy the attention, and please forget about work. If you are partnered, you are likely in for a very special time. If you’re single, you could meet someone new. Get to know that person better on Sunday. Open up to new dimensions  on Friday even if what you see makes you nervous. Your critical faculties are sharp on Saturday, and your view are stable. But, try not to become too fixed on these views as flexibility is important. Nevertheless, you’ll want to share some of your ideas with others. You might feel a sense of isolation from others on Sunday. It’s temporary. Next week: A relationship intensifies. RRRR

Aquarius – You could somehow end up doing much of the work on Christmas Day. Whether it’s cleaning up after Christmas Dinner or providing entertainment, you’ll have plenty to do. Some of you might even have to work. You’ll do it enthusiastically. Express yourself through your creativity and your relationship with others. Some sort of disruption or disturbance occurs on Friday night. You’ll probably enjoy it. You’ll insist on being yourself and enjoying yourself on Saturday. Others want your attention on Sunday. Defer, and let it happen. Have an important conversation with someone you deem special. You can assert yourself in a positive manner on Sunday evening. Next week: Your popularity increases. Sort through invitations.  RRRR

Pisces -- Others will be impressed by your joyful and playful manner on Christmas Day. Love is in the air, and it could literally make your heart sing … probably a very romantic tune. A child could inspire you as well. It will have a positive effect on your energy level and your health in general. Your optimism and sense of adventure help your to succeed on Saturday. Watch out for a tendency to indulge at this time as it could set you back unnecessarily.  By Sunday, you’ll need to get to work on your end of the year to do list. It’s probably lengthy. Some changes may be coming within a relationship. Be flexible. Next week: More work on your to do list. RRRRR

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