Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December 18, 2015 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to 1R – Awful

The weekend begins with the Moon transiting the sign dreamy and intuitive Pisces. The Moon moves into enthusiastic and energetic Aries Friday afternoon. We will want to take action to achieve our goals. Transiting Mercury conjoins transiting Pluto (in Capricorn) on Saturday morning. We probe deeply into a matter to discover the truth. Then transiting Mercury squares transiting Uranus in Aries. Information that we uncover could be shocking and unexpected. Release your inhibitions. The Moon moves into financially conscious Taurus later Sunday afternoon. We may search for the comforts of the “good life” then.

Aries –  If you can sleep in late on Friday, do so. You could face quite a bit of opposition early on. By early Friday afternoon, you are raring to go. Go for what you want and then some more this weekend as the Moon remains in your sign until late afternoon on Sunday. You might want to show others yet a new and fascinating side of your already unique personality. Expect a positive response. Let go of an old psychological burden. On Sunday, call it an early night, although you might want to make just one more shocking comment or gesture first … just to keep others on their toes. Next week: Time to balance your checkbook.. RRRRR

Taurus – Help out a friend and enjoy the camaraderie on Friday morning. You seem to have a unique and special bond with this person. Most of the remainder of the weekend seems to deal with behind the scenes activity, or perhaps you just want to be out of the limelight for a time. You also might want to plan your next power move on the career front, but be careful of unexpected consequences. When approached, you respond to others with warm caring and friendliness on Saturday. Your creative imagination is stimulated on Sunday. Daydreaming can be pleasant. Next week: You’re in the spotlight.  RRRR

Gemini – You might have one more project to complete on Friday before getting into weekend mode. Or, perhaps it’s a meeting with the boss or a new client. At any rate, by early Friday afternoon, you are ready to join friends for some holidays fun. No one can work a room quite like you. Your gregariousness is on display, so use it well and make new discoveries. You might even learn something new about yourself. One or two folks could have a very profound effect on your mind and your ways of thinking. Go with the flow on Sunday, and a “lucky” influence seems to mysteriously take over. Hit the sack early nevertheless. Know when you have had enough. Next week: It may be midweek before you get your mojo back.  RRRR

Cancer – Check in and on someone at a distance on Friday morning. Your caring is important to this person. Like it or not, you have responsibilities to deal with the remainder of the weekend. It could be work-related, or it could be work around the house. Your mind will be working overtime on Saturday. Thoughts and ideas flash through your mind with lightening speed, but be careful how you speak to others as there seems to be a sharpness to your words.. You could get a pleasant reprieve on Sunday night, as friends and family are determined to help you out. It may seem like a bolt of kindness from out of the blue. Now you’re getting back into the holiday spirit. Next week: More good times with friends, but you’ll need some rest by midweek.  RRRR

Leo – You may be thinking about someone that you deem special on Friday morning. But, by and large, this weekend is about your more adventurous and restless spirit. Later on Friday especially, you should expect the unexpected. Just be flexible, and we are sure you’ll enjoy whatever pops up. You could hop a train or a plane to somewhere different. Or, perhaps go see a movie that you normally wouldn’t. You might even meet someone new and different that lights a spark. They say it only takes a spark to light a fire. Take it from there. Let off a little steam on Sunday afternoon. All in all, you have little to complain about this weekend. Next week: Responsibility and your career come calling.  RRRRR

Virgo – One on one relationships are highlighted this weekend. Others require your attention, so make it your pleasure. We are pretty certain that you’ll be pleased. There could be a couple of surprises along the way, so be flexible and don’t get too upset by any disruption that might occur. Be diplomatic in how you state your case on Friday, and others will feel that you have given them a fair shake. Saturday evening looks especially joyful and happy for you. Make sure that you are out and about to experience this positive energy. However, you could be in a contentious and argumentative mood on Sunday morning. A bit of restraint is called for. Next week: You might want to take a holiday vacation.  RRRRR

Libra – You might want to check off a couple of items on your to do list before getting into weekend mode. It is full speed ahead with regard to your goals, but don’t step on others’ toes. By Friday afternoon, you may not be able to keep at it as others want your attention. You’ll have more fun by making it your pleasure. Others seem determined to have their way with you. Perhaps, it’s best to let others see the consequences of their actions. Integrate your energies with those of the people around you. Even so, you may feel pulled in two different directions. On Saturday, your mind will be working overtime, and you could utter some shocking comments (to others). Try not to close down if someone hurts your feelings on Sunday. You’ll feel better if you remain open to discussion. Next week: A partner moves in close. RRRRR

Scorpio – A child or loved one could delight you on Friday morning. Be Friday afternoon, you discover that you have a lot to do with Christmas creeping up on us all. You might also need to make some sort of repair to something on Friday. Be careful with those credit cards this year. Things could get a little tighter in the next couple of years. Nevertheless, you seem to instinctively know how to make loved ones enjoy the holidays. Speak your mind on Saturday as others want to communicate with you. Your cell phone will likely get a workout. You could get lucky on Sunday as you exhibit an energy of exuberance, optimism, and adventure. Next week: Defer to others.  RRRRR

Sagittarius – You could get a late start on Friday, although you might do a bit of work at home. Sleep in if you can though. The archer’s playful and adventurous spirit is on display for most of the remainder of the weekend. Your holidays spirit soars as fun and romance are in the air. Nevertheless, the unexpected could arrive from out of the blue on Friday night. It’s likely just a momentary disruptions. Others are drawn to you on Saturday, and you have the ability to cheer them up (even more than usual). And, you could spend a good sum of money for something you think is beautiful for your home. You may need to rein yourself in a bit on Sunday. Next week: Time to get back to work/reality.  RRRRR

Capricorn – Return calls, email, and text messages on Friday morning. Say what needs to be said, and then you are likely to spend the greater part of the weekend at home and with family. And, your need to relate to your partner is also enhanced. A family member could be a bit wild for your tastes, but you’ll likely enjoy this person’s uniqueness this weekend as your own imagination is stimulated. You seem to instinctively know what is on others’ minds. A family luncheon look very pleasant on Saturday afternoon as you and others feel warm and emotionally protective of each other. Your words could be a bit sharp on Sunday, so be careful not to hurt others’ feelings. Next week: Time for the hard-working goat to become more playful.  RRRR  

Aquarius – Check to see the damage that you have inflicted on your bank account during this holiday season on Friday morning. It seems that funds just drip through your account like a leaking faucet. You will have a lot to say this weekend as you let others know that you care for them. Hang out with favorite neighbors and friends. Your mind is stimulated, and thoughts flash through your mind with such amazing speed that it is difficult for you to keep up with them. Write a few of the best ones down. Unexpected opportunities could open up for you on Saturday night. You're in a light-hearted state of mind on Sunday, and your spirit of generosity is present. Next week: Happy at home till midweek.  RRRRR

Pisces -- Quickly go for what you want on Friday morning as it will be too late later on. There is an optimistic and generous energy present. You could be dealing with financial issues for the major part of this weekend. Unexpected expenditures could occur, so you’ll want to remain flexible and alert to these events. You can make some rather transformative changes on Saturday with little effort if you so choose. You might discover that you have more power than you thought. Use it wisely, Try not to let your imagination run wild with you on Sunday afternoon. You might not see what you think you see. Allow yourself more time to interpret this. Next week: You have a lot to say.  RRRR

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