Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December 4, 2015 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to 1R – Awful

We begin the weekend with the Moon transiting hard working Virgo. Transiting Mercury in adventuresome Sagittarius squares Jupiter (in Virgo) very early Friday morning. We are quite optimistic, perhaps too much so. The Moon enters partnership oriented Libra Friday afternoon. And, then Venus enters intense and sexual Scorpio during the evening hours. How deep is your love? The Sun in Sagittarius sextiles fiery Mars in Libra on Sunday morning. Have some physical fun with a partner. And, transiting Mars (in Libra) squares Pluto in ambitious Capricorn on Sunday afternoon. Be cautious as there is too much conflicting energy and intensity now.

Aries –  You will need to defer this weekend of possible. Sort through invitations, but let someone else decide. A partner may seem surprisingly pushy. You are idealistic now, and you possible would like to help others less fortunate than yourself. Communications issues are a bit difficult or messages are delayed on Saturday. One on one related becomes more intense, and by Sunday, partnership issues and your career might not mix well. Seek common ground. Flexibility is key. Your rich imagination (your muse?) adds to your creativity. Next week: Pay close attention to the small print.  RRRRR

Taurus – While you’re creative and playful early on. it seems that you discover that you have a lot to do and a lot of ground to cover this weekend. Communication flows and you can make yourself clear on Saturday. Speak your mind. You’re energetic and can get much done, but be careful at the gym on Sunday. If at work, a coworker could be difficult. Try to keep calm. Next week: Your thinking is clear and precise, so it’s a good time to learn something new. RRRR

Gemini – Work from home on Friday if you can, and take off early. You could be a bit touchy or irritable early on. It’s time for fun and games by mid afternoon on Friday. Your playfulness is impressive, and your creativity is enhanced. Work pressures should begin to ease up a bit. Let go of a (psychological?) burden that you no longer need on Saturday. On Sunday, a child or a loved one could be a bit too aggressive for your tastes. You’ll have a wonderful time nevertheless. You can accomplish a great deal now, so it’s a great time for new beginnings. Next week: You’ll find a new way to solve an old problem.  RRRRR

Cancer – Make last minute phone calls and answer emails and text messages on Friday morning. Home and family matters claim your attention the remainder of the weekend. Stay close to home if you can. You have great attention to detail, and you can see clearly on Friday. You’re likely in a light-hearted mood on Saturday and also feeling quite amorous. However, the unexpected happens on Saturday night. It could be a bit of a challenge to adapt to the sweeping changes around you. Surprising energy seems to burst out all over the place on Sunday. You’re not likely to be tolerant of any restriction. A sense of freedom is in the air. Next week:You and your partner bring out the best in each other.  RRRR

Leo – Check out your money situation first on Friday. Try not to obsess over something that you might not like. Hang out with neighbors and friends later. You’ll likely have much news to report and a lot to say. Speak your mind, but be sensitive to others’ feelings. You’re quite agreeable and pleasant to be around on Friday evening. Let someone know that you care. You could be feeling a bit restless on Saturday. It could be that your sense of freedom is curbed by current circumstances. Some of those restrictions may have to do with your finances. Your mind is on serious matters on Sunday. Go ahead and let off some steam on Sunday evening. Next week: You’ll need to be flexible as information heads toward you at amazing speed.  RRRR

Virgo – You could manifest a wish or dream on Friday morning, and a friend could be helpful. Let go of something, and claim your power. By late afternoon, you could be difficult to find. Where you are or what you are up to is a mystery. Getting lucky would be our guess. You also might want to talk to someone about your feelings.You’re also a good listener. Get a better handle on your values. What do you value? The correct answer to that question could open up appropriate opportunities for you. Balance your checkbook. Next week: You’ll have a sense of having survived heavy challenges in the past. RRRR

Libra – Sleep in late on Friday morning if possible. You could be late getting started this weekend, but once you get going, you could be unstoppable. And, who would even want to try. Go for what you want this weekend as it is one of your best of the year. You’re creative on Friday, and you’ll be quite productive if you work in the creative industry. A burst of energy helps to eliminate a world-weary feeling on Saturday. But, be careful of all the excess energy on Sunday as you could be accident-prone. Integrate your energies with the people around you. Group efforts are favored. Next week: Speak your mind and seek new knowledge.  RRRRR

Scorpio – Friends are helpful on Friday morning. Zero in on what you want then. The power of positive thinking is with you. Later, you do your vanishing act and no seems to know where you are. You are probably feeling impatient with your regular daily routine. And, this air of mystery adds to your already impressive powers of seduction. Whoever you are with on Sunday is lucky as your libido is enhanced. Hopefully, you enjoy physical intensity. Be careful and be safe. Next week: Try not to become obsessed with a matter of little importance to you.  RRRR

Sagittarius – You’re in charge on Friday morning. Handle your responsibilities then, so that you can have some fun with your friends later. You could manifest a wish or dream this weekend. You might be inclined to keep your opinions to yourself even though you have a bit of a fighting spirit now. But, on Saturday evening it could be fairly easy to fly off the handle. You may need to calm down. Be careful with your finances on Sunday. Fun doesn’t have to cost so much. You could be obsessed with something that really doesn’t matter that much to you. Next week: You’re loaded with energy, so get some exercise. Do you have a gym membership.  RRRRR

Capricorn – Take a different route to work today. Even a trip to the office can be an adventure on Friday morning. You could even make a new friend. If so, give him or her plenty of space. Your leadership abilities are in demand this weekend, and you’re a force to be reckoned with. You’re optimistic, and your actions might be blessed as a result. You see the big picture better now. On Sunday, you might want to ease up a bit as you likely have a more difficult time relating to others. Slow down. Next week: You could have a deeply satisfying and liberating experience with someone close to you.  RRRRR

Aquarius – Spend the morning hours with someone that you deem special. Later, you are going to want to look for some sort of new adventure since you’ll likely be quite restless. Group activities are favored. On Saturday, the unexpected happens and you might be quite thrilled about it all. Even so, help others who are not so thrilled about surprises. Reform the elements in your life that need reforming. On Sunday, you might want to make some plans regarding your career. Be careful how you speak to others today since your words could be sharp. A behind the scenes matter could be of concern. Next week: You’ll feel contented and at ease. If single, a new romantic interest could emerge.   RRRRR

Pisces -- Defer to others this weekend. Sort through invitations as you likely have many to choose from. See if there is someone that you fancy. Spend some time with your significant other beginning Friday afternoon. If single, get to know someone a little better. One on one relating is favored. Communication flourishes on Saturday, and you could exchange some very creative and idealistic/romantic ideas. Someone could be a bit provocative on Sunday, but peace is restored by the evening hours. Next week: The power of positive thinking leads to very creative mental activity. RRRRR

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