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Relationship Analysis: The Luminaries - Jacqueline Bigar

I have a special guest blogger here for everyone today. She is famed astrologer Jacqueline Bigar of Bigar's Stars. Please leave questions in the comments section if you feel comfortable doing so. You can also send her email at She is discussing the luminaries in relationship analysis, and I also asked her to let us know any differences in the analysis for gay couples as compared to straight couples. The discussion begins below.

I approach astrology with a Jungian slant.  Jung believed we all have male  and female qualities within. Some of us are more "yin than Yang" or the "animus is stronger than their anima" or vice versa.

With straight people..the Sun represents the male in a woman's life plus her career, In a man's chart, it is him and his career, The moon in a man's chart,is the type of woman he needs on a deep level and in a woman;s chart it is her. 

The aspects between these two luminaries in one's chart determines the relationship history or experience of the individual whose chart we are looking at. In fact, an astrologer does not really need the other party's data to see what is going on in a relationship by looking at the client's chart.

 If one is a gay, certain adjustments need to be made, The relationship experience of an individual still can be seen in an individual's chart through the interacting of the sun and moon, but when comparing a chart, they’re adjustments that need to be made.

Usually who has the more dominant or male chart is obvious but sometimes it isn't. 

My gay cousin pointed out when I posed to him my dilemma:" just ask who is on top and you will find out who or which party the Sun signifies".  He was right. The issue of dominance comes through on many levels in a relationship and not just sexually. This is true of all emotional relationships.  The issues that might manifest sexually will be elsewhere.

 If you are gay, please take the above into consideration as what I have written as I write for or have written up to now for straight people in general.. If you have any questions about the above, please feel free to write me. 

And. more from Jacqueline:

Relationships, relationships and relationships are the only words I am hearing from clients. No wonder with the previous Mars/Venus conjunction in earthy Virgo and the Venus retro earlier this year. And, Venus and Mars have now entered partnership-oriented Libra. Thinking about relating is what we are supposed to be doing.

A client asked me today: can one be free and relate?

I am one who loves her freedom more than anything. I thought that was an interesting question. I answered: the possibility lies in meeting someone who has the same juggling of freedom and relating. Why? I asked, with a twinkle in my eye. She gave me her new beau's birth data.

Our relationship capacity and needs are defined by the luminaries, the sun and moon, and in that definition comes the words intimacy, abuse , defensive ,open...and many more..

These traits are so locked in your natal chart that a good astrologer can tell you the nature of the relationship you are in and what the issues are without the other party's chart. When I sometimes do that type of glance in a reading not involving the relationship or without the other party's data , the client asks: if you can do that, why do astrologers use synastry and composites? Great question. I will be dealing with that in a couple of other blog posts.

Compatibility is such an interesting word as its meaning varies from couple to couple, person to person and astrologer to astrologer. No one can define compatibility for anyone unless they understand what the person being read needs, which once more goes back to the Natal Chart, and most importantly the sun and moon.

I often hear that progressions are where it is at. I can promise you one thing, if something is going to happen, it has to be in the Natal chart to become even a possibility.

The one progression I do use with relationships or someone seeking a relationship is the one that determines when and if you are going to meet the love of your life. Sadly, in some charts it never occurs. This has convinced me that anyone fortunate enough to have this progression in their chart needs to be thankful, for that experience.

One client who had this progression happening met the love of her life. She fell madly in love with him and years later the couple still coo like lovebirds..but getting there..ouch.

She and He had many relationship issues preventing intimacy. They were hell on wheels with each other for roughly 8 years. (I know. It was wild reading them during this period) Eventually they decided no longer to break up as they always went back together. Then they started to work through their issues. Now they just accept and love each other to pieces. Acceptance is true love you know, not wanting to change the person but loving them as they are.

So I ask you what would the love of your life look like?

I am sure what you would tell me would be different than what another person might say. Therefore, the importance of sun(man) and moon(woman) in the natal chart.

In how those two planets interact one can read the relationship history, and if you are in a relationship presently. Astrologers can see your intimacy needs through a complete study of the moon and sun and their interaction. The Moon is also Mom and the Sun is also Dad. In the same study, we learn the interactions of the parents, as to how the child now grownup whose chart viewed their relationship.

Yesterday a client told me how very depressed she was. Then her marriage came up where there was heavy abuse, physical and mental. (She is leaving the bond).
She discussed how her therapist asked if she was abused. She said, no never. My Dad and Mom never even spanked me.

She looked at me with a curious why? I explained to her we model off our parents' relationship. Their interaction is what we come to think of as loving. She got quiet and said. DAD slugged Mom nearly every night, until one day, I was 10. She took a frying pan...

So: her work will be learning that loving which had been the parents’ model was not necessarily really love as many define it or how she "mentally" wanted to picture love. People have a very hard time moving from being attracted to the type who can provide a mimic of the parents' bond. It can happen, and it is hard work.

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