Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Asteroids Of Love (Updated for Asteroid's sign placement on July 8, 2018 @ 12:00 PM PDT)

Astrologers look at a number of other cosmic bodies and points in a chart other than planets to do analysis and to make predictions. One must first look at the major planets, and especially the Sun and the Moon in a chart; however, asteroids can add a little more flavor or color to the analysis. And, being the incurable romantic that I am, my favorite asteroids are the ones that symbolize love, romance, passion, and (yes) sex. I’ll list some below with symbolic meanings and interpretations and with, perhaps, some comments.

Ceres -- Mother, nurturing, feeding emotional and physical needs. Taking care of each other. This one will always protect you, but too much can be smothering. Ceres is now transiting the sign of Virgo.

Juno -- Civil marriage, committed and bonded relationships, legal ties and protection of rights within a relationship. Debbi Kempton-Smith says of this asteroid: “Helpless feelings. You can get away with it, too. If you have it in the third box, the car box, you can bat your lashes at the traffic cop and apologize in a foreign language. He’ll more often than not let you go with a warning.” I would not advise trying that, however. Juno is now transiting the sign of Taurus.

Vesta -- Devotion and dedication to beliefs. Tantric sex and passion for ritual. Sex as spiritual transformation. A workaholic and sometimes celibate. Vesta is now transiting the sign of Sagittarius.

Psyche -- Perseverance of love, connection of a psychic nature, awakening of intuition, soul seeking completion. A soulmate or always looking for a soulmate. Psyche is also associated with unrequited love because she was eventually rejected by Eros. Psyche (#16) is now transiting the sign of Scorpio.

Sappho -- Sexual attraction, deep appreciation of self and others, poetic, artistic, refined, and cultured. Very passionate. Sappho (#80) is associated with lesbianism. Sappho is now transiting the sign of Taurus.

Eros -- Erotic love, sexual or creative revelation that brings two people together to form a lasting transformation. Debbi Kempton-Smith says of this asteroid: “The smitten heart. If her eros is on your whatsis, look out! Troo love funnies time. Bubbles forever.“ Eros is a mini version of Mars. He was also the patron god of homosexuality. Eros (#433) is now transiting the sign of Aries.

Cupido -- The look of love, aware of image, being tantalized by the reflection, seeing is exciting and foreboding. Its energy is flirtatious and playful. Natally, the individual can be interested in bringing people together, a matchmaker. Cupido (#763) is an indicator of sexual attraction in synastry. Cupido is now transiting the sign of Cancer.

Amor -- Love as felt idealistically, romanticize in pure and unconditional thought, not necessarily sexual. A more mature and romantic love. Amor (#1221) is now transiting the sign of Aries.

Aphrodite -- Impulsive love and attraction, love inspired by fated events, animosity turning to magnetism, charisma. Aphrodite (#1388) is a mini version of Venus. She was married to Adonis. Aphrodite is now transiting the sign of Capricorn.

Anteros -- The brother of Eros, love returned, or love avenged. The answer to love’s longing, a place to finally meet. Anteros (#1943) is now transiting the sign of Taurus.

Adonis -- Spellbound love, sexual magnetism, the desire to arouse, please and fulfill the beloved. Potent tie. Adonis (#2101) can signify your ideal man by sign, aspect, and house. He also had homosexual relations and thus can also be an an indicator of male homosexuality. Adonis is now transiting the sign of Virgo.

Pan -- Seductive and earthy sensuality, creative, wily, and likely to instill “panic” to produce change or contact. Pan (#4450) is now transiting the sign of Leo.

Lilith -- A darker & more hidden sexuality, a promise of high levels of sexual satisfaction by allowing hidden self/ fantasies to emerge in sexual expression. This one can take you to the best sex you have ever had, yet veering toward the more positive energy of this is advised, so treat each other with respect. Lilith is now transiting the sign of Capricorn. We are speaking of dark Moon Lilith here (rather than Asteroid #1181). It's not an Asteroid, but it's significant enough to include.

Casanova -- Casanova represents a promiscuous male, a seducer of many women, a player who shuns commitment. Casanova (#7328) is currently transiting the sign of Cancer.

Bacchus -- Bacchus is associated with wild orgies, groupies, highly sexual and unrestrained sex, group sex, Baccantes, and rock stars, and often indicates sex accompanied by drugs. Bacchus (#2063) is currently transiting the sign of Leo.

Ganymed -- Ganymed was the lover of Zeus who overtook Hebe's place as cupbearer to the gods. He was placed in the constellation of Aquarius, the water-bearer. So, Ganymed is an indicator of homosexuality. Ganymed (#1036) is currently transiting the sign of Virgo.

Lust -- Lust represents lust and sexual motivation, as well as lascivious personality or behavior. It can be an indicator of sexual addiction and/or non-committal sex. Lust (#4386) is currently transiting Leo.

Nymphe -- Nymphe can indicate someone who is over sexed. It's more often associated with women who pursue no-strings-attached sex. Nymphe (#875) is now transiting the sign of Leo.

** Special thanks to Dave Campbell, Vice President Of The American Federation Of Astrologers. I got information on a number of the asteroids above from his advanced Astrology class on asteroids.  


  1. Lilith in Sagittarius of the 5th House in the birth chart

    1. Naughty, but fun - if you're into that sort of thing.