Thursday, November 26, 2015

November 27, 2015 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to 1R – Awful

The weekend begins with the Moon transiting the sign of the twin, Gemini. Transiting Saturn remains in very close square to transiting Neptune (was exact on Thursday). The Moon moves into family-oriented Cancer late Friday morning. Home and family are the focus then, and our emotions are deepened. The Sun (in adventuresome Sagittarius) conjoins strict hard-working Saturn (also in Sagittarius) late Sunday afternoon. The Sun then squares dreamy Neptune (in Pisces) early Sunday evening. Our dreams and wishes may run headlong into reality, and it could feel a bit like being on the Titanic. Try to go with the flow. The Moon moves into dramatic Leo late Sunday night as well. Our response to the previously mentioned aspects could be dramatic.

Aries –  You may need to make a couple of calls before settling in on Friday. Work from home if you can. As a matter of fact, you may want to stay close to home the entire weekend. Have others over to your place. It’s not usually your MO, but why not have a pleasant laid-back weekend with others. A pleasant time with the possibility of a sexual encounter awaits. Your leadership abilities will be on display nevertheless. Let off some steam on Sunday morning. A behind the scenes matter could be confusing. It will likely be an important development, and might involve foreign matters, legal issues, or long distance travel. Try to keep an open mind. Next week: Your creative (and sexual) energies are stimulated.  RRRR

Taurus – Pay a bill or two on Friday  morning. Later, have a chat with friends and neighbors. Speak your mind. You are likely concerned with serious matters on Friday. Your eye is sharp, and you’ll be able to find missing pieces of the puzzle. Smooth out any difficulties with loved ones on Saturday. Whatever you do, don’t be alone. Have a talk with someone you trust about your deepest emotions on Sunday afternoon. It’s good to let these emotions out from time to time even though you are usually more reserved. Some long hidden or nebulous matter concerning a friend may come to light by Sunday. Mosey on home early. Next week: Intensity and a massive push on the career and professional reputation front.  RRRRR

Gemini – Go for what you want quickly on Friday morning. After that, it could be too late. You seriously need to deal with your finances this weekend. When was the last time you balanced your checkbook? Better check it out now. Seek practical answers and avoid a risk on Friday. Pay attention to details. Seek increased mental and verbal stimulation through your friends and associates on Saturday. Enjoy some light-hearted repartee. You may need to let go of something on Sunday. Work and career concerns are both very serious and somewhat vague this weekend, and especially on Sunday. Matters concerning an older relative or loved one could become critical. Next week: You’ll likely emerge from a crisis considerable stronger. RRR

Cancer – Sleep in late on Friday morning if you can. Your ruling planet, the Moon, shines down on you by noon. Go for what you want then and smile. Don’t sweep any real problems under the carpet on Friday. Nevertheless, pleasant and light-hearted interactions occur. You have great attention to detail and a critical eye on Saturday, but guard against negative thinking or moodiness. You’ll make discoveries and encounter new people on Sunday. The energy is exciting. You could get lucky as lady luck smiles upon you. However, you may need to deal with a critical one on one relationship matter. Next week: Financial issues require your attention.  RRRRR

Leo – Your friends are important to you on Friday morning. Make a desired goal happen. You might want to shake things up a bit. You could be nowhere to be found the remainder of the weekend till Sunday evening. You show up on the scene with a big smile which is bound to elicit curiosity. Others wonder where you’ve been and what you’ve been up to. We won’t tell if you don’t.  Go for what you desire and watch what happens. You project warmth and concern for others. Your physical vitality is stimulated and you can accomplish quite a bit. New opportunities to be personally effective open up as a result. Be willing to try new things. Next week: Look for common ground with others. RRRR  

Virgo – You’re in charge on Friday morning. You’ll be able to resolve some complex problems with your attention to detail. You’ll get done what you need to, and then having good times with friends will be your focus for much of the remainder of the weekend. You may experience some extreme emotionalism on Saturday. Don’t obsess on a thought that you may not like. It’s probably not as serious as you think. Mentally flogging a problem to death will not solve it. Keep your cool as the unexpected happens. Pressure builds, and on Sunday home and family and partnership issues collide. A secret may come to light causing confusion and changes. Next week: You and a partner may not be on the same wavelength.  RRR

Libra – Take a look at the big picture on Friday morning. Your clarity is probably a bit better than others now, but not by much. Take the lead the remainder of the weekend as you are in charge and a force to be reckoned with. You might want to communicate something very important to a loved one on Friday. You’ll enjoy the company of others on Saturday. You’ll also be working to make profound changes and to build a foundation that will last. Have a good time with friends on Sunday evening. You might run into a delay or two, but your mental agility will help you to hop over any obstacles. Be careful with health and work issues. Next week: Your mental perspicacity is impressive, and friends notice. RRRR

Scorpio – Spend some time with someone special on Friday morning. You love this type of close intimacy. Your powers of persuasion are quite present, and you experience emotional richness in your communications with others. New adventures await the remainder of the weekend. A short out of town trip might be fun. But, be careful if you’re on a scuba diving adventure. Your good mood is infectious, so celebrate. You could get lucky. Creative changes head your way on Sunday, and you’re excited about them. However, a creative project may turn out to be more expensive than you thought. Next week: Challenge the status quo. RRRR

Sagittarius – Defer to others this weekend. One on one relating takes up much of your time till Sunday evening. Your mind is clear, and you can communicate your purposes and other issues to others. The unexpected happens late in the afternoon on Friday. You have great confidence in your views, and your energy level is high on Saturday. You do not mince your words with flowery speech. Stand up for yourself and don’t be so willing to compromise. There could be an adventure or two on Sunday night as you have a pleasant feeling of restlessness. A difficult home or family issue could come to a head by Sunday. Hang in there. Next week: Your physical vitality is impressive.  RRR

Capricorn – Finish up some work you have to do on Friday morning. It’s a good time for mental work, and you plan effectively. Others require your attention the remainder of the weekend. Your popularity is definitely on the rise. You are feeling more light-hearted and sociable these days. You’re also able to make others feel good, so it’s a good time for love relationships. You might encounter a new love interest if single. And, you could also make some good investments. Larger issues in life capture your attention on Saturday, and you might think about traveling. You’ll seek good times and pleasurable activities on Sunday, and you’ll likely be quite indulgent. Next week: You have a good grasp of how various situations affect you.  RRRRR

Aquarius – You might have a flirtation or some creative ideas on Friday morning. Later, you’ll have work to do. It seems that your to do list is what gets the attention this weekend, although you might get an invitation for Sunday evening. You may be feeling intellectually competitive and argumentative on Friday. Are you spoiling for a fight? You have an independent and rebellious spirit. The astrological atmosphere changes on Saturday, and a kind word restores the peace. Petty issues are suddenly uninteresting. You’ll be full of energy and feel very alive on Sunday. Perhaps it’s a good day to go to the gym. You’ll make interesting new discoveries about your routine, and you’ll make exciting new encounters with others. Your life has an exciting quality about it now. Next week: You’ll discover the depths of your soul and achieve an inner dignity as a result. RRRR

Pisces -- You’re happy at home on Friday morning. Later, however, the fun and games begin. Your creativity is highlighted, and romance may be on the menu as well. You are quite the sweet talker on Friday. You’re in tune with your feelings. Your taste for beauty is aroused on Saturday. Let someone know that you care about him or her. Your emotions color your communications with others on Sunday, and your moods change rapidly. Reality may confront some of your more idealistic dreams and fantasies. Call it an early evening on Sunday as you’ll need the rest. Next week: Your libido is turned up to very high. RRRR

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