Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November 6, 2015 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible   to 1R – Awful

We begin the weekend with the Moon transiting earthy detail-oriented Virgo. And, transiting Mercury (in Scorpio) trines transiting Neptune (in Pisces) early on Friday morning. Our words are intense, sensitive and imaginative. The Moon enters romantic partnership-oriented Libra early on Saturday morning. And, Venus follows suit early on Sunday morning by entering Libra.

Aries – You may need to finish up a creative project before enjoying the weekend. Your mental ability to manifest what is in your creative imagination is impressive. Others desire your energetic presence on Saturday and Sunday. Make it your pleasure. One person in particular could have a very powerful effect on you. Your professional ambitions are in tune with your domestic life now. If single, you might be tempted to get involved with someone at work. If so, consider the consequences. Use your energy and make changes for the benefit of all and the general good on Sunday. Next week: Consider the big picture.  RRRRR

Taurus - Others certainly enjoy it when you are in a playful mood like you are on Friday. Creativity surges, and love and romance is favored. Not much pleases the bull more than a fun romp. Emotions are intense, but watch a tendency to be possessive. A friend’s imagination has been on display. Focus on your daily routine, work, and your health on Saturday and Sunday. Take a look at your to do list. Professional matters are favored. You may need to keep a tight rein on yourself on Sunday. Don’t race in like a wrecking ball. Next week: Allow others to challenge your thinking.  RRRRR  

Gemini – While it might be a bit odd for you, you are enjoying your home and staying home quite a bit this year. And, Friday is no different. Your restful and pleasant mood may not last all day, however. It seems that others are coming out of the woodwork in an effort to provoke you. However, the child in you wants to surface in a big way on Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Your playful nature and your creativity are impressive. Bottled up pressures from work or family will not be easy to deal with, so use your playful energy to release those tensions. You have imaginative power on Sunday, but you’re reluctant to take action. Why? Have faith in your good fortune. Next week: You’ll benefit from the power of positive thinking.  RRRRR  

Cancer – You may have a lot to say on Friday; most of your words are likely optimistic and pleasant, although a few might be a bit sharp and/or sarcastic. Nevertheless, you need to communicate your feelings. You will defend your views and beliefs with emotional and passionate fervor. No one loves home and family like the Moonchild. And, that is where your focus is on Saturday and Sunday. Love requires courage, but guard against a taste of jealousy or guilt. The unexpected happens early on Sunday afternoon. Next week: Brainstorm with others.  RRRR

Leo – Focus on your finances on Friday. You most likely have been quite fortunate in this area lately. Know that you have much to offer, although the big green monster might take hold of you just for a moment. Nevertheless, love relationships are favored. On Saturday and Sunday, state your case and speak you mind. You’ll need to look at the big picture as energy seems to burst out all over the place. Either you or your partner may feel a need to assert his or her freedom. Your hopes and wishes are important. Discussions are provocative on Sunday. You’ll solve an old problem in a new way.  RRRR

Virgo – The Moon puts you in the spotlight on Friday. What would make you smile? Go for it. Emotion, luck, and energy work in your favor. Love and passion are also favored. Pay bills and check your bank statement on Saturday and Sunday. Communications with your partner are intense and imaginative. You feel good and seem to be affectionate with just about everyone. You can smooth over any problems with others. Your objectives are clear, but listen to others’ ideas anyway. Make sure your frame of reference is objective and that you pay attention to the needs of others. Next week: Seek a deeper understanding of the suffering of others.  RRRR

Libra – You are probably nowhere to be found on Friday. That’s just fine as this mysterious aura is sexy and encourages curiosity. There is no need to explain. You’re in an orderly state of mind wherever you are. On Saturday, you show up on the scene all smiles. Go for what you want then. We hope you have rested up as the unexpected happens on Saturday afternoon, probably as a result of your independent and rebellious spirit. You’re becoming more and more magnetic as Venus, your ruling planet, enters your sign on Sunday. Your libido is turned up to high, and love and sex are favored. Next week: Let go of something that you no longer need.  RRRRR

Scorpio – Find your friends for some fun on Friday. At least one of them has a sense of humor that you enjoy. A child’s imagination is impressive, and you might want to tell others about it. It appears that your own romantic imagination is also stimulated. Use your power creatively. You once again do your vanishing act on Saturday through Sunday. Where you are, very few know. Your mysterious ways are obvious. New beginnings are highlighted. What do you want to accomplish this next year. Make a plan and go for it. Happy birthday all Scorpios. Next week: You see the world with greater sensitivity.  RRRR

Sagittarius – You’re likely in charge of events on Friday. A force to be reckoned with, you’ll handle your responsibilities and authority well. You could receive a compliment on your beautiful home. Your relationship with others is warm and friendly. Emotions intensify later in the evening. Group activities are favored on Saturday and Sunday. Find your friends. Perhaps a benefit to raise money for your favorite charity would be both fun and fulfilling. Don’t do anything half-heatedly. Give it your all and you’ll be happy with the results. Blow off some steam on Saturday afternoon, but call it an early night. Next week: You experience life with greater emotional intensity.  RRRRR

Capricorn – Take off from work on Friday if you can. You’re probably bored with the routine and need to look for something new and different. A short weekend trip would be fun. Or, perhaps just a good movie. You may want to contemplate the loftier aspects of life. Professional responsibilities come calling on Saturday through Sunday. You will handle them with your usual efficiency if you don’t allow your feelings to overwhelm your natural intellect. Your opinions are in flux. You might want to show off just a bit on Sunday. Go ahead, and don’t stand on ceremony. Next week: Your relationships are stable and mature.  RRRRR

Aquarius – Spend some quality time with your sweetheart on Friday. You can communicate your feelings more easily now. If you’re single, get to know someone you find very interesting a little bit better. You might also need to deal with insurance or tax matters. You, however, may want to take a walk on the wild side on Saturday and/or Sunday. Look for the new and different. If single, someone exotic or foreign may catch your eye. You may have some powerful desires on Saturday. But, don’t let them turn into jealousy. While you feel nurturing and protective of others on Sunday, you will still need to know and understand your limitations. Next week: Relax and unwind.  RRRRR

Pisces – Defer to others on Friday. Let someone else make the plans, but use your creative imagination anyway. Your intuition or your sixth sense is impressive. Let off some steam later on in the evening. One on one relationships are intense and pleasant on Saturday and Sunday. You’re very in touch with your feelings, and love can be a source of inspiration. You may want to show a new side of your personality on Saturday, and you’ll make new and different/exciting friends in the process. There is something of a maternal instinct in the way you care for others on Sunday. Next week: Assert yourself.  RRRRR

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