Wednesday, November 18, 2015

November 20, 2015 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to 1R – Awful

We begin the weekend with the Moon transiting dreamy Pisces. Mercury enters Sagittarius late Friday morning. We communicate in a more adventuresome manner. Venus squares Pluto (in Capricorn) early Friday evening. Control issues permeate partnership matters. The Moon enters Aries early Saturday morning. We become more assertive and willing to take action to get what we want. The Sun enters Sagittarius early Sunday morning. For the next month, we are more generous as well as adventuresome. Many will travel.

Aries – You might want to lay low till Saturday this weekend. On Saturday, you charge on to the scene in true ram style. You know what you want and how to go for it. Nevertheless, an obsession with a partner or perhaps jealousy could throw you off balance. Long buried tensions could surface on Saturday. Careful. Your adventuresome spirit kicks in fully by Sunday. You might want to enlarge the scope of your activities in the immediate future. Try to make decisions that will benefit everyone in a group. A burst of energy will carry you through. For some, a friendship might develop into something more. Next Week: Profound changes in your life will help to rid you of old psychological burdens.   RRRRR

Taurus – Friends seek you out on Friday, A good time will likely be had by all. Transformative energies emerge allowing you to make the changes that you need. Your voice will be heard, and you’ll make an impact. Your more mysterious nature kicks in on Saturday and Sunday, and you could be difficult to find. A little more R & R might be good for you. Nevertheless, it may seem as if others are coming out of the woodwork just to provoke you. Could it be that you have been sending out hostile signals yourself? It’s something to consider. In a relationship, you may want to let your hands do the talking. Next week: Your dreams could be revealing and aid in the healing process.  RRRR

Gemini – Professional and career concerns require your attention on Friday. These responsibilities may require that you postpone the good times this weekend till Saturday as work issues remain heavy for many of you. There may also be a power issue in a relationship, or perhaps a sexual issue is the problem. Your feelings may overwhelm your rational intellect. Your friends come to the rescue on Saturday, and the party begins. You feel protective and nurturing toward them, and those good feelings are returned. Let your hair down and enjoy yourself. The way to your heart could be through your stomach. You might want to clear the air with a loved one. Next week: You come to realize that you are in the same boat as others, and your shadows are beginning to show as well.  RRRR

Cancer – Optimism and sensitivity work well for you on Friday. Your relationships are reliable and stable at this time. Your partner can be a source of great support. You might want to get more in touch with your passionate side, however. Perhaps a short trip would also add to your well-being. Otherwise, responsibility falls on your shoulders on Saturday and Sunday. Nevertheless, you are a force to be reckoned with. An unexpected disruption in a partnership could occur out of the blue on Saturday. Things seem to happen so quickly that it is difficult for you to process it all in a timely fashion. Perhaps you need to realign your goals to that of your group. Next week: You will need to learn to adapt to major changes.  RRRRR

Leo – Intimate one on one relationships are the focus for lions on Friday this weekend. Spend quality time with your sweetie. You are happily indulgent, and enjoying yourself immensely during the evening hours. Or, if you’re single, get to know someone who interests you a bit better. On Saturday and Sunday, it’s time to look for new adventures. Explore something new. Your wheels are turning rapidly on Saturday, and you might spend a good deal of time chattering to yourself. You’re in an amorous mood on Sunday, although you may have difficulty juggling everything so that you can express this mood. Next week: Your intense optimism helps you to achieve success, but guard against excessive expectations.  RRRRR

Virgo – Defer to others on this weekend. Your popularity is clearly on the rise as invitations come in from left and right. But, you might want to let someone else decide on Friday. Just be yourself, and others will enjoy being around you. Spend time with someone that you deem special on Saturday and Sunday. Perhaps this person could use some of the good fortune that you are experiencing this year. You may need to guard against feelings of irritability or touchiness, however. On the other hand, you can easily defend your point of view. Careful with your words anyway. Laying a guilt trip on others is not a good idea either. Fortunately, you’re in a more generous and optimistic mood by Sunday afternoon. Next week: Increased empathy and spiritual understanding characterizes your relationships with others.  RRRR  

Libra – You may think that there is no rest for the weary on Friday as you are likely dealing with piles of work. Be aware of the need for creative change in your life, and guard against accidents as you may be moving too fast. On the other hand, you have the energy to get much done now. And, that’s a good thing, because others want your attention on Saturday and Sunday. Sort through invitations, and allow the social butterfly within you out. Your charming manner is sure to please. Others respond to your magnetism now. There seems to be a refined spirituality within your love relationships. You could be a bit touchy on Sunday if you let your ego get the best of you. Next week: You continue to make gradual but profound changes in your life.  RRRRR

Scorpio – You’re likely already enjoying the fun and games by Friday. Your ego seems less important, and others love seeing this playful side of your personality. Romance is definitely favored. By Saturday, you will need to deal with issues related to work and/or health. You could have a lengthy to do list, and you’ll want to get a bit of exercise in. Take a stand on Saturday as you may need to convince someone of something you deem important or of some significance. You’re emotionally excitable early Saturday evening. You can be your own best friend on Sunday by gaining a better perspective on the issues that have upset or injured you in the past. Maybe those things aren’t so bad after all. Next week: Transient relationships seem to have a liberating effect upon you making you feel more alive.  RRRR  

Sagittarius – You may need to deal with home and/or family issues on Friday. You could feel as though you are being pulled in two different directions. While home is where your heart is, things may not be what they seem. If not, the light of reality will shine on those issues soon. On Saturday and Sunday, the adventuresome archer comes out to play and have a good time. Your creativity gets a boost as well. Your libido is enhanced, and physical passion is important. Love is in the air, and it has the power to heal as well as making you feel pleasantly excited. Your more unconventional side is awakened on Sunday. You’re witty and intelligent and full of optimism. Next week: Your ambitions are intense now, but consider others when making decisions/moves. RRRRR

Capricorn – You have quite a bit of information to convey to others on Friday. Some of it is valuable, and some of it is simply very interesting. Your mind is quite stimulated. You likely feel quite contented and sociable. Others may wonder why you have been keeping your more optimistic ideas to yourself. On Saturday and Sunday, your home and family life is lively and most likely lots of fun. Nevertheless, your mind is on more serious concerns on Saturday. You’ll be able to make needed corrections. Your testosterone level is off the charts on Sunday, but you may want to slow down a bit as the unexpected happens. By Sunday night, you will likely find yourself trying to understand and intellectualize what has occurred. Next week: You desire things of beauty and are far more sociable than usual.  RRRR

Aquarius – You may need to deal with financial issues on Friday. Some (maybe many) of you are probably not being realistic with regard to money issues. The fog could intensify now. Nevertheless, you are in touch with your feelings and are sensitive to others. The unexpected happens within a love relationship. On Saturday and Sunday, hang out with friends and neighbors. Chat away and speak your mind. You might find it difficult to get a word in edgewise as a friend is determined to chatter on incessantly. Even so, your attention to detail is impressive. Take an overview on Sunday. You might want to pass some of your positive thinking on to someone else. Next week: You continue to be an agent for change, but don’t forget the feelings of others and your own.  RRRR

Pisces – Go for what you want on Friday as it’s now or never for this weekend. You’re in the limelight, and others respond to you in a positive manner. Some may find you a bit difficult to understand as your ruling planet has again switched directions and is moving forward. Look for common ground. It’s time to balance the checkbook and perhaps revise the budget on Saturday and Sunday. Please know that you have much to offer. You tend to be realistic with regard to your relationships now. They aren’t particularly exciting, but they are longer lasting. You could be quite irritable and touchy on Sunday. It would not be wise for anyone to cross you. Calm down, and it’ll be fine. Next week: Your inner voice can help to rid you of irrelevant structures in your life.  RRRR  

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