Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Day 2016

On Thanksgiving Day 2016, the Moon is transiting the sign of diplomatic and peace loving Libra. We are in the mood for pleasant times and/or love. Partnership matters surface. Transiting Jupiter squares transiting Pluto in the afternoon hours. Try to avoid power plays. The Moon conjoins transiting Jupiter during the evening hours (7:21 PST on the West Coast). We feel a sense of joy and well being then. Happy Thanksgiving!

Aries –  Let your partner or significant other take the lead this Thanksgiving Day. It will give you a chance to chill out and relax a bit. You don’t always have to be in charge. As a matter of fact, you might enjoy kicking back today. Steer clear of a boss, higher up, or authoritarian family member or parent, however.  

Taurus – You might find that you have quite a bit on your to do list this Thanksgiving. Get to  work and get it all done so that you can relax and enjoy special time with others. You might also have a minor health issue to deal with as well. It’ll be fine. Someone at a distance seems a bit controlling. Ignore this person.

Gemini – Your creativity as well as your playfulness surfaces this Thanksgiving Day. Others will likely enjoy being around you in this gregarious mood, especially since you might not have been that up and optimistic recently. Enjoy yourself to the max. A partner’s mood might be a bit heavy or depressed for your taste. Try to cheer him or her up. An unpredictable friend could help.

Cancer – This year, you are likely to enjoy your home and your family even more than usual. A boss or higher up has been unpredictable while a partner, spouse, or significant other has been intense or controlling. However, you are the star of the show on Thanksgiving Day (as usual), and you’ll love it because you love good food and warm times with family. It’s your kind of day. Celebrate.

Leo – It seems that you have a lot to say this Thanksgiving Day. And, your words are likely to be optimistic and encouraging. You’re good at cheering folks up and giving them a reason to be hopeful. Have fun and take a look at all the love that surrounds you. It will warm your heart and keep you going for quite a while.

Virgo – You may need to deal with some financial issues this Thanksgiving Day. Getting a money issue taken care of could lead to a pleasant surprise. You might have more money than you thought. Lucky you. However, if you give in to a child or other loved one, it could take a toll on your finances. Proceed carefully in this area. You’ll be on the go and working hard today. Try to slow down and enjoy being with family members; some who might be out of sorts.

Libra – This is one of your best days this month, so go for what you want on Thanksgiving Day. Your optimism and enthusiasm are impressive. However, steer clear of a controlling family member who might be trying to bring you down. Your diplomatic manner will save the day if need be. You might want to take action with regard to a creative project as you have the energy to see it through. Be thankful for your blessings this year with jolly Jupiter transiting your sign.

Scorpio – For some reason, you do not seem to be in the mood to celebrate Thanksgiving. Perhaps heaviness or difficulty on the financial or money front has you in this mood. Whatever the case may be, don’t force yourself to smile if you do not want to. On the other hand, be kind to others who may be feeling differently than yourself. Perhaps, just be a bit incognito. You’re going to be much happier over the weekend. Promise.

Sagittarius – Friends and groups of people figure prominently in your Thanksgiving forecast. You might not be in the mood for it all at first, but friends seem to be able to cheer you up. Before long, you’ll notice how much you have to be thankful for today. Be careful with your finances as it’s easy to spend more than you had planned to. A home or family issue continues to be a bit confusing. You might not have all the information.

Capricorn – It looks like you’re in charge this Thanksgiving, and you’re a force to be reckoned with. Clearly, your management and leadership skills are needed. Be careful about being too serious and/or controlling, however. The day is for relaxing, enjoying the day, and expressing thanks. It’s not a work project in which everyone needs to hustle. Take some cues from your partner or significant other. It’ll all work out.

Aquarius – You could be travelling this Thanksgiving, whether it’s traveling physically or only in your mind. Do let your mind wander. Anything different or out of the ordinary will interest you. Perhaps, take an overview of the situation as you’re better able to see the big picture these days. Afterwards, you’ll likely be in a much more optimistic state of mind. Get some exercise if you get a chance to. Transiting Mars adds to your energy level and your interest in sex.

Pisces -- Spend some time with someone you deem special on Thanksgiving Day. This is likely what will cause you to give thanks as opposed to having a big party with a large group of people. The warm feelings will grow and expand with this togetherness. Others will understand, although a friend could seem a bit pushy. Don’t let it bother you. Your more spiritual nature continues to emerge.

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