Saturday, December 3, 2016

Miscellaneous Astrological Musings - December, 2016

Flight 837:

United flight 837 took off from San Francisco International Airport at 11:36 AM PST on November 28 bound for Tokyo. Shortly after takeoff, one of the 747’s four engines burst into flames. The plane circled the airport, dumped excess fuel into the ocean outside of Monterey (unfortunately) and landed back at SFO at 1:36 PM safely. There were no injuries. The astrological chart for takeoff at SFO shows transiting Mars on the Ascendant. Transiting Jupiter was also trining the Ascendant in this chart.

The Electoral College:

The Electoral College meets on December 19, 2016 to vote for the incoming president of the USA. There might be a bit more excitement and confusion this year. Transiting Mars is in opposition to President-Elect Trump’s natal Ascendant and progressed Sun on that day. In addition to that, transiting Mercury also turns stationary retrograde. It’s possible that they might not finish their business on that day as a result. Nevertheless, I don’t expect anything to really change much. It’s still extremely likely that President-Elect Trump will be sworn into office on January 20, 2017.

Uranus Direct:

Retrograding Uranus turns stationary direct on December 28. Look for some big surprises and events around that time. In addition to that, transiting Mars will activate the September 1, 2016 solar eclipse at the end of the year. Therefore, the end of the year should be more eventful than in years past. Be careful if you’re out and about on New Year’s Eve.

Frequent Flyer Winnings:

I finally won something. I almost never win anything in any game of chance. But, now I’ve won 25K frequent flyer miles.

On November 22 I received an email message from the airline that I usually fly when traveling. It seems that I had won a frequent flyer miles sweepstakes that I had entered earlier in the year. I had won 25K frequent flyer miles. On that day, the Sun (in Sagittarius - the sign that rules air travel) sextiled (60 degree angle) my natal Jupiter (the ruler of air travel). Jupiter was in a wide square to my natal Mercury (ruler of my ninth house of air travel). And, Venus was conjunct my natal Mercury. My progressed Venus is trining my natal Uranus, and Uranus rules my fifth house of gambling and lucky chances.

December 7, 2016 is the 75th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor Attack, which brought the United States into WWII.

In drawing up the astrological chart for the attack, we find the Ascendant on Capricorn and in opposition to Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun in the USA's natal chart. Asteroid Icarus is rising (and, conjunct the Ascendant). Astrologer Al H. Morrison describes the effects of this asteroid this way: "Abrupt triumph and downfall. Like running into a pothole the size of a delivery truck." Transiting Mars is on the IC (bottom of the chart) showing the bombing and the fires on the ground. The Sun is in the twelfth house of death and loss and opposed by transiting Jupiter. The loss of life was enormous. The Moon (the people) is conjunct transiting Pluto (death).


  1. This is amazing Rick. Pearl Harbor Has been all over the news and I just got through reading a book about it. I know nothing about astrology but I am glad to tell friends my son is an Astrologer and how to find him. Proud of you Rick. Merry Christmas and Happy new year and congratulations on your the miles.That is a bunch of miles. Dad.