Tuesday, December 27, 2016

George And Carrie

Note: I wrote this post on December 27, 2016. It discusses the loss of two stars in the entertainment business and the astrological events associated with this loss. The following year has been consistent - with the loss of other entertainment stars and tragic events at entertainment venues.

We lost two bright and shining stars this week - George Michael and Carrie Fisher. Both passed away at a relatively young age. These sorts of surprising and unexpected events tend to occur when the  planet of the unexpected, Uranus, switches directions. Uranus turns stationary direct very early on December 29 (on the West Coast). Carrie Fisher passed away on December 27 just days after having had a heart attack on a flight back from the UK (where she was on a book tour) on the 23rd. George Michael died in the UK at his home on Christmas morning (of heart failure).

George Michael is a double Cancer - natal Sun and Ascendant in the sign of the Moon child. His natal Moon is in Leo, giving him charisma and creativity. He has Mercury conjunct Venus (in Gemini), giving him a pleasant and even beautiful voice. His Mercury/Venus sextiles (60 degree angle - an easy/fortunate aspect) his natal Jupiter (the greater benefic) in Aries. My favorite song/hit of his is a duet with (Aries) Aretha Franklin. Transiting Pluto was transiting in opposition to his natal Ascendant at the time of his death. This type of transit can add a great deal of stress to one’s life. RIP George Michael.

Carrie Fisher has natal Saturn and the Moon’s North Lunar Node in her tenth house of career and public recognition. She was destined to be in the public eye. It is no surprise that she became famous as an actress in the motion picture industry as her natal Sun is conjunct her natal Neptune (ruler of that industry). This is how she shines (her light). It is also symbolic of her addiction to cocaine at one time. Her Sun/Neptune duo is located in her ninth house of air (and space) travel. One of her major successes was performing as Princess Leia in Star Wars. And, she had her heart (the Sun) attack in flight outside of LA flying over the ocean (Neptune). Carrie’s solar arc Pluto is conjunct her natal Sun/Neptune at this time.

Transiting Saturn is activating a couple of eclipses now - the solar eclipses of 9/12/15 and 3/08/16. Both eclipses occurred in conjunction or opposition to Carrie Fisher’s natal Jupiter/Venus in her eighth house of death. The 9/12/15 eclipse shows Neptune in the eighth house (in the Washington DC chart). The 3/08/16 eclipse occurred in Pisces (Neptune rules the sign), and I specifically stated that the eclipse could influence the motion picture industry in some way in my post describing that particular eclipse. RIP Carrie Fisher.

UPDATE: Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher's mother, has now passed away as well. I may do a separate blog post for her.

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