Saturday, November 5, 2016

Final Election Update Prior To Election Day

Donald Trump:

Transiting Saturn is in a sextile aspect to Trump’s natal Chiron on November 5 (and, though Election Day). Trump’s Chiron is in Libra and has been afflicted by a square aspect from transiting Pluto for months now. And, his natal Chiron is conjoined by natal Juno. So, this should be a supporting aspect with regard to his marriage to Melania. And, she may be instrumental in helping to heal him in some way (with regard to his views and attitudes toward women?). Transiting Jupiter is headed in that direction (toward a conjunction to his natal Chiron/Juno), and that should be helpful as well. Transiting Venus opposes his natal Sun on the 6th, and is within aspect on the 5th. He should have some very pleasant times with Melania and others this weekend.

Transiting Mercury is in opposition to Trump’s MC on Election Day. This aspect indicates a focus on foundational issues - home, family, and emotions. I have maintained that this is what Trump should be doing all election cycle because Saturn is also transiting this area of his chart. He should be handling home and family issues … not running for the presidency. He may also be dealing with real estate investment issues as that is a fourth house issue as well. Transiting Mercury is also trining his natal Saturn (in his eleventh house of friends and large groups). He’ll be conversing with friends and large groups of people. It’s also likely he’ll view his chances to become the next president of the US in a realistic manner (not very good). The Moon opposes Trump’s natal Mars in the morning and enters Trump’s seventh house of partners and opponents during the early part of the afternoon (on the West Coast). He has not handled the hard aspects to his natal Mars/Ascendant very well this election cycle, so he may not concede (if he loses the election) - at least, not right away. Transiting Mars is also inconjunct his natal Ascendant on Election Day as it enters the sign of Aquarius. This is an awkward aspect, and it is likely to make him uncomfortable and irritable. Mercury squares his natal Mars on the 10th, so he might be on a continuous rant for a few days - rigged election, bad bad media, emailgate, etc. You get the idea.

Hillary Clinton:

Transiting Saturn trines Hillary’s natal Pluto on the 5th (and through Election Day). She is likely to be very effective and working very hard through Election Day (GOTV). Hillary is a Scorpio, so this is a very helpful aspect. Even so, the Sun is squaring her natal Mars as well, so she will need to be careful of potential accidents and anger issues. I’m not too worried as she handles these aspects quite well.

Transiting Mercury is conjunct her natal Mercury on the 6th. She is thinking clearly and communicating well. She’ll be able to get her point(s) across to others. Transiting Mercury is also squaring her natal Saturn, so she is likely to be quite careful with what she says, and she could be a bit pessimistic in her speech or her assessments of a situation. The Sun squares her natal Pluto as well on the sixth. She will probably need to slow down and get some rest by this time. She will have been working nonstop for days. This could also indicate that something or some situation needs to be fixed or dealt with, but she’ll be fine. Again, she handles these aspects quite well.

The Sun conjoins her natal Venus (and sextiles transiting Pluto) on the 7th. She’ll be pleasant and enjoying herself on this day. Her relationships will be quite positive and perhaps quite deep. Her likability factor will be high through Election Day, and this will help with the election results.

Transiting Venus will oppose her natal Uranus (in Gemini) during the morning hours on Election Day. The unexpected happens, and it might involve a partnership matter. At any rate, Hillary is likely to be seeking greater freedom and more excitement today. Since it’s Election Day, she’ll get plenty of excitement but I’m not too sure if she’ll get much freedom. She’ll be fine, and she can reclaim her freedom in the days to come. Transiting Mars sextiles her natal Jupiter on the 9th and is within aspect on Election Day. She’ll be full of optimism and energy as the day progresses. I suspect that we’ll be calling her Madam President by the day’s end.

The Election Overall:

Transiting Neptune has been conjunct the Moon’s South Lunar Node (and, opposite the North Node) and squaring Uranus in the nation’s natal chart. And, the Moon will conjoin transiting Neptune very early on the 9th. This seems to indicate that there will be some confusion and lack of clarity with some part of the election. I think that will not have to do with the presidency, but will involve the Senate. There are several Senate races that are very tight (according to the polls), and the probability of the Democrats taking control of the Senate is also very tight but on the positive side (according to the polling aggregators). I think it could be a day or two before we find out who controls the Senate (and, maybe more). And, this is important because GOP Senators have already stated that they will hold up all judicial nominations (including SCOTUS nominations) of a President Hillary Clinton (should she win). The nation’s business will likely grind to a halt, and our judiciary will be in crisis mode should the GOP maintain control of the Senate. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen, and I don’t think it will. A note to Bernie supporters: there is zero chance of Bernie’s agenda getting through a Congress controlled by the GOP, and that is why Bernie has been out on the campaign trail for Hillary AND for other Democrats on the ballot. GOTV!


  1. Hi Rick, hope this works out and the World will have a much needed respite!

  2. Hi Rick, hope this works out and the World will have a much needed respite!

  3. I'm afraid that did not work. Trump has been elected.

    1. Yes. While Clinton won the popular vote, Trump will win the electoral college vote. Astrologers are not always right. Most of us were wrong on this issue, as were most of the polls.