Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Miscellaneous Astrological Musings

Mercury Retrograde:

Mercury turned stationary retrograde April 28, and will be retrograde for three weeks plus (till May 22). Expect communications snafus, miscommunications, and misunderstandings. Don't be surprised if you have to repeat yourself to get your point across effectively. I sometimes have computer problems during these periods. And, I usually get more "wrong number" phone calls. Important persons from your past could reenter your life for a time. With five planets in retrograde motion, life in general may seem to slow down. Seems like a good time to take a vacation. But, if you do, expect a delay or two in traveling.



Prince was/is a Gemini with Scorpio rising. It's an odd combination. Gemini is very outgoing, sociable, and cerebral. Scorpio is more quiet, mysterious, and even secretive. Scorpio is much more emotional. He probably felt that polarization. His Moon was in Pisces. He had very deep emotions - like an ocean in depth. I heard that in his biggest hit - "When Doves Cry."

At the time of Prince's death: Transiting Saturn was in opposition to his natal Sun (in the eighth house of death and rebirth). Saturn was transiting his first house of body (and its condition). This period of time is usually marked by very low energy and low resistance to illness. It is oftentimes a period of sadness or depression (but, not clinical). Transiting Uranus was in opposition to his natal Jupiter (in Libra). He may have had kidney and/or liver issues. According to new reports, he did have issues with a hip (or both). Neptune had been in hard aspect to his natal Mercury in Gemini. And, the Sun had opposed his natal Neptune in Scorpio and his twelfth house of death and losses. The Moon reached maximum fullness later in the night and conjunct his natal Neptune. It's likely that drugs (prescribed or otherwise) was an issue, but might or might not have been the actual cause of death. Mars in retrograde motion in his first house may have caused him not to take action when he should have (i.e. go see a doctor) or it could have lead him to take inappropriate action of some kind. With the Moon transiting close to his twelfth house cusp, it's likely that he wanted to transition alone. RIP.


Mars Retrograde:

Mars turned retrograde very early April 17 (on the West Coast). Does that mean that the planet Mars actually stops in mid-orbit around the Sun and starts moving in reverse motion? Of course not. It simply appears that way from Earth (if we look up at Mars moving through the sky). I usually explain this by the term "relative motion." But, this article explains this in greater detail and gives us some history of how this apparent planetary backward motion confused the ancient Greeks. And, then Copernicus discovered the answer to the riddle in 1543. Mars will turn stationary direct on June 29.  

Transiting Mercury in Taurus trine transiting Jupiter in Virgo:

This was the aspect of the day on April 14. Mercury will retrograde back to within one degree of this same aspect before turning direct on May 22. We have the power of positive thinking working for us today (if we'll use it). A sense of humor works. Think big, and keep your eye on the big picture or the final goal. Be generous and optimistic. The right words can help with the healing process.

This is part of the grand trine in earth signs that we have going on most of the month that the Sun is transiting Taurus. The other inner planets (Mercury and Venus and the Moon) will also transit Taurus and will trine transiting Jupiter in Taurus and transiting Pluto in Capricorn. If you pay attention, you can make progress in most practical matters.

May 6, 2016 New Moon:

New Moon in Taurus today. Slow down and smell the roses. It's included in a grand trine in earth signs. Some very favorable financial deals could be made today. Practical matters should work out smoothly and well. Chocolate ice cream sounds good.


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