Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Astrology And Politics: What's the Matter With Senator Bernie Sanders

As the democratic presidential primary moves on and forward, it has become clear the Secretary Hillary Clinton will become the democratic nominee for President of the US for the general election in November. Senator Sanders wants to stay in the race till all the votes are cast and then take his case to the democratic national convention in Philadelphia in July. His campaign has turned a bit negative (some would say ugly) in recent weeks, and then there was the ruckus at the Nevada state democratic caucus over the weekend of May 14th. I won’t rehash the unfortunate  events that took place there and in the aftermath, but Senator Sanders has not responded in an appropriate manner (especially to the violence that took place there and the threats leveled afterwards). This could spell trouble for the Democratic Party and its chances to retain the presidency. Let’s take a look at what is going on in an astrological sense.

With regard to the Nevada caucus, this was a result of great confusion, miscommunications, and misunderstandings. This often happens during Mercury retrograde periods. There was also inappropriate expressions of anger, and upset folks were asserting themselves incorrectly and inappropriately. Mars is also in retrograde motion. This might explain the entire affair. On the other hand, there could be much more to it.

Senator Sanders has a very important transit/aspect to his natal planets happening right now and in the next few months. Transiting Uranus is conjunct his natal Moon/Mars conjunction in Aries and opposite his natal Venus in Libra. Uranus conjunct his Moon probably has awakened him to his inner self and his emotions. It has probably made him feel more alive. This is reflected in his speeches and the personality that he now projects as well. However, the conjunction to his natal Mars adds another (more intense and explosive) element/energy. He says we need a peaceful revolution. However Uranus conjunct natal Mars is not a peaceful or conciliatory aspect. It is potentially explosive and violent if the energies are not handled in an appropriate manner. Because of this, I do not see the national democratic convention proceeding smoothly. There truly could be some very intense floor fights. It’s not likely to be like the 2008 convention when Clinton came on board with the Obama nomination in full.

And, let’s also look at what this configuration (Moon/Mars opposite Venus) means in his natal chart. I will quote another prominent astrologer’s interpretations.

The following is (a part of) what Astrologer Robert Pelletier states regarding natal Moon conjunct natal Mars in “Planets In Aspect: Understanding Your Inner Dynamics”:

The Moon conjunct Mars indicates emotional anxiety and impatience. Your feelings are strong and always in turmoil, because you are extremely sensitive to what people say or do to you. Your imagination works overtime inferring slights against you that were never made. You defend yourself against these imagined insults by abusing the people that you deal with, even though they don’t deserve such treatment.

It does indicate problems relating to co-workers, no matter what your occupation is. When you lose you are not especially gracious and may even imply your competitor had an unfair advantage. In other words, you’re a sore loser.

Compromise is something that you expect from others, but you fail to see any reason to make compromises yourself.

Mr. Pelletier states this about natal Moon opposite natal Venus:

You can be successful in activities that bring you before the public. It might be better not to work at all closely with the affairs of the people you would serve, at least until you can become more detached in your attitude. You tend to personalize incidents in the affairs of others, and your judgment is colored by emotional considerations as if these matters were your personal concern

And, with regard to natal Venus opposite natal Mars:

You are not a very compromising person, which makes for some problems in relationships with others. You tend to be argumentative when people object to the demands you make of them, for you cannot understand why they should object. You are extremely sensitive , and when people behave harshly to you, you become fighting mad. Still, you seem to be very insensitive to the feelings of others and can be abusive without realizing it. You alienate yourself from your closest friends this way, and when it is all over you wonder exactly what went wrong.

Think of the above as the type of energies that enter into one’s life. That does not mean that Senator Sanders has to respond in the ways described above. He STILL has free will and can choose to respond to these energies/aspects differently. I suspect that he will, at least to some extent. He is 74 years old, and has had decades to reflect and modify how he responds to these type situations. He has other aspects in his chart that will help, and the transit of Jupiter conjunct his Sun will also help. The Jupiter transit could also inflate his expectations, which could be a problem. We’ll have to wait and see how he will choose to land this plane (his campaign).

I don’t believe that Donald Trump can win this election without help. So, what Sanders decides to do could be critical. He will need to help to bring a good deal of his supporters over to Clinton’s side. Will he do that? We’ll see.


  1. Interesting and accurate, Some of the finest Republican campaign people (people who run campaigns) say that each day Bernie stayed in past when most people would pull out , he is causing damage to Hillary. Another one said two days ago, if H does not win in Nov, look at Bernie Sanders. He has hurt incredibly.

    1. Thank you Jacquie. I'm hoping that the impact will lessen as the campaign moves forward, and Bernie campaigns for her.

  2. excuse me-he has hurt hillary incredibly.

  3. excuse me-he has hurt hillary incredibly.