Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May 20, 2016 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to 1R – Awful

The weekend begins with the Moon transiting intense and secretive Scorpio. The Sun moves into chatty Gemini early Friday morning. Communication becomes more important to us, and many will become more interested in what the media has to report (with regard to the election?). The Moon enters optimistic and adventurous Sagittarius late on Saturday morning. We become more open and enthusiastic about whatever is going on. We’re also more emotional as the Moon reaches its peak fullness mid-afternoon on Saturday. The Moon conjoins transiting Mars (retrograding in Sagittarius) about an hour and a half later. Some folks could become emotionally upset or angry. The Sun (in Gemini) opposes transiting Mars very early on Sunday morning. More tempers flare, and it could take quite a bit of self-discipline to remain calm. Try anyway. Transiting Mercury turns stationary direct early Sunday morning as well. Communications problems begin to clear up. Transiting Mercury (in Taurus) trines transiting Jupiter (in Virgo) Sunday evening. The power of positive thinking saves the weekend (finally).

Aries – You may need to spend some time with your significant other on Friday. And, you may need to come to some agreement regarding partnership finances before things get out of hand in that regard. You’ll have plenty to communicate during the next month.

The full Moon falls in conjunction to your ruling planet on Saturday, Mars. Any feelings of anger, irritation, or aggression are likely to surface. Fortunately, you’re pretty good at releasing those feelings. Try to do it in as positive a manner as possible. Perhaps, a workout. Clearly, you’re changing internally, and that could cause some surprising reactions from others.

Finally, Mercury turns direct on Sunday. You’ll be able to think more clearly regarding a financial matter. And, you might have an idea of how to increase your income on the job. Expect the unexpected during the evening hours. Next week: A force to be reckoned with.   RRRRR

Taurus – Defer to others on Friday. Let someone else decide and see the consequences of his or her actions. Nevertheless, you could get a new start with regard to a relationship. Let this person know how you feel. You might want to work on the budget during the next month.

A partner might be on the warpath on Saturday - perhaps over a financial issue. Spend more time with this person in an effort to reach an acceptable agreement. Try not to become the proverbial bull in the china shop.

Beginning Sunday, you’ll be able to communicate more effectively. Your thinking is likely to be more optimistic and expansive as well. You’ll likely be in a good mood and possibly indulgent as well. Go out and have yourself a ball. Next week: A new sense of freedom leads to a new adventure. RRRR

Gemini – It looks like you’ll have quite a bit of work to get done on Friday. You have the energy, but you’d clearly rather be doing something else. You’re time will come. At any rate, your emotions are discordant, and you could become quite quarrelsome.

The full Moon falls on your partnership sign. A partner or loved one could be out of sorts and more than a little irritable. Try and maintain your equilibrium. It could be that one of the two of you needs more freedom.

Finally, your ruling planet, Mercury, turns direct. Just in time - happy birthday! Let others dote on you. Next week: Quality time with a favorite person.  RRR

Cancer – Your playfulness could encourage many on Friday. You’re more formidable than many others know. Head out and have some fun during the evening hours. You’re in touch with your feelings and can express them appropriately.

You might decide to get moving on your to do list on Saturday. You’ll have a lot to get done, and might feel a sense of irritation about it. Dig in to the tasks at hand and that feeling will dissipate. Extreme emotionalism punctuates your day. During the evening, your more romantic and erotic feelings surface.

A behind the scenes matter could be a bit of a concern on Sunday. Nevertheless, your thinking and communications are positive and optimistic. A partner responds in kind, although later in the day you might feel a sense of loneliness and/or isolation. It’ll pass fairly quickly. Next week: Defer to others.  RRRRR

Leo – You might want to work from home if you can on Friday. That is certainly where you’d rather be. You could be a bit more emotional than usual now. Your friends and your longterm goals become more important during the next month.

On Saturday, it’s time for the very playful lion/lioness to come out and have some fun. Almost no one knows how to have a good time like you, so let ‘er rip. Of course, others will want to join in. You could meet someone new and exciting. It’s better not to have any expectations beyond that for now.

A friend or loved one could act out on Sunday. It appears that the full Moon has stirred up some intense emotions. Try to be understanding and non-judgmental. Your libido is strengthened under today’s influences as well. How you choose to deal with that is as always up to you. Next week: Working hard.  RRRRR

Virgo – Speak your mind on Friday, and your words will not fall on deaf ears. Others are quite interested in what you have to say, so make it count. You’ll be able to make your friends and loved ones feel good about your plans. Career concerns will occupy your mind and dictate your actions during the next month.

Respond to email and text messages and return phones calls early in the day on Friday. By the afternoon, you’ll want to relax at home and enjoy family. A family situation calls for patience and perseverance.

Home is where your heart is on Sunday as well. It could be that a family member is out of sorts. Be kind to this person and the situation will likely calm down. You could feel a bit blocked during the afternoon, but your words are optimistic and encouraging during the evening hours. Next week: Let your hair down and have some fun.  RRRR

Libra – You’ll need to spend some time working on your finances on Friday. Pay bills before heading out. You could be a bit possessive during the evening hours. You might want to think about a summer vacation of holiday. Make some plans during the next month.

The Full Moon falls in your communications sector, and you might sound a bit more emotional and defiant than you mean to. Weigh your words, but say what needs to be said. Be careful if you’re out on the road. A female member of your family might be able to teach you something about yourself.

A neighbor or sibling might throw a hissy fit on Sunday. Allow this person to let off some steam. Your understanding helps. A parent or other family member comes to your aid later in the evening. You might want to learn about something new, and might consider taking a class. Next week: Warm and cozy at home. RRRRR

Scorpio – It’s your time to shine on Friday. What would make you smile? It’s time to go for it as you’re energetic and self-assured. In addition, a relationship could deepen during the next month. If attached, you may also need to deal with partnership finances.

Go for what would make you happy in the early morning hours on Saturday. Around noon, the focus shifts to your finances. Make sure your checkbook is in order and balances. You most likely feel your love for someone very strongly today. And, the Full Moon makes your emotions even more intense.

You could be a bit emotional and irritable about money on Sunday. You might also have a case of the green-eyed monster. Try to maintain some perspective. On the other hand, you could have some beautiful daydreams. Remember that beauty does not need to be justified. Next week: You’ll likely have a lot to say.  RRRR   

Sagittarius – It could take you a while to get into weekend mode this weekend. Lay low on Friday, and do something for yourself. A bit of down time will do you good. And, you’ll experience the power of love today.

You might want to sleep in late on Saturday. However, by noon, you are likely raring to go. Go for what you want and then some. At the same time, the Full Moon is likely to make you both more emotional and more energized. If you feel angry, get some exercise. You’ll need to be realistic regarding a relationship matter.

Either you or a partner seems determined to stir things up today, and patience is not one of your greatest attributes at this time. Try to stay calm. Later in the day, an expansive idea could lead to greater income. You might want to spend the evening hours at home with someone you deem very special. Next week: You’ll need to deal with financial issues. RRRRR

Capricorn – Friday is a good time to hold meetings and to delve into group think. Group endeavors are favored, Find your friends on Friday night. The unexpected happens, and it might throw you off a bit. Hang in there.

You might want to lay low on Saturday. Get some R & R and recharge your batteries. The Full Moon could signal some troubling behind the scenes events or affairs. This is a good day to get your personal life organized as you’re disciplined and focused.

Again, stay out of the limelight on Sunday. Others are out of sorts and are probably difficult to deal with. Why knock your head against a brick wall? Don’t obsess on something that you cannot do anything about. Next week: Monday and Tuesday are your power days. RRR

Aquarius -- You’re in the spotlight on Friday, so put your best foot forward. You may need to take control of a project. This is a time of emotional and psychological equilibrium in your life, so you can get more accomplished.

Group endeavors are favored on Saturday. Find your friends and join in on the fun and games. You can always let your hair down with your friends. However, one friend might be out of sorts, so be sympathetic toward this person. You might manifest a wish or dream with the Full Moon. You can also increase your understanding of yourself and your goals. Look within.

You might want to steer clear of a friend or loved one who seems angry. If attached, have a discussion with your significant other during the evening hours. Optimism and positive thinking are fruitful. Next week: Lay low till later in the week.  RRRRR

Pisces -- Daydreaming can be fun on Friday. Listen to someone’s point of view. You don’t have to agree, but this person will appreciate your listening and being interested. Don’t launch any daring or risky projects today. The influences could seem restrictive. You could be quite indulgent during the evening, but you’ll have fun.

You’re in the public eye on Saturday. Make sure you’re at your best. You could be a force to be reckoned with. You could be a bit emotional and/or irritable regarding a professional issue. A personal relationship could be changing or transforming.

A boss or higher up could be on the warpath on Sunday. Give him or her plenty of space. Try not to be too discouraged if you feel blocked. A partner’s words are inspiring later in the evening. Next week: Your friends come to the rescue.  RRR

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