Sunday, May 8, 2016

Astrology And Politics: Presidential Election Prediction

The other day I did a search for US presidential predictions made by various astrologers. I found two predictions for Donald Trump and four for Hillary Clinton. Interestingly, most of those predictions were made prior to last week when Trump became the presumptive nominee of the GOP.

So, why the difference in predictions among astrologers? There are a number of reasons for that. Astrologers use various and different tools/charts to make predictions, and they focus more heavily on some of those tools and charts than others. The two astrologers that predicted Trump focused heavily on his progressed chart and transits of his progressed planets. The others focused much more heavily on planetary transits making aspects to the candidates natal planets and points during the presidential election and on election day. One of the two for Trump also focused on transiting Uranus which will be in a trine aspect to Trump’s natal Moon in November.

I agree that Trump has an impressive progressed chart right now. A progressed chart is one that starts with one’s natal chart and then it is progressed one day for every year in one’s life. That puts Trump’s Sun on his progressed Ascendant in Leo (sign of the king). And, it’s also conjunct the fixed star, Regulus (the king maker). I would just make a couple of points. First, the Ascendant is the cusp of the first house and rules personality and appearance. While those things may support professional success, they do not guarantee it (at all). And, we do not elect kings in this country. The Office of the Presidency is one of service to the people, not the other way around. It’s definitely clear that Donald Trump wants to be king, but again, that is not how it works in this country.

I agree with astrologers who simply look at the transits to natal charts (and planets) here. And, I would not focus so much on transiting Uranus as I would transiting Saturn. Uranus is all about freedom and independence, not professional success or politics. Saturn, on the other hand, definitely deals with professional success. Saturn cycles are critical. And, Saturn is transiting Trump’s fourth house. That is at the bottom of his chart, and deals with home, family, and domestic issues. That is where the bulk of his attention should be focused right now - not politics and the presidency of the United States. In addition, in November (the election is on the eighth) transiting Saturn is in opposition (widely) to Donald Trump’s natal Sun in Gemini. That is a time of low energy and of completing past projects and issues rather a professional peak (which would involve the tenth house and the MC of a chart). I don’t think Trump’s very fine progressed chart can trump that Saturn cycle. He will not ascend to the presidency of the United States, in my view.

Our problem in discussing Hillary is that we do not have certainty regarding her actual time of birth. Some astrologers give her a Gemini ascendant and others a Scorpio ascendant. And, I’ve even heard one say that it is probably Taurus. We do, however, know where her planets are. She is a Scorpio. The Sun will be transiting Scorpio during the election. That alone gives her points - there is a reason that more Scorpios have been elected president in our country than any other sign. In November, transiting Uranus will be in a trine aspect to her natal Saturn (in Leo). She has the ability to work for change within the current established system, and she know what can be done and what cannot. This is important because the American people are demanding changes right now. With our (national) natal Moon in Aquarius, we usually want change more than a static situation or the status quo more often than not. Transiting Saturn is also in a trine aspect to her natal Pluto. She can work effectively, and she knows how to get the job done. For that reason, the powers that be support her. She has inner strength and intense charisma at this time.

Many astrologers do a comparison of the candidate’s chart to the USA’s natal chart. I agree that there should be some connection there. However, we do not elect presidents based on a national vote. We vote by state, and then send our delegates to the electoral college. It seems to me that a better way to analyze the election is to look at critical states (who has time to do an analysis of every single state in the union, however). As in the recent past, democrats start out with the advantage. So, I have looked at three critical swing states that Republicans will need to win in order to win the election/presidency. They are Florida, Ohio, and Virginia.

We start with Florida, and we can see a problem already. Florida has a very large Latino population. They will come out in droves to vote against Trump. Florida’s natal Moon is in Capricorn, and the state’s Sun is in Pisces. This state will go Hillary Clinton, and probably with a wider margin than Obama got either time in the state. The current HuffPost polling average for the state has Clinton up six. Florida has been allocated 29 electoral votes.

The next state is Ohio. The state has a fairly large African American population, which will make it difficult for Trump. The state’s natal Moon is in Gemini (very fortuitous for Trump) and the state’s Sun is in Pisces (better for Clinton). Trump could win Ohio, but it won’t be easy. The current HuffPost polling average has Clinton up three. Ohio has been allocated 18 electoral votes.

The last state is Virginia. The problem for Trump is the Washington DC suburbs. Loads of liberals and progressives live in those Northern Virginia suburbs. And, the region is growing rapidly. There is also a large African American population in Virginia. The state’s Moon is in Pisces (advantage Clinton). And, the state’s Sun is in Cancer (advantage Clinton). Trump will not win Virginia. He could lose it badly. The state gets bluer every year. The current HuffPost polling average has Clinton up twelve. Virginia has been allocated 13 electoral votes.

So, there you have it … my prediction for the US presidential election (for now). It will be Hillary Clinton. Madam President has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

UPDATE on 5/11/16:

The polling averages will change as the election calendar proceeds this year. We just got a Quinnipiac poll which changes the above averages. I believe that this poll under-samples minority voters, however it's important to keep all legitimate polls in the average. This brings the Florida polling average down to Clinton plus three. The Ohio polling average changes to Clinton plus two. The Virginia polling average is now Clinton plus 10.

UPDATE on 9/23/16:

The HuffPost polling average for Florida now is Clinton plus 1.4 points. The Ohio polling average is now Trump plus 0.4 points. The Virginia polling average is now Clinton plus 6.9 points. Nationwide, it's Clinton plus 2.3 points in the 4 way race. In the 2-way polls, it's Clinton plus 4.1 points. Some have expressed optimism that Trump could win in Colorado and/or Pennsylvania. Clinton is up in Colorado by 4.1 points, and in Pennsylvania by 5.9 points. So, that scenario is highly unlikely at this point.

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