Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September 25, 2015 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible  to  1R – Awful

The weekend begins with the Moon transiting the sign of Aquarius. It changes signs and enters Pisces just after noon on Friday. Mars squares Saturn (in Sagittarius now) early in the evening. Saturn wants us to focus on something (perhaps political or philosophical), but that could cause irritation and even anger. The Moon moves into Aries just after noon on Sunday. The total lunar eclipse occurs that evening in the same sign. Is your individuality more important, or is it more important to get along with others. It’s an interesting dilemma.

Aries – You might be slow to get started this weekend. Don’t challenge a boss or other authority figure on Friday. Be careful if traveling. Creative ideas keep popping up. Others wonder where you are until you show up on the scene on Sunday afternoon wearing an impressive and big smile (and, perhaps not much else). That along with the bounce in your step is sure to arouse the curiosity of others. Do you really want to spill the beans, though? With a total lunar eclipse shining down on your sign, you don’t have to be too aggressive. You will be more than in the spotlight. You’re very likely to get what you want, so choose wisely. Someone has accepted your gracious apology, so let it go.  RRRRR

Taurus – You’re in charge on Friday, and good feelings are abundant. Unexpected opportunities may arise on Friday night, and the easy flow of energy makes it easy for you to take advantage of them. You could be overly critical on Saturday morning, however. That will only bring you down if you give in to such thoughts. Shake things up a bit instead. You’re usually very intuitive, however your sixth sense may be on the blink on Saturday night. Proceed with that in mind. Your testosterone level is off the charts on Sunday, so don’t rush in and wreak havoc like the bull in the china shop. There is plenty of action to be had.  RRRRR   

Gemini – Get in touch with a friend at a distance on Friday. And, take a walk on the wild side later. The new and different capture your attention now. It’s time for some excitement. An optimistic and generous energy is pervasive on Saturday. Even so, your mind is on topics of a more serious nature. What would give you a stronger feeling of security? Sometimes, excitement and drama are not enough. How about your career or your job? Only you know the answer. Your friends are important to you on Sunday. Take the lead, and go out with them and get wild and crazy. Get all your personalities on the same page first, however. You’re a force to be reckoned with, but why do you feel you have something to prove to others? RRRR

Cancer – You are in the mood to lavish your considerable attention on your sweetie on Friday. Love is grand, and this close intimacy is certainly your style. But, first you will have one obstacle to jump over or to handle and get out of the way. Look for common ground with others on Saturday. If you want or requite a lot, you must also be willing to give a lot. You sense the energies and circumstances of the people that surround you. They might ask you for assistance, and you will likely acquiesce. It’s more of the same on Sunday, except there is more emotion, intensity, and craziness (the good kind).  RRRRR

Leo – It’s best to defer on Friday. The results will be to your liking. Spending time with someone who is very special to you is the way to go the rest of the weekend, even if the two of you are among large groups of people. Why not take a walk on the wild side together. Someone at home seems a bit down in the dumps, and it somehow irritates you. Give this person a break, and you might want to treat him/her with kid gloves. You make a very good impression on others this weekend. Let that special someone know how much you love him/her on Sunday. Speak your mind with others. RRRRR

Virgo – You are once again involved in work or possibly health issues on Friday. You’ll speak directly and forcefully, but without being offensive. A neighbor or sibling could be on the war path. Avoid a problem or power play. Your popularity increases on Saturday. Just look around you at all the interested and interesting people. You might need to be cautious with regard to one of them. You will have to work hard to develop harmony between work/profession and your home life. It’s more of the same on Sunday, and you’re enjoying your renewed popularity. Even so, defer. And, try to get in touch with your emotions. Anger could take hold of you much more esily in the next few weeks.   RRRR

Libra – Fun and games are all around on Friday. Romance and passion are there as well, and your creativity is enhanced. You could be the life of the party. Don’t take someone’s harsh words personally. Be careful with finances/money. On Saturday and Sunday, you may find that you have work to do. Don’t be afraid to voice real complaints for fear of being unpleasant. The scales of justice must be balanced. A health issue could surface for some, but probably nothing serious. Get it checked out nevertheless. With some effort, you can get your point across to others on Sunday. If you don’t think that others have noticed you much recently, that is going to change (perhaps remarkably) during the next few months.  RRRRR

Scorpio – Take care of home and family issues on Friday morning. Financial issues will take on a much more serious and heavy tone in the near future. A boss or a friend seems ticked off about something. It’s best to stay out of it for now. It’s time for some fun the remainder of the weekend. The unexpected happens in an exciting and romantic and passionate way. Look for someone unusual and/or eccentric. Take the initiative and assert yourself on Saturday. Don’t overdo it, though, and your intense drive for power will be rewarded.  RRRRR  

Sagittarius – Answer email messages and return phone calls Friday morning. This weekend you are more in the mood to enjoy the comforts and the stability of home. Your home is your castle. You’re in touch with your feelings, and you show greater emotional sensitivity in interactions with others. You can reach agreements with others now, but postpone signing any contracts at this time. You most likely do not have all the information yet. You might want to break free of self-imposed restrictions this weekend. Our advice is to go for it! Clear the air on Sunday. A boss or higher up becomes more demanding in the days ahead. RRRR

Capricorn – Financial issues demand your attention on Friday morning. There could be surprises in store. Socializing with neighbors and friends is fun and entertaining later. You will have much to talk about, but you might have to repeat some of it. Avoid long-distance travel, such as via plane, this weekend if you can. Delays and turbulence could result. Makes some plans for your next career move, but don’t take action just yet. Changes on the home front are coming in the weeks and months ahead. Your creativity is quite transformational. RRRRR

Aquarius – Go for what you want Friday morning as it could be too late later in the day. Interesting ideas keep popping up as if from out of thin air. An obscure focus on finances occurs this weekend. Your imagination as well as that of others is abundant. Please know that you have much to offer. Opportunities may come to you through friends. You might want to be included in something larger than yourself. It seems that indulgence is the name of the game on Saturday and part of Sunday. You could have quite lavish tastes. Proceed with that in mind. You are searching for greater freedom of self-expression these days. Life truly can still be exciting. Take a stand on Sunday, although others might not understand where you’re coming from. RRRR

Pisces – Sleep in on Friday morning if you can. The excitement begins later that day. You are the center of attention through noon on Sunday. What do you wish for? Now is the time to go for it. Even so, you are perceptive to the needs of your friends and neighbors. Your imagination could produce some very interesting fantasies, but some fantasies are best left in your mind. You could be enjoying the fruits of past efforts on Saturday. Others seem aggressive and dominant. Money issues enter you scenario later on Sunday and could be an issue moving forward into the next few months. You are able to understand your own goals as well as the goals of others. RRRR

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