Wednesday, September 30, 2015

October 02, 2015 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible   to 1R – Awful

We begin the weekend with the Moon transiting friendly and sociable Gemini. Conversations are lively with the Moon sextile to Uranus Friday evening. The Moon moves into family-oriented and emotional Cancer late on Saturday afternoon. Mercury continues its retrograde motion, so communications snafus continue.

Aries – Speak your mind on Friday and Saturday this weekend. You might also have an issue with a neighbor or sibling. Let others challenge your ideas as this may broaden your thinking. Don’t argue with an older woman or family member.  Head on home Saturday night. Home and family are important then. You feel contented and benevolent. You’re experiencing life with greater emotional intensity. Nevertheless, your libido level is set on high this weekend. If your partner is in the mood, s/he will be quite fortunate. These aspects also enhance your creativity. Sunday is a bit different. You might be hyper-critical then, which would be an indication that you are repressing your emotions. RRRR

Taurus – Financial issues surface this weekend on Friday and Saturday during the day. Be careful as Mercury doing the backward dance could cause errors and mistakes. Someone could take advantage of your good nature on Friday, but it’s not too serious. Catch up on answering email and phone calls the remainder of the weekend. Hang out with friends and neighbors in the evening. You are able to take decisive action on Saturday. Early afternoon looks especially pleasant with warm and affectionate feelings between you and others. However, on Sunday there seems to be a gulf between you and others. You might feel isolated. RRRR

Gemini – The time is right to go for what you want on Friday and Saturday this weekend as the Moon shines on your sign. Face the truth about the hidden aspects of your life and yourself. They really aren’t that bad and could be a source of strength (if you face and control these things). You might be shown the spiritual dimensions of your life. You’ll probably want to help others. You tend to be very idealistic now. You feel as though you can handle almost anything on Saturday, but remain realistic and don’t get in over your head. Look for small but pleasant gestures from those around you. Money issues need to be handled on Sunday. Check for mistakes or errors. A partnership matter takes an unexpected turn on Sunday as well. It’s probably temporary but exciting nevertheless. RRRRR

Cancer – You could be slow to get going this weekend. You’re probably nowhere to be found until Saturday evening. You’re likely to be very sensitive to other people’s moods, and you’re willing to lend them a sympathetic and friendly ear. Then you enter the scene all smiles. What would make you smile even bigger? Go for it. You may have some big plans on Saturday. The details might trip you up if you’re not careful. Your partner needs a lover, not a father on Saturday night. Give him/her some space. Your imagination is stimulated on Sunday producing some lovely dreams. You might want to shake things up on Sunday night.  RRRRR

Leo – Good times with friends are to be had the first part of this weekend. Zero in on what or whom you want. It’s a time of increased optimism and self-confidence. Others look to you for leadership. Your mind is clear on Friday, and you’re good with details. You could be a bit restless, however. You want your relationships to be dependable and stable. You’re able to work with others effectively on Saturday. Socialize during the day. You’re unlikely to be found Saturday night and Sunday. Perhaps you just need a little down time. RRRR  

Virgo – You are in charge on Friday night and Saturday this week. You have quite a few responsibilities, and you handle them effectively and efficiently as usual. You could be drawn to some unusually intense and powerful people. You’re quite curious about unfamiliar facts and new ideas. Chat away. Forget about work and get together with friends the remainder of the weekend. A good time will be had by all. A love relationship could blossom on Saturday, and if you’re a creative type, that is enhanced as well. Expect the unexpected on Sunday. Don’t expect things to go as planned. Go with the flow, and you’ll be just fine. Surprising energy could burst out everywhere. RRRRR

Libra – Reach out to someone at a distance or someone who is quite different than you are on Friday. Exchange ideas, and see if this person’s ideas work for you. You’re feeling quite amorous on Friday. You have a chance to resolve something so that it will be less of a burden in the future. Your mind is stimulated, and you can break out of a mental rut. You are in demand from Saturday evening on into Sunday. Career and professional issues are important. You’re very curious on Saturday. Speak your mind as you can get through to others. However, you may need to keep a tight rein on yourself on Sunday. You are a bit like the forbidden fruit: seductive and dangerous.  RRRRR

Scorpio – Spending time with that one special someone is what you want to do on Friday and the first part of Saturday. Your emotional encounters are intense. You have idealistic goals, and you will likely want to help others at this time. Personal interchanges are favored. You could be tempted to gamble. If so, know and understand the risks. You’ll want to look for something different or out of the ordinary the remainder of the weekend. A short trip or a good movie could work. You feel contented and at ease on Saturday, however your libido is quite strong. You probably have a lot to say on Sunday. Go ahead and speak your mind. Use your power creatively. RRRRR

Sagittarius – Defer on Friday and part of Saturday. You’re popular and others want your attention. Let someone else make the first move. Nevertheless, you can get your point across. But, consider others’ sensitivities. Look for fresh new viewpoints as well. Thoughts could flash through your mind at lightning speed. Spend time with one special person or get to know someone better the reminder of the weekend. You try to live through your feelings as well as your intellect on Sunday. It’s a time of balance and equilibrium in your life. You understand your own emotions as well as those of others. RRRRR

Capricorn – You’re busy at work on Friday. As a matter of fact, you might even have to go in for a while on Saturday. You are warm and friendly to others. And, you will be successful at patterning your world as you wish. On Saturday evening, however, others seek you out. Your popularity is on the rise. You might feel assertive, but step back for now. Try not to confuse others on Sunday. It could be that your actions and your words are not consistent. Your feelings are intense, nevertheless. RRRR

Aquarius – Your playfulness is impressive on Friday and Saturday this weekend. Flirt away. Creativity is also abundant in your life. Write, play music, or paint. It’s all good. Romantic relationships are also favored. Don’t let the intimacy scare you away. You’re assertive, and your energy level is high. Find common ground with someone. You may have work to do the remainder of the weekend. You have the discipline and the concentration to get a lot done. Long range planning is favored. Nothing escapes your perspicacity. The unexpected occurs Sunday afternoon. Stay calm. You might even enjoy the surprise. RRRRR 

Pisces – You enjoy home and family on Friday and Saturday this weekend. You’re able to relax and enjoy yourself. Your thinking is clear and precise. But, it’s time to go out and play the rest of the weekend. Fun, games, and romance abound. You might have something to celebrate. You may need to let off some steam. Energy flows easily and smoothly, and life seems a little easier on Sunday. You seek more profound experiences on Sunday night. Superficiality does not impress you. You’re looking for something deeper and more meaningful. In some ways, it may seem as if you are starting a new life. RRRR

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