Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September 18, 2015 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible  to  1R – Awful

We begin the weekend with the Moon transiting Scorpio. The Moon changes signs Friday night and moves into Sagittarius. The Moon squares Neptune and Jupiter late Saturday morning. Jupiter (in Virgo) and Neptune (in Pisces) are in opposition. Wild speculation can lead to losses. Gamblers beware. The Moon trines Uranus in the morning on the west coast on Sunday. Look for a cool and pleasant change. Mercury is in retrograde motion in Libra. Look for communications problems and snafus, and don't make any important decisions for three weeks unless you have to. 

Aries – You are doing some things lately that you (and others) believed that you would never do. On the other hand, your sign has never been very hesitant to try something new. Spending time with your sweetie is what you want to do on Friday. The intensity and eroticism turn you on. On Saturday, look for something or someone a bit different. A short trip might do the trick. Your energy and enthusiasm are impressive this weekend. Look for common ground with someone who thinks differently than the way you think. It’s doable. But, don’t make any firm decisions for three weeks. Don’t sign any new contracts either. You might have to repeat yourself.  RRRRR

Taurus – Defer on Friday. You’re popular and others notice you. And, your libido level is turned up to high. Continue to defer on Saturday, but you will want to spend time with one special person. Only the best and the finest impress you the rest of the weekend. You probably could find some good investments. Look for realistic and practical answers on Saturday. Your thirst for action could get you into some trouble on Sunday night. Don’t argue with someone that you care about. The issue cannot be resolved right now, and would only result in hurt feelings. Wait till mid-October. RRRRR

Gemini – It will probably take you some time to complete all your work on Friday. You’ll want to keep working at it, because others will want your attention on Saturday. Let someone else decide this time, and you’ll be pleased. The unexpected happens on Saturday night, and energy seems to burst out all over the place. Your adaptability will come in handy. You will not have much time to listen to the arguments of the demon and the angel on your two shoulders. The issues on the home front continue, and the resolution may not come for another three weeks or longer. You will have to persevere for a while. Your more romantic imagination is stimulated on Sunday. RRRRR

Cancer – Creativity, fun, and love play a part in your day on Friday. But, money could be the source of some problems. Having fun doesn’t have to cost that much. Nevertheless, you could have a deeply satisfying and liberating experience with a loved one. Feel free to go ahead and act out of character, because everything will be just fine – even better. Work and/or health issues could consume the remainder of your weekend, and that could irritate you. Remember to edit and check your work. Put off making any decisions on the home front right now. You’re assertive in a less confrontational manner later on Sunday. RRRR

Leo – Home is where the lion’s heart resides on Friday. Be careful not to growl at someone you care about later in the afternoon, however. It’s time for some fun and games on Saturday and Sunday. Are you on the prowl? You should be. Happy people attract good fortune, and you could be on a lucky streak. That also makes you sexy. Be grateful, and don’t take your good fortune for granted. In the midst of all this good fortune, you may want to break free from something; a financial obligation, perhaps. Don’t take action just yet. A child or loved one has inspired you. RRRRR

Virgo – What you have to say lately sounds much more positive and optimistic, and you should speak up on Friday even if it’s only to tell a joke or two. You’re self-confident and energetic. And, you tend to be a bit intellectually restless. After all the excitement of the last couple of weeks, you probably will just want to stay in and enjoy the comforts of home on Saturday and Sunday. On the other hand, you might just do the opposite of what someone tells you to do Saturday morning. You seem to have a restless spirit. But, warmth, affection, and stability carry the day on Sunday. RRRR

Libra – Pay bills and check your finances first on Friday. Check them twice as you may have overlooked something. You have plenty to discuss with others the remainder of the weekend, and you speak with more emotion than you usually do. Your physical vitality is stimulated, and you approach everything you do with vigor and self-confidence. You’re good at working alone or with groups of people. You have a pleasant sense of well-being on Saturday, and you’re warm and friendly to those who are around you. You know that helping others will also help you. Some daydreaming adds to your pleasant mood on Sunday.  RRRRR

Scorpio – Try to take off early on Friday as it’s your best day this weekend. What would make you smile? Go for it. Your libido is strong, and others notice your sex appeal and are drawn to you. The remainder of the weekend may find you dealing with financial issues. What do you value? That could be a good question to ask yourself in the coming months. No one else can answer that question for you. You may need to repair something that has broken down on Saturday. Sunday would be an excellent day to withdraw and consider issues of importance to you. Put off making important decisions for a while. RRRR

Sagittarius – Lay low on Friday as you might need to rest up for the remainder of the weekend. And, you’re very sensitive to your surroundings. You show up on the scene on Saturday all smiles. Your adventuresome spirit is impressive as always. Nevertheless, you are keenly aware of the needs of others, and they may ask for your help. You will likely come through as you experience people at their best. On the other hand, you may need to ask yourself if you are handling some other matters appropriately. Change doesn’t seem to bother you as much as some signs. That’s good, because you’re experiencing quite a few changes lately. Perhaps, this makes you feel more alive.  RRRRR

Capricorn – Find your friends for some fun on Friday. Some of them could seem to be a little less intense and serious. You’re feeling generous and optimistic, and are concerned about the welfare of those around you. At the same time, it somehow seems easier to fulfill your own needs. Even so, surprising events occur late in the evening. You seem to be nowhere to be found the remainder of the weekend. If you do go out, lay low. Someone might have hurt your feelings, but try not to take this too seriously as it was not likely done maliciously. Still, you could be tempted to tell someone off late Saturday afternoon. But, what would this accomplish? You’ll feel much better on Sunday.  RRR

Aquarius – You have responsibilities to handle on Friday. Career concerns cannot be ignored even though they may have been weighty/heavy recently. There could be some sort of a challenge to the structure of your daily life. Your friends come to the rescue on Saturday and Sunday. What more could a friendship-oriented water bearer ask?! What a difference a day makes. Make some changes to your domestic environment. Share your insights with others, although making yourself clear could be a bit difficult now. Sunday is more of the same except that you may want to shake up the people around you. You’re looking for more excitement. And, you will engage in whatever you do with intense emotion.  RRRRR  

Pisces – Your ebullience and good luck might cause you to head out quickly on Friday. If you do, you could have an interesting adventure or short trip ahead of you. If not, you will likely have heavy responsibilities thrust upon your shoulders the remainder of the weekend. Professional matters will need to be dealt with. You may feel that your emotions are too unpleasant to deal with on Saturday, but it’s a temporary problem. It will get better. Use your creative power to achieve your goals and aspirations. Nevertheless, it will take patience and perseverance. RRRR

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