Monday, September 14, 2015

Marriage Equality: Astrological Analysis Of Obergefell v Hodges Ruling

The US Supreme Court made a landmark ruling on marriage equality on June 26, 2015 in the case of Obergefell v Hodges. It was a five to four decision in favor of marriage equality with Justice Anthony Kennedy writing the opinion for the majority.

At the time of the Obergefell ruling, there were some very favorable mundane planetary aspects as well as some favorable planetary aspects to the USA's natal and progressed charts. I will discuss some of the major ones in this post. I have drawn the horoscope/chart for the time of the Obergefell decision at 10:00 AM in Washington DC on June 26, 2015.

The case originated in Ohio in 2013. A federal judge from the Southern District of Ohio, Judge Timothy S. Black, ruled in favor of marriage equality (and, Mr. Obergefell), and then the US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit reversed that decision. It was then appealed to the US Supreme Court, and certiorari was granted.

The sign of Leo was rising in Washington DC at the time, and the civil marriage asteroid, Juno, was very close to the Ascendant drawn for this chart. Juno was also widely conjunct transiting Jupiter and Venus (all in Leo). Those planets along with the Leo Ascendant were in a trine aspect to transiting Uranus in Aries … a very easy and favorable aspect for such an occasion. The air was filled with electricity and anticipation for the ruling which Justice Kennedy (also a Leo, by the way) read aloud. It seemed as if a marriage revolution was about to take place.

In the United States natal chart, Juno can be found in Libra. Transiting Jupiter/Venus/Juno are in sextile aspect to that point from Leo, and transiting Uranus is in an opposition to that point. Transiting Mercury was in Gemini at the time, and close to the USA’s natal Uranus, signaling an important announcement to be made. The Sun and Mars were transiting early Cancer and in conjunction to the USA’s natal Jupiter, ruler of the judiciary and the law.

In the Unites States progressed chart, Juno is in late Sagittarius (about 29 degrees and 20 minutes). It sets up a beautiful grand trine in fire signs with transiting Uranus in Aries and transiting Jupiter/Venus/Juno in Leo. That’s a very positive configuration for a favorable marriage equality decision. In addition, the Moon was transiting partnership-minded Libra at about twenty-eight degrees in a favorable sextile aspect to the USA’s progressed Juno and a sextile aspect to transiting Juno as well.

UPDATED (June 20, 2016):

While gays and lesbians can now marry in all fifty states, license to discriminate bills have been popping up in numerous states throughout the country. It's interesting (and sad) that we can marry on one day in the USA and then be fired for being gay the next day in many states. So, we still have a ways to go to achieve full equality. Saturn's transit in Sagittarius this year opposes Uranus in the USA's natal chart. It seems as if our march toward equality has been halted or been stalled. Transiting Neptune (in Pisces) has been in a square aspect to the USA's natal Uranus. Neptune rules unwritten laws. Many of these license to discriminate laws have been written in vague and dubious language in an effort to disguise their true meaning and intent. Jupiter's transit through Virgo has been in a square aspect to the USA's natal Uranus. The stated intent of these laws (in most cases) is to protect organized and fundamentalists religions and far right religious and political organizations.

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