Tuesday, September 13, 2016

September 16, 2016 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to 1R – Awful

As the weekend begins, the Moon is transiting the sign of emotional and compassionate Pisces. Our feelings are important to us, and we tend to focus more on our intuition than on the facts or objective reality. We experience a lunar eclipse in Pisces just before Noon on Friday. Emotions peak and a climax or an end result is realized. The Moon moves into enthusiastic and energetic Aries on Friday night. We are in the mood for some TGIF fun and pursue it actively and enthusiastically. It’s time to put on your dancing shoes. Mars (in Sagittarius) trines Uranus (in Aries) very early on Saturday morning. We energetically and passionately engage in adventures that also lead to our personal growth. Transiting Venus (in Libra) opposes transiting Uranus (in Aries) very early on Sunday morning. Many seek relationships that are different and exciting, but may not be very long lasting. It's probably just a little crush. Expect the unexpected in one on one partnerships. The Moon moves into comfort seeking Taurus late on Sunday evening. We end the weekend seeking comfort and more quiet and subdued pleasures.

Aries –  You might want to lay low on Friday this weekend as you might not be up to snuff; take off from work if you can. You’ll probably feel as if you have your mojo back by Friday night as the Moon moves into your sign. It’s time to go for what you want then.

Go for more of what you want as the Moon beams down on your sign on Saturday. You’ll likely have more than your share of admirers. Your unique energy is inspirational now. However, an older family member could be a hand full later in the evening. You might want to get some exercise if you find your anger rising up within you.

Either you or a partner or a loved one could be unpredictable on Sunday. You’ll probably enjoy the break from the routine. You’ll be able to find common ground as interesting and new ideas flash through your mind. Socialize with friends later in the day. All in all, you’ll have very little to complain about this weekend. Next week: Handle financial issues.  RRRRR

Taurus – Group endeavors are favored on Friday this weekend. Hold meetings during the day, and find your friends during the evening hours for good times and socializing. The lunar eclipse could signal a change in a friendship or with a friend.

A behind the scenes (sudden and unexpected) event looks promising and beneficial for your interests. You might want to maintain a low profile on Saturday. Communication with others is a bit cloudy, and Mercury retrograde doesn’t help the situation. Head home early.

Someone in your daily life could shock or surprise you on Sunday. You might not like it at first, but at least it will get you out of a rut and add some excitement. Your ethical standards are impressive. Next week: In the limelight. RRRR

Gemini – You may need to take charge of a project on Friday. All eyes are on you, so put your best foot forward. The lunar eclipse could herald in a change in your public and/or professional reputation. Taking action now could benefit you professionally. Don’t play down your achievements at this time.

Join in with friends for some fun and games on Saturday. Whether you have a gathering at your place or go out on the town, you’ll have a great time. A friend or a partner inspires you by taking action. You will have a lot to chat about today, but don’t expect everyone to agree. Still, you can get your point across. Flexibility is important.

It’s likely a loved one that surprises you on Sunday. You generally enjoy these types of surprises, so you’ll probably view it as fun or funny.   Next week: Get some needed R & R.  RRRRR

Cancer – Take an overview on Friday. Taking a look at this big pictures helps you to make important decisions if you have to. The lunar eclipse could indicate a future trip abroad that could turn out to be quite important to you. As usual, you will likely be quite emotional under the Full Moon. Don’t sweep important matters under the rug today in an effort to keep the peace.

A health or work concern might take a sudden and unexpected turn for the better. Get together with a partner or someone you enjoy spending time with as you might have something to celebrate. Let others set the agenda, however. You could get “lucky” today.

Defer to others again today. A boss or someone at home could surprise you today. You could be torn between work and home related issues. With you, however, family comes first. You may need to let off some steam later in the day. Next week: Find your friends. RRRRR

Leo – Spend some time with a favorite person on Friday. The lunar eclipse could intensify this relationship. You project warmth and concern for others today. Later in the evening, you’ll want to look for a break in the routine. Look for something different.

You might want to take off on a short weekend trip on Saturday. Or, perhaps you can just allow your mind to wander to distant and interesting lands. Touch base with a friend at a distance for some stimulating and interesting news.

The unexpected happens in a relationship on Sunday, and you may need to take an overview. Look at the big picture before deciding. Your own actions could be surprising to others as well. Next week: A force to be reckoned with.  RRRRR

Virgo – Let someone else set the agenda for today’s activities. Others want to dominate, so let them. You’ll have more partnership opportunities in the future months. You’ll experience life with greater emotional intensity today.

You could get a pleasant surprise with regard to partnership finances, taxes, or insurance on Saturday. Spend some time with someone you deem special on Saturday. You’ll enjoy the closeness and the intimacy. However, you may need to maintain some discretion with regard to your relationships today.

A sibling or neighbor behaves in an unpredictable or shocking manner on Sunday. You’ll shrug it off and move on to other things. Let off some steam in the afternoon hours. Next week: A short trip.  RRRRR

Libra – You’ll likely have more than your share of work to get accomplished on Friday. Keep at it as others seek you out later in the evening hours. Friendship is important to you today. Handle any health issues that might arise. It’s probably not serious, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

A partner or loved one could delight you with an unexpected and pleasant surprise. Defer to others and let them enjoy being with you and making you smile. You have a great sense of well being today.

Too many surprises in one weekend might not appeal to you on Sunday. Let it go as others’ intentions are good and it’s good to be noticed. Your feelings are quite intense today. Next week: Spending time with a favorite person.  RRRRR

Scorpio – You’ll likely be in a very playful mood on Friday, and you might not feel like working. Give yourself a break if you need to and take the day off. Your good mood is contagious. Love and romance are on your mind as well. You’ll likely be even more creative than usual in the months to come with the lunar eclipse in your house of creativity.

You may decide that your to do list needs to be dealt with on Saturday. It might also be a good day to go to the gym and get some exercise. A chance encounter could be to your benefit. If you’re working today, your ethical standards are admirable.

A partner or loved one could surprise you on Sunday, but you’ll need to keep working on that to do list later on. You might find that something needs to be repaired. Deal with any health issues that might arise. Next week: Others seek you out.  RRRR

Sagittarius – You will need to deal with home and family issues on Friday this weekend. Work from home if you can. You may need to deal with a powerful person today. It appears that there could be some changes forthcoming with regard to your home and/or your family (perhaps an addition) in the coming months.

You will want to have some fun this weekend, and your playfulness surfaces on Saturday. Go out and have a ball. A child or loved one could surprise and delight you. You’ll have a tendency to compromise with a loved one today.

It’s seems that it’s a friend who has the surprise for you on Sunday as the unexpected happens. Let your hair down later in the day; join friends for some end of the weekend fun. Listen to your sixth sense today. Next week: Back to work. RRRRR

Capricorn – Speak your mind on Friday as you may have important messages to deliver. And, yes, you may need to repeat some of it. Be careful of out on the road and traveling today. Other than that, your life seems to run quite smoothly today.

You may need to deal with home and family issues on Saturday. And, a family member could shock you, but in a very pleasant way. You’ll enjoy it after the initial shock. You may need to let off some steam later in the evening.

A higher up or an older family member could be quite unpredictable today. You might not be sure which way to turn. Hang in there as it will all work out. You tend to be quite assertive today. Next week: Take some time off and have some fun.  RRRR

Aquarius – It’s time to get your finances in order on Friday this weekend. Pay bills and balance the checkbook. You might want to hang out with some friends later on. You might find someone a bit controlling later in the evening.

What you have to say to friends on Saturday may seem absolutely inspirational. However, remember that Mercury is still retrograde and you might have to repeat yourself or explain what you mean. Touch base with a friend at a distance. Your professional and personal goals seem to be in harmony at this time.

Catch up on your correspondence on Sunday. Answer email messages and return phone calls. Review your Facebook notifications as well. Speak your mind with neighbors and friends later in the day. You might want to reflect on what would make you feel more secure. Next week: Happy at home.  RRRRR

Pisces -- You’ll need to go for what you want on Friday as it’s your best day of the weekend. The Moon in your sign along with a lunar eclipse adds emphasis to your personal life and your one on one relationships. What would make you smile? Let off some steam later in the evening.

You could get a lucky break in terms of your finances on Saturday. It might not be a windfall, but you’re likely to be quite happy about it nevertheless. It looks like a boss or higher up is favorably inclined toward you. You’re creative on the job if you have to work today.

There are more surprises on the money front on Sunday. This time it seems to come from a close partner. Or, perhaps you have gone overboard using the credit cards. It’s probably not serious, but you might want to think about reining in some expenditures. Get some exercise later in the day. Next week: You’ll have a lot to say.  RRRR

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