Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Astrology And Politics: Debate Number 1

My analysis of the first debate:

1. We had a strong Gemini male on stage with an intelligent and well-prepared woman. The Gemini male could not shut up - not even for a couple of minutes when it was not his turn to speak. His continuous interruptions and speaking loudly and over her came off as rude and misogynistic. He did not appear presidential. The Scorpio female - true to form - allowed him to keep digging himself deeper into a hole. She had a number of “proceed Governor” moments last night (9/26/16).

2. Trump was angry and came into the debate ready to rumble as is signified by transiting Mars in trine aspect to his natal Ascendant/Mars. He was quick on the draw, but he faded as the debate went on. The problem is that a presidential debate is not a boxing match. We like to use those metaphors to describe such events, but they are not the same. And, the two events require different skill sets to some extent. Brute strength is probably a great deal more helpful in a boxing match than it would be in a presidential debate. Intelligence, ability to communicate well, cleverness, patience, and the ability to strategize well would be very important in a debate. Trump’s demeanor most likely did not win him any new fans. It’s also likely that most of his base probably enjoyed it.

3. Trump did not communicate intelligently or coherently for much of the debate. Transiting Mercury was moving into a square aspect to his natal Uranus in Gemini as the debate got underway. His thought processes seemed scattered, and he was probably thinking very rapidly. Even if he had some brilliant thoughts (which is debateable), they came out of his mouth sounding like gibberish fairly often. This aspect did not help him.

4. The Sun was closing in on Trump’s natal Neptune in Libra. Trump’s natal Mercury and Neptune are in a square aspect, and he is known for playing fast and loose with the truth. Trump was unable to get away with telling lies (this time). He was fact-checked repeatedly by the moderator, Hillary, and online. This clearly frustrated him.

5. Transiting Pluto turned stationary direct yesterday, and the planet was/is in a very close square to Trump’s Chiron/Juno in Libra. He is dealing with some painful personal issues. I do not know what they are, but I think this affected his performance in this debate. Fortunately for Trump, transiting Jupiter is headed in that direction. This Pluto change of direction probably made Hillary seem a bit more powerful, because she is a Scorpio.

6. The Moon activated Hillary’s Mercury/Saturn square last night. She was appropriately restrained and was prepared to give details about her policy plans and proposals when needed. She did not seem overly emotional.

7. Most voters already know that Hillary knows her stuff with regard to issues of national interest and importance. But, it was important for her to speak with a bit of humility and diplomatically. She needed to appear likable. Transiting Venus in proximity to her natal Sun helped her to accomplish this.

8. Transiting Mars was in a sextile aspect to her natal Pallas/Athena. She took action to implement her strategy in the debate, and it worked. Hillary's natal Sun is in a trine aspect to this asteroid. She discerns how the details fit in to the whole - she sees the big picture. And, she knows how to plan and strategize.

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