Tuesday, September 13, 2016

September 16, 2016 Lunar Eclipse In Pisces

The month of September is eclipse season in 2016. The first eclipse, a solar eclipse, occurred on September 1, 2016 in Virgo. Now, on September 16 at 2:54 PM EDT, we will have the (full Moon) lunar eclipse. It occurs in the sign of Pisces at about 24 degrees. You will be affected by this eclipse if you have planets or points between 22 and 26 degrees of Pisces and/or Virgo. Most folks will simply experience the eclipse as a full Moon. Full Moons usually indicate a climax or coming to fruition of something, and we are normally more emotional during a full Moon.

The lunar eclipse in Pisces will affect public health issues as well as our ability to feel compassion and give of ourselves unconditionally, events at sea or having to do with large bodies of water, the oil and gas industry in the USA and abroad. Mercury is retrograding in opposition to the eclipse. This adds to the issues of confusion and possibly deception.

For the US, the motion picture industry, shipping, and healthcare are affected. This eclipse indicates increased pressure on healthcare, workers, hospitals, prisons, and death rates and consequences as a result of the t-square in mutable signs. The eclipse point is square the USA’s natal Mars, so this eclipse could also affect the military and potential conflicts. There could also be events related to the airline industry as well as communications and the media. Chiron is conjunct the Moon in the eclipse chart. The Moon represents the people in a location chart, so we may have to face painful issues from the past (racism and slavery?) that we need to resolve and seek healing from. Uranus on the IC indicates surprising and unexpected events on the homefront. It could indicate a possible earthquake(s) (but, not necessarily). It’s only one possibility. Venus in opposition to Uranus and on the MC could indicate a surprising relationship issue with a leader. Mars in trine aspect to Uranus could indicate a very fortunate and innovative invention.

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