Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Louisiana Flooding Disaster

Flooding has been an enormous problem in the state of Louisiana since last weekend. It’s been the worst in the Baton Rouge area, but it’s pretty much been a problem all over the state. Thousands of homes have been flooded and/or destroyed.

Louisiana was accepted into the Union on April 30, 1812. That places Neptune at just under 13 degrees Sagittarius in the natal chart. So, of course transiting Neptune in Pisces has been in a square aspect to this point in the Louisiana chart. Last weekend (beginning August 12, 2016) as the Moon transited Sagittarius and this point in the chart, the problem began and got worse. Transiting Venus opposed transiting Neptune on Sunday, and then squared Louisiana’s natal Neptune on Monday as the rain continued.

In addition, Pluto is located at just under 19 degrees Pisces in the Louisiana chart. The solar eclipse of March 8, 2016 conjoined this point in Louisiana’s chart. Transiting Mercury (the weather planet) in Virgo opposed this eclipse and Louisiana’s natal Pluto in Pisces on Saturday of that weekend. In the chart of the eclipse, transiting Mercury is conjunct transiting Neptune in Pisces.

As the Moon heads into Pisces over the weekend (August 19, 2016), it looks like Louisiana will get more rain that they do not need.     

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