Tuesday, August 16, 2016

August 19, 2016 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to 1R – Awful

As the weekend begins, the Moon is transiting the sign of the dreamer, Pisces. It follows on the heels of a Full Moon in Aquarius that occurred Thursday. Both signs, Aquarius and Pisces, tend to be humanitarian. This Full Moon can awaken you to your own uniqueness in a positive way, especially with Uranus sextiling it from Aries. You might be a Firework. The Moon moves into action oriented Aries just after Noon on Saturday. We are ready to take action to achieve our goals now. Transiting Mercury (in Virgo) conjoins transiting Jupiter very early on Monday morning, and is in effect all day on Sunday as well. Not only are we energetic, but we also have the power of positive thinking working for us.

Aries – You might not feel up to snuff on Friday. Either way, lay low. You tend to be a bit critical, and you might be pondering some painful or difficult issues. The weekend gets better as it progresses. A friend could help you to realize a wish or dream in the coming months.

Saturday starts out slow. It might be a good day to sleep in late. By Noon, you get your mojo back as the Moon beams down on your sign. It’s time to wish upon a star. It’s as you wish later in the evening hours. You might want to watch out for a tendency to be indulgent, especially with regard to your finances.

Continue to go for what you want on Sunday. Someone could be a bit controlling early in the afternoon, but today is awesome for the most part. And, you have the power of positive thinking working for you. You likely have some big plans. Next week: Pay your bills. RRRRR

Taurus – Group endeavors are favored on Friday. Hold meetings and deal with groups of people. Find your friends later for some evening socializing and fun. A professional goal could be within reach for you. You’re in a cheerful and optimistic mood. Your feelings of love are strong as well. You might want to use a bit of discretion, however.

Hang out with friends during the day on Saturday. You might be able to manifest a wish or dream. Later on, you might want to lay low or vanish. You can increase your understanding of your own goals as well as those of others today.

You might want to lay low or stay home for some needed R & R on Sunday. On the other hand, your words and your thinking is positive and possibly playful. Playing online chess seems like a perfect way to handle the influences today. Next week: You’re in the spotlight; go for what you want.  RRRR

Gemini – You’re in charge on Friday, and others look to you to take the lead in a project or for guidance. This responsibility might make you a bit uncomfortable, but you’ll handle it so you can enjoy the weekend afterwards. There could be a disagreement or two. Avoid a power play. If you’re angry, you might want to get some exercise.

What a difference a day makes. You’ll want to join in with friends on Saturday for some good times and socializing. You project warmth and friendliness. Where you are is where the party is on Saturday night.

Continue to enjoy spending time with your friends on Sunday. The prankster within you could emerge once more. You’ll enjoy the day, although someone seems a bit intense early in the afternoon. You might want to plan for some home redecorating in the coming weeks. Next week: Get some much needed R & R  RRRRR

Cancer – Take an overview on Friday before making any important decisions. You might feel out of touch with others, but it will pass. Later, you’ll want to look for something different. Some of you might head out on a weekend trip.

You might want to let your mind wander on Saturday morning. During the afternoon, however, a responsibility pops up and you’ll need to deal with it. And, you might have some intense encounters.

You may need to focus on professional issues on Sunday, or you might need to deal with or focus on an older parent. You’re a force to be reckoned with, and positive thinking helps as well. The unexpected happens around Noon.  Next week: Find your friends.  RRR

Leo – You might want to spend some time with a favorite person on Friday. Single Leos could get to know someone a bit better today. Yesterday’s (almost) lunar eclipse has activated your partnership house.

You might need to deal with partnership finances, taxes, and/or insurance matters early in the day. By the afternoon hours, you’ll want to do something a bit different. A short weekend trip might work, or you could go to a concert (a group or artist that you wouldn’t normally go see). Your tastes tend to be a bit lavish today.

Take a look at the big picture on Sunday. You might like what you see, and you could also get some good news with regard to your finances. Your intuition is heightened now, and you might seek a spiritual dimension to your life that you hadn’t before. Next week: A force to be dealt with.  RRRRR

Virgo – Others want to call the shots on Friday, so defer and allow someone else to set the agenda. At any rate, your popularity seems to be on the rise as others seek you out. You may need to deal with a work or health issue in the coming weeks.

Continue to defer to others on Saturday. You’ll want to spend some quality time with someone that you care deeply for. You might feel a sense of conflict between feelings and reason. You could be responding compulsively and out of old or childhood habits.

Your positive and encouraging words mean a great deal to a favorite person. Spending this time together has enriched both of your lives. A sense of joy takes over early in the evening. Next week: Take a good look at the big picture.  RRRRR

Libra – You probably have quite a bit of work to get done before you can get into weekend mode on Friday. Keep at it and before you know it you’ll be caught up. Expect favorable results. Love and creativity are emphasized in the coming weeks. Your heart could sing.

Tie up some loose ends on Saturday morning. Later on, others seek you out. Make it your pleasure. You’ll love the attention. This is a time of psychological and emotional equilibrium for you.

Continue to defer to others. It seems that others are drawn to your charming and diplomatic manner. You can bring out a painful experience into the open if you choose to. It might help. A family member might be inclined to act out early in the afternoon. Let it go and don’t encourage this behavior. Next week: Spending time with a favorite person.  RRRRR

Scorpio – You might have difficulty paying attention at work as your playful side emerges in your own unique way on Friday. Go out on Friday night for a great time. You may have to deal with a home/family issue in the coming weeks and months. You could be tempted to change your mind about something.

You’re still enjoying yourself on Saturday morning, but you may have to work later in the day or you might have to deal with a minor health issue. You may need to accept the world as it is as opposed to how you’d like for it to be.

Keep checking off items on your to do list on Sunday. A friend might provide some momentary entertainment later. Friends continue to be helpful. Power seems to drop into your lap without your even trying. Next week: Defer to others.  RRRR

Sagittarius – You’ll need to deal with home and family issues on Friday. Work from home if you can. This is a recurring theme for you this year, and you may need to learn to accept the world as it is as opposed to how you’d like for it to be. This continues to be a confusing period.

Stay close to home in the AM hours on Saturday. Dig deep for answers. You tend to be quite persuasive today. Your playful and adventurous spirit rises up from within you later on. Go out on Saturday night and have a ball.

Having fun continues to be on your agenda on Sunday. Your playful manner attracts many. A money issue could pop up early in the afternoon, however. Blow off some steam if you need to. You could get some good news from a higher up or an older parent or family member. Next week: Working hard. RRRR

Capricorn – You might have quite a bit to say and communicate on Friday. Return phone calls, answer email messages, and take a look at your Facebook page. Avoid a power play early in the AM. You’ll want to be with friends and others that you care about in the evening hours. Chat away.

Continue to speak your mind on Saturday morning. Stay close to home for the remainder of the day. A home or family issue may need your attention. You might feel as if you’re struggling against the chains that hold you down. Don’t try to control everything; just go with the flow. It’ll work out fine.

You might want to curl up at home and read the Sunday paper on Sunday morning. Stay close to home. You might want to invite others over for a get together later. You could get “lucky.” Next week: Love and/or creativity are on your mind.  RRRR

Aquarius – You’ll need to deal with some money issues on Friday before getting into weekend mode. Pay the bills and check your bank balance. You may need to focus on some personal issues in the coming months. Let off some steam later if you need to.

Hang out with neighbors and friends on Saturday. You’ll likely have much to discuss and talk about. Chat away. Return any phone calls that you need to. You’re warm and friendly during the PM hours, and you have a feeling of joy and well being.

Hang out and speak your mind on Sunday. The unexpected happens early on, and someone might be out of sorts early in the afternoon. Cheer this person up if you can. Remember the power of positive thinking and speaking. Update your Facebook timeline. Next week: Happy at home.  RRRR

Pisces -- The Moon in your sign calls on you to go for what you want on Friday. What would make you smile? The time is now even if the early morning hours seem a bit restrictive. Behind the scenes events may seem a bit troubling as well. Something may need to be repaired.

The Moon continues to support your efforts in the AM hours. Beginning after Noon, you’ll probably need to handle some financial issues. Your money issues may seem unpredictable anyway, so you’ll need to try and stay on top of them. There could be some disagreements or arguments within your circle of friends today.

A partner or loved one has positive words to share on Sunday, and you’ll be glad that you listened. Continue to be cautious with your finances. And, be careful of a tendency to be possessive. Next week: Speak your mind.  RRRRR

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